Friday, May 18, 2012

A Day In the Life Of A Channel

The morning begins, I open my MTSC (Michael Teachings Student Community) Blog and notice:    Ack, they've done it again  .  .  .  

While I was asleep, 2 of my own Blog posts, on my own page, have been erased, disappeared, redacted.  I immediately post 3 "ALARMS!  Intruder Alert" and a post to the effect that "They've done it again!.  They're still trying to discredit me.",   after checking the Ning Site's "Members" List and seeing the "Green Dot" signaling "Active Account" next to the Head Administrator's thumbnail pic (but I'm the only member on the site).  This is ALWAYS the way it happens.  (Been going on here for over a year - all being recorded by  Apple, and even the DOJ or FBI on occasion, as I've been Beta testing "NS" hackproofing and software for APPLE since 1991).


I am trying to repost my lost channeled memes from the night before (near eidetic short term recall helps) when a somewhat new member (who probably has NO idea who I am, or what I do,  posts a comment to my "They've done it again!"  post:

"Who are 'they' ?
No-one here is trying to discredit you."

"Sh*t, I think, here we go.  Instead of assuming I might know what I am talking about, as a 60 year old 23rd Cycle, 1st Level Old Sage ("Sages" are about 10% of the total human population, we analyze, learn stuff, figure sh*t out, and then teach it to the rest of Humanity. See any Taoist text, it'll explain about "Sages") I have to now produce a "Reader's Digest" version of my life, from my recruitment 44 years ago, at UC Berkeley, by the CIA, for their MKUltra 'Black-Ops'  Behavior Modification Program up to present day, AND include why I have irrefutable proof that SOME of 'them' have been doing this to me since the '70s, and how I got it, and what it is. 

Sages have one weaknesss - if you ask them a question their "Role In Essence" almost compells them to answer. Their are 7 different "Roles" into which each and every person alive, and/or the ones not yet 'cycled off' (dead and done with all dharma and  'reunited' with the other 1,000 former people in their "Oversoul" - Seth Teachings, aka: "Entity" - Michael Teachings) is shoehorned every 4,000 years (appx 200 incarnations spread chronologically across those 4 millenia) or so, each with its idiosyncracies.

Anyway, I replied:

I have quite well delineated, on numerous occasions, on this site and for 9 years now at:

exactly who "they" are most likely to be.

Whether you (or anyone else) care to believe it, not all the 'members' of this site are legitimate Michael Teaching's Students, AND not even all the legitimate Michael Students here are thoroughly pleased with the possibility that Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 9the woman who edited the original "Messages From Michael" - Ouija Board 'transmissions' that numbered in the hundreds) MAY have 'screwed the pooch' as it were (actually fabricated, edited, mistranslated, changed and redacted the original Michael Transmissions, BECAUSE SHE HAS REFUSED TO PUBLISH ALL OF THE TEXTS, NONE OF WHICH WERE ORIGINALLY EITHER 'CHANNELED' OR TRANSCRIBED BY HER, FOR WHICH SHE CANNOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT, and there have been numerous attempts, by various MT factions, to prevent the publication ANY of the "transcripts", EVEN THE ONES SHE NEVER USED,  FOR 30 YEARS!

I have pointed out to the MTSC Admin. what is happening, they agree I'm not imagining it all, and are aware that Apple is sent everything that my iPad sees, in real time.  Many of the oldest Michael Channels have known of CQYs perfidy (as have I) for decades, and have shared their perspectives about that, even recently ON THE MTSC SITE. All you have to do is read their, and many of our posts about various channels from other sites to start your education into the REAL Michael Teachings, that which some of these have a vested interest in obfuscating, because they, their reputations and even their livelihoods are based on information that is demonstrably false.

Many of the folk that pioneered the resurrection of transcripts have been gratuitously solicitous (I believe) to other 'old-school' Michael Students who I (and others) KNOW have twisted the Teachings for their own ends. Just last night I discovered yet another of my old "Letters To My Future Selves" (My Blogspot Blog - see above) ONE SPECIFICALLY PROVING A CHANNEL ON DAVE GREGG'S MICHAEL TEACHINGS SITE (THE LARGEST WORLDWIDE) COMPLETELY CONTRADICTED RECORDED HISTORY, AND COMMON SENSE, IN ANSWERING A QUESTION ABOUT STUFF THE MICHAEL HAS COMMUNICATED AS TRUE OVER AND OVER FOR DECADES, THROUGH DOZENS OF DIFFERENT CHANNELS !!!!!

I was not allowed to post the challenge to the truth of that channeling, because Mr. Gregg would not allow it as it "Wasn't in the best interest of the "core" Michael Teachings." I was subsequently banned from that site, and another called TLE, for questioning their veracity, as Michael Students are supposed to do. And for NOT CHARGING FOR MY CHANNELING!

I feel bad for Dave, because my Spirit Guides warned me, and I him - countless times (also posted on my Blog) that there were forces in play, including The Logos and its representatives, The Cherubim, (both of these some of MY lifelong Channeling Sources) that were resolved to extirpate what they felt were incarnate beings engaged in throttling the free flow of Michael Teachings memes and messages, amongst other things. I was ignored. Almost everyone my guides identified as 'at risk' because of their behavior has experienced effects that I attribute to their intransigence as supposed teachers and 'Lightworkers'. Remember: Cherubim destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  The Logos will not be obstructed, nor redacted, nor mocked. Times are different now, there are cruxial events upcoming for Mother Earth, and the human race, and footdragging by those tasked with shepherding our race through these trying times will NOT be allowed to stand. 


That having been said [been a long time coming, that explanation, because now people will blame ME, the messenger, for the message, and ridicule it and I (as usual: "A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country.")] - that having been said, there are OTHER folk who have wished me ill for years, NOT connected with the MT, in both Law Enforcement (dirty), and Government (fascist). If you read my posts of the last few months on the Blog listed at the top of this post, I have identified them clearly as well.

I have recorded dozens of instances of my posts here and elsewhere being tampered with, over a 2 to 3 decade period. Most 'whistleblowers', UFOlogists, Anarcho-Syndicalist Bloggers, US Intelligence Community/Defense Department/4th-Reich-Conservative-Politicians - Historians, Analysts and Critics (I am all of these) have experienced the same, ever since 10,000 NAZI WAR CRIMINALS WERE SMUGGLED INTO OUR COUNTRY, BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, DURING/AFTER WWII, TO STAFF OUR INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITIES, DEFENSE DEPARTMENT, AND GOVERNMENT AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH COMMUNITIES. (This also was denied and ridiculed and prevented from being posted on Michael Teaching' Sites - not even this link was I allowed to post:  )

To this very day, information about Operation Paperclip and similar WAR CRIMES by the US Government is being erased, mainly by the Neo-Con apprentices of some of the most evil beings of all time, with names like Mengele (smuggled here to escape Nuremberg, employed by OUR GOVERNMENT and supported with TAXPAYER DOLLARS TILL DEATH) et al. 


So about your: "Nobody is trying to discredit you." line  - you're just flat wrong on this one, & I CAN prove it. You just don't know what you are talking about  - Jondalf

"Just because you're paranoid DOESN'T mean they're NOT out to get you."

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