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Memes From The Michael Teachings Student Community

Once again folks, I just want to inform all mayhap taken aback by histrionics:

E1/C1, 23rd Cycle, Old Sage in Growth, Spiritualist Attitude, Passion Mode, Intel. Part of Intel. Center; CF-SD Oscillating Immolation Pole, hard at work here (for a REALLY GOOD reason).


As we await the arrival of the Infinite, decades away, there is a still a definite increase in the frequency, and intensity of demands for delivery of More Messages From Michael.

Meanwhile, debate about the bias of "Professional", as opposed to "Spiritual" Channels waxes and wanes whist we await publication of the "New Age Dead Sea Scrolls":

Another country heard from here about "Professional" Channels - the criteria that I was trained to believe assured the least biased result, with regard to channeling, or any other endeavor, is this: "The Way is the Goal. All efforts predicated upon "Lust of Result" are suspect." Any endeavor based upon monetary or any other reward is, by definition thereby, of less inherent "trustworthiness" than any endeavor produced from purely non-goal definitive orientation. Thus, by this longstanding and time-honoredncriteria, ANY channeling done for money is LESS trustworthy than that done out of simple love of the process of channeling. Chew on this meme, my brothers and sisters - 'cause its been a long time comin'!

What is known today as "channeling" is actually an ancient sacred healing art rooted in the Oracular Tradition. It is much more than a New Age phenomenon. It is one of the ways Divine and Mystical energies have always been contacted by and expressed through the human being. 

From an historical perspective it is a discipline that has existed in many cultures, within many different healing systems, for thousands of years.  Those who spoke the Oracles of ancient Greece are primary examples of this tradition. Shamans throughout the ages have invoked, embodied and become one with spiritual helpers for  the purpose of sharing healing and spiritual knowledge.  For over 800 years a state supported oracle has been part of the spiritual tradition of Tibet.  There are meditation practices in various spiritual traditions that are designed to awaken inner wisdom.  Buddhism and Sufism have meditation practices that are structured to similarly invoke the presence of a spiritual master with whom one can then merge, awakening this presence within. Guru Yoga is an example of this practice.

As far as I'm concerned, personally, "Professional Channels" are the least trustworthy, lowest on the "totem pole" expression of the Oracular Arts in practice today. Most especially those who utilize only one form of oracular expression. The Ophic visionaries always believed in there being THREE legs to any oracle's "stool" (remembering the Delphic Oracle, and their traditional support above the chasm at Delphi). Personally, I use: The I Ching, The Tarot, and Transit Astrology as my three, "legs", and any "channel" utilizing only one source for their pronouncements, would have been called, Classically: "Cassandras", a term designating those who did not take the time, nor expend the effort, to verify and validate their own channeling with critical self-critiques using "divinitory parallax" to assure their followers of the veracity of their opinions.

Most Michael Channels, in their apparent 20th Century hubris, have forgotten that the history of "channeling" far outstrips their vague and amateurish attempts to aspire to some inclusion in the proud and quite well documented 8,000 year history and fraternity of the "channeling arts". So sad.

I am just unable to anymore coddle a "channeling" community and group of adherents who are so unaware of the thousands of years of traditions, checks and balances and self-regulating practices that guaranteed, at least before the proliferation of Michael "Channels", the continuity of tradition and adherence to precedent, that 8,000 years of History had always before insured an internal policing of the pronouncements of "mediums" , or at least those claiming to be such. If I gave you cause to doubt my respect for your constant "Good Work", chalk it up to my pugnacious and accusatory bombast, which is propelling this, my latest attempt at rectifying some grave errors in MT dogma the Michael Entity has requested I attempt to address:

"They do not create karma with students by giving misleading or false information. (If there's a problem with the info, it is either the channel getting in the way, adding their own bias, or simply misreading something in the transmission.)" This has been reiterated by numerous Professional Channels for years

Sorry folks, but the fact is that 1/2 (50%) of all the experts on the subject from the beginning of recorded history till now call the Michael's assertion that "False Personalities" are NOT sentient beings (directly stated as such through 4 channels I can attest to, over a 30 year period) FALSE! No channeling bias, no human error. The Michael Entity IS NOT INFALLIBLE. Anyone who thinks so is simply deluded. We should ALL "get over" this one.

And on the reason for Dharma the ME said: "So, a game was devised to create more fun, more excitement, more interesting things to help the Tao expand and grow.  Growth comes from imbalance and it generates itself to break up the monotony of perfection." - from Barbara

Must I, ONCE AGAIN, be the ONLY MT adherent to point out that this ghastly "game" is at present KILLING AN INNOCENT CHILD EVERY 6 MINUTES IN THE 'HORN' OF AFRICA? WHILE EVERY PROFESSIONAL CHANNEL I HAVE EVER HEARD CHANNELS MEMES LIKE "The creation is perfect." - Troy Tolley, AND EVERY other Michael Channel it sometimes sickens me to have to read. This is also boilerplate MT, no channeling error, no human bias. JUST DISGUSTING NON-COMPASSIONATE CAUSAL PLANE HUBRIS!!! No other way to look at it. This 'creation' is FAR from perfect, and the very statement that it is, is an affront to the suffering of TRILLIONS OF TRILLIONS OF LIVING BEINGS that were, are, or will be in pain. AND, SUCH STATEMENTS ENCOURAGE ACCEPTANCE OF THIS SADISTIC STATUS QUO, AND DISCOURAGE EFFORTS TO ALLEVIATE SUFFERING FOR ALL BEINGS! NOT "GOOD WORK" !

In The Michael's defense, they never claimed to be attempting to address these problems, and I see them more as clueless "Engineer" types, so fascinated by the mechanisms of the machinery of Dharma that they ignore the individual spirits crushed by the gears of its workings. Just a few of the "grave errors" perptuated in MT dogma.

So, is the architecture of the "Wheel Of Dharma", with its foreordained and intrinsic suffering, the ONLY, and even the "best" structure for an ongoing evolution of "Consciousness" within an 'Ensouled' framework?

And, if not, (as IMNSHO: "IT CAN NEVER BE!") how can we work to make a change in the amount of mandated suffering appurtenant and attendant thereunto?

I will go back to my beginnings, to the gentleman who first showed me what a "Channel" was, 5 years before "The Original Michael Group" was formed:

"PHF: Hmmm... the only questions I really consider to be hard are the big questions, like "What is the nature of consciousness?"

Stephen Gaskin: Try this

Consciousness, in a way, is a function of soul, the spark of godhood that is indwelling

"Beauty, in the flesh, is but a spark,
the fitful tracing of a portal..
but in the flesh it is immortal"

About Soul, I think the poet, Yeats, meant that beauties grow old and die but beauty lives on as long as beauties live on, "in the flesh it is immortal.

I do believe in immortal soul in this fashion.

Length, width, depth, and time, the four dimensions of material reality must be apprehended by soul which preexists and is eternal. Hence, immortal soul. It is not that soul doesn't die that is important, but that it always lives and is that against which time is measured. Soul is that which notices that time passes and therefore must have a referent in another place, which is eternity.

I am sure of soul, I am just not sure if I can call it my own in any but the most temporary sense. To me the soul question is like the light problem. Is light a ray or a particle? Is it my soul or just soul stuff?.

If you put a bunch of soul together does it remain in particles like BBs or just all flow together like water?"


   "Being enlightened is taking conscious part in helping God (I say 'Tao" - J) with his Universe, saying "Well, I'd better do what I can to try and make things stretch.  It seems like some folks are having trouble making things stretch." If you really understand the situation, you'd like to help.  .  .  .  Everyone should be figuring out what they can really do; what they can REALLY handle. We have so much to do; we need so much help and so much cooperation and so many people to step out and take responsibility  .  .  .  TO STEP OUT INTO IT.
    It's hard for people to be spiritual who are hungry.  It's difficult to talk about Spirit to an empty belly - just irrelevant.  You have to feed them something  .  .  .  and create the conditions where Spirit can grow and flourish.  .  .  .  
   In the material plane there is diminishing returns, and entropy and that sort of thing, but in the spiritual plane it's go for broke all the time, because God (Tao) is infinite, eternal, inexhaustable. 
   Start a large project - like saving the world.  Keeps you busy. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.  That's what the 4 Bodhisattva Vows are all about:

The deluding passions are inexhaustable.
   I vow to extinguish them all.
Sentient beings are numberless.
   I vow to save them all.
The truth is impossible to expound.
   I vow to expound it.
The Way of the Buddha is unnattainable.
   I vow to attain it."

From: "This Season's People", by Stephen Gaskin
[My first Guru, and the man who introduced me to Channeling (Akashic), in 1968]

Nuff said. - Jondalf Thrasher

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