Saturday, October 27, 2012

To All My Friends

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My friends, I have 'bitten the bullet', as it were, and ponied-up $350.00 for 'full-hook ups' (electric, water and sewage) till Dec. 1st., at a small RV park with no amenities named (wait for it) "Om Place". To do this, I had to forgoe paying a $248.00 ticket for being caught in a 'speed-trap' on the way into Show Low, AZ, on the Highway 60 feeder leading into town from the Apache Reservation (an obviously racist set-up by the local police) so they are suspending my driver's license (or so they think - good luck getting the State of California to suspend my license for an offense in an Arizona municipality);{> Unfortunately, AAA is also threatening to drop me because I only drive a 'Motor Home', so I will probably lose my insurance (especially after receiving a ticket, for however unjustified a reason). The upshot of all this is I'm going to buy a bicycle from the manager of this RV park (which is within walking distance of everything I need, except for work - 3 days a week as a Machinist - and the local library) and I will attempt to bike through the winter to work. Should be interesting. I have barely enough to survive, but "If I Make It To May, I'll Be OK", the title of a poem I recently posted on FaceBook. I do have 5Gigs of data a month here, and my iPad, AND even though I have not posted since July, 300 people a month, in 15 countries, are still reading my Blog (fancy that). Anyway, thanks for thinking of me my friends, I am a survivor, I survived MKUltra, and worse, I will persevere here. Cheers.

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