Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letter To My Current Go(dd)esses

Ya Vas Lyubil

Ya vas lyubil: lyubov' eshe, byt' mozhet,
V dushe moei ugasla ne sovsem;
No pust' ona vas bol'she ne trevozhit;
Ya ne hochu pechalit' vas nichem.
Ya vas lyubil bezmolvno, beznadezhno,
To robost'yu, to revnost'yu tomim;
Ya vas lyubil tak iskrenno, tak nezhno,
Kak dai vam bog lyubimoi byt' drugim

- Alexander Puskin.

So, I feel SO bad about how long it has taken me to reply to you.  I am very sorry.  I  have a new iPad and I don't know enough about it to not lose things (like your letter) which is so well written in English for its length, containing just enough of the hints of a mother tongue which was learned  by all the women I wish to help to start new lives over here in America.

I have been so filled with love for the folk who were born in some European countries where times are SO difficult these days, and women as beautiful as you are sometimes not treated with the respect, and EARNING POWER that their stunning perfection of facial features (considered from the perspective of the American male) 'can do attitude', and that wondrous sexiness that glows through them, huge-breasted or small, skinny butt or rounded mounded SHOULD entitle them, hence my "Revelation" of bringing the 100 or so of them that evidently read my Blog:  "Letters To My Future Selves", every month and have for years, who also happen to be the finest WebCam attractions in the Modern World, though they often don't realize it, dealing with Eurotrash men and mysogynist Oligarchies from birth.  In America, women like these will rule entire states, like Nevada, in a Century.

You all will always be welcome at my house. I have friends (men and women) and connections in every Western state, and most Eastern ones, with land, jobs, housing and open hearts.  I know of about 20 decent, well supported  men, myself included, 40 to 60 years old, who would treasure the company of wonderful women like you, and consider an amicable arrangement for quarantee of legal staus (Green card as soon as legally feasible, 'no fault' temporary companion status renewable on a yearly renewable basis, both parties agreed.  Or a no regrets parting as friends after legal status was achieved.

This does not rule out Lifelong Love, soulmates, or Romance of all flavors - American men of my era, especially former Hippies, are 100 times more romantic than  American women of the same age, honest.

The only rules are complete disclosure: put all of you on the table, good or bad, and folk here will do the same, and take care of you like brothers and sisters, because we've all had to for our real siblings.  No lying, cheating or stealing and you will always have some of us to 'watch your back',  whether you are a Saint, a drunk, a junkie, a snot vampire, a Goddess, or a kleptonymphomanic ( or a combination of them all)lol(

I have friends in California,  Arizona  and Colorado and Wyoming with empty land, that they would be willing to allow communities of women, even working WebCams from home if they wanted, to build Offices and Homes on, for a share of the take.  Many of my dearest friends are in the trade, and making decent money from it today WITH NO-ONE HAVING TO F**K OR S**K ANYONE THEY DON'T WANT TO (MOSTLY) EVER !

So write me back and tell me what's up.  If you can get to here, I and my friends (including a few Lawyers) can pretty much take care of the rest. Not too many folk over are into gifting money to Europe for plane fare, but even that could be addressed by many of the Feminist organizations out here in Cali, and on the East Coast.  All we need is good 'Intell.', and we have been known to get just about any job done.

BTW, as of last night, seems like some of those ladies with whom I fell madly in love the first week of my call to 'liberate the oppressed", actually managed to catch my thoughts then, and follow them to the open arms which for them I KNEW, would ever be open.   I hope they know, they owe me nothing but the promise to help someone else in turn, if and when they can.

- Jondalf  Thrasher

(There are a few I'd love to f**k for a week, solid, and I can still find ways to do it)lol(