Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Backstory

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Up until 2004, when I left Golden to go back to Sedona, I had discovered 8 'professional' women in the 3 years I lived in that small town with whom I am still in love, any one of whom I could happily spend the rest of my daze with. Alas, none of them have ever re-engaged with my life. At least half of them are being blackmailed/coerced and used by 'dirty' DA's from SoCal or Colo, or an AG from Wyoming - used as undercover 'monitors' for DEA sanctioned 'lower 48' smuggling operations, threatened wwith the loss of their dependent children if they don't 'put out' or turn tricks for these sick fascist prohibitionists, one of whom, Patrick Sullivan, former Arapaho County, CO, Sheriff, was just convicted last year for methamphetamine trafficking, and sex-slavery - 9 YEARS AFTER I GAVE THE F.B.I. & THE C.B.I. enough to bury him (first time in my long counterculture existence I ever 'dropped-a-dime' on ANYONE - but 'snitching' on dirty Vice Cops who pimp, kidnap and rape your friends and lovers - UH - SURE - I CAN DO THAT!). Still, I'm 10 years alone, because the DEA hates me, AND I THEM, and I've feared putting close friends in jeopardy, until recently when I and some others, Anonymous included, discovered this 'Flame' megagamerscript AI (I have been tracking it for about 2 years, they 3+) and old allies from as far back as the 60s started mutual protection misdirection schemes, just like in Berkeley the 70s, and Anon suddenly became: "Everyman"! 'Effing' Right! Like a famous Berkeley acid dealer named Frank (of the partnership: "HANK & FRANK") I knew, said in the early '70s: "Home is where your stash is!". He also said: "You've never really been a 'Speed Freak' until you've found yourself breaking into someones BMW, parked on the street, at 3:00am, looking for big cigarette butts in the ashtray!" <)LOL(> IT'S ALL ABOUT FAMILIARITY.

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