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Nixon Promised Me Flashbacks, Yet Another Lie

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"The host is riding from Knocknarea
And over the grave of Clooth-na-Bare;
Caoilte tossing his burning hair,
And Niamh calling Away, come away:
Empty your heart of its mortal dream . . . "

- William Butler Yeats
"The Hosting Of The Sidhe"

(Foreword: Little known fact - once again you heard it here first:
Adam Smith, the "father" of Capitalism, and of 'modern' Economics was kidnapped by "gypsys" when quite young. Though the thief was soon tracked down and the wee babe restored to his family, an elvin babe had been 'glamoured' to appear permanently human, in the ancient manner of all 'changelings' of Faerie (read: a race of semi-benevolent extra-terrestrial Wardens, now long gone from this polluted post-industrial
version of Middle-Earth)to alter the course of human history through the mythic resonance of their ethereal thoughtforms. And they wondered why he talked to 'unseen beings' all the rest of his life? I kid you not, look it up!)

My Yahoo Group:

"Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin

And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'." - B. Dylan

The "Behavior Modification" Of American Government And Culture

“The father’s a Nazi in Congress today; the mother’s a hooker somewhere in L.A” - ‘The Idiot Bastard’s Son’” - Frank Zappa, from “We’re Only In It For The Money”

Well, I was careless recently and didn't back up about 30 minutes worth of 'automatic writing' - containing a quite detailed explication of the famous Frank Olson CIA case and how he was actually murdered (read: "thrown", not "jumped" out the 10th story window of a bordello/'safe house'/Himmleresque experimental facility) by minions of the "Bundesnachrichtendienstengeisten". The continuation of the Third Reich re-established in stealth in America, and elsewhere, by the flow of Capital from German Industry. The ruling class knew the Reich would fall, but always planned that the future of World History and the plutocratic hegemonies that would shape it be dictated by Prussian Disciplinarian Policy and Ideals in any event.

Thus the 650 + scientists military officers and “Drs.”, war criminals all, with new identities given them by the US Govs. “Intelligence Community” in “Operation Paperclip” at the end of WWII when Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Gehlen convinced FDR, Hoover, Eisenhower and MacArthur, through Patton (The Real "Manchurian Candidate") to form the NSA there and then (all historic fact - look it up) Patton to prevent certain salient details of the Nazi infiltration of our Government, Military-Industrial Complex (Ike knew enough to try to warn us in his farewell address) intelligence community and scientific/research community from coming to light.

Frank Olson’s death was just ‘collateral damage’ in the cover up of (literally!) thousands of “crimes against humanity” by Project Monarch/ MKULTRA/Whitecoat OSS ops unnamed, etc. operations: kidnappings, rapes, maimings, murder and ‘terminal experiments’, sexual torture, systematic experimental child abuse, infections of thousands of American citizens on and on even unto the hundreds of CIA "snuff" flicks of the terminal experiments and worse.

The staggering scope of the depravity is known to few and believed by fewer today. Excepting these . . . the Gnostics, who always knew, surviving Hassidiim, scattered Elohim and those they teach, and the still silently weeping members of the hierarchy of Angelic beings, appalled once again at the scope of suffering meted out to mankind by IHVH . . . and the numbers dwindles as the principles die off.

Even the 'compromising movies' made of scores of members of the House, Senate and Justice Dept. by the OSS, for 'leverage' which became the archives of theFBI/CIA/Mafia. Canisters long buried in the Nevada desert by former 'bag men" and "assets" of the OSS and "The Pond" now eroding into unrecoverable acetate and hubris. The infiltraitors and their scions all secure in their belief in their own successful redaction of the facts from History (read: 'the propaganda of the ruling class') and marginalization of all who question the "status quo uber alles", until the advent of "Channels" and "Mediums" who really could get info from anywhere (even classified files) delivered right into their minds. No wonder the 'takeover' of the largest Michael Teachings Website, by forces opposed to the truthful rendition of facts regardless of the supposed "National Security" implications.

The full and true tale of how Frank’s Olson's son sued the CIA and the Federal Government in the late '60s and prevailed, winning his 'wrongful death' case in 1970 by having a Fed. Court order the release of a large number of pertinent documents which substantiated his claims (an unheralded act of Angelic Intervention, by a few of the "Fallen" actually, and you'll not hear this ever, from any but I. Forever branded as "evil" by vain History, again and again they interceded, unthanked and unheeded, but Gaia, and I, remember!) will be told, and many more.

These unexpected events led to a mad scramble to cover up EVERYTHING because (as none in power realized) "Pandora's Box" (and Fort Knox) had been compromised by agents both invisible and non-human (more on this anon). Disinformation on top of denials under smokescreens of "National Security" as Richard Helms was replaced by Stansfield Turner AFTER Helms and Himmler trained aides and "goodfella" crews destroyed a couple of bunkers filled with semi-tractor trailors full of documents, tapes, movies and more (as well as those things redacted/hid/given/snatched by their Mafia brethren as "get out of jail free" cards if ever needed).

This "chrystallnacht" of evidence is now only the stuff of whispers between aged dons in back rooms in Henderson retirement homes, a pall-like cloacal miasma of cigar smoke and human misery sticking to their souls, moustaches and slippers. I may have a few good years left in me to "set the record straight" about what has happened since the last significant works about the continuing predations of the American "Intelligence Community" (and they DO still continue, even though there is now a significant and visibly ethical partition of even the rarefied strata of cabals 'above' the NSA, and the Prussian Model has been rejected by a smaller, but more effectively powerful and futurehistory allied and protected portion of almost all the agencies, covert and overt.)

The spectre of 'George White', a figure of diabolic proportions in the founding of the OSS, and then MKULTRA and the CIA/NSA apparatus as designed by the 'ubermenschen' of the SS, still hangs over me, personally. He personally was responsible for cruelties to family, and people I loved.
As he once stated, for the record, his career from WWII on to his supposed 'retirement' in '65: " . . . was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, steal and cheat, kill deceive and rape AND pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all highest?" BTW, what "American" would EVER use a phrase like "all highest"?

"Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'."

Before I was twenty I became slowly aware of the enormity of oppression of citizens worldwide by their governments, and the many lives and possible futures at stake. Remembering the struggle WB Yeats (may have been my incarnation immediately prior to this one) had defined as "The Machine" vs. "The Garden" I stumbled into the futures running on fear and impelled by my faith in Chaos Theory to provide opportunities for social change.

On this reflective rumination my training 'on watch' began in '73 with "Scotty" back from The City, 20 lbs of Air America CIAfghan hashish, a copy of the nascent "Gemstone Files", and the deadly 'blackhole" auricstink signature of "George White", retired but still schmoozing with his pals at their favorite SF bar, where they could always hang out to hoist a few, and drug, kidnap, rape, torture, maim and discard various members of SF's ever unsuspecting hippie society.

These spooks were members the same cabal of people who were eager to assassinate Sen. Estes Kefauver, by poisoning a slice of apple pie with 'sodium morphate, and have him then collapse ON THE SENATE FLOOR! To demonstrate thus to the 'do-gooders' opposing (and eventually in internecine pursuit of them) that they should 'back off'. I believe this incident was responsible for the Kennedy assassins and Nazi superiors feeling they could get away with ANYTHING later in Dallas, and was the turning point in the “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.“ death knell of Democracy and subsequent well-funded moral and ethical demise of American Government.

The Third Riech's rationale for human experimentation was embraced by a majority PART of the U. S. Military, Intelligence Community, Legislature Judiciary and Executive Branch at this point as the 'Dachau Dolls' slithered into the undefined interstices of the ruling class's lackey beauracracy, vanishing with nothing but a slime trail of contumely left behind, and never again did the "Shadow Reich" feel compelled to inform subsequent Presidents/Judges/Legislators about their
'Bundesnachrichtendienstengeisten' activities. Their Credo had been expressed for all to fear by Barry Goldwater in his famous statement, cited above, rationalizing their Himmlerian/Mengelen amorality.

"Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside ragin'.
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'".

Notice the audio of a lot of the video records of MKULTRA surviving on YouTube have been altered. If you read lips you can tell. Also the links have been altered to become almost devoid of title info. No SHARE buttons, no site descriptions and the parties responsible for many of my comments having . . . dissappeared . . . along with the contents of my harddrive last week, after my last post and the sabotage of these site HTML codes may well be rewarded by the karmic visitations of vengeful Cherubim, I avow, I saw it happen in the '70s and I feel it flying past me like a fractal chiaroscuro of intent.

The beings who leveled Sodom have been itching to "smite" all the Reich War Criminals that escaped, and those that follow their logic. Nixon was given phlebitus (I still refuse to apologize) and where is Herr Cheney lately, after all that mouthing off he did in defense of his jackbooted Prussian OSS inspired "Retro"-Conservative Patriot Act redactions Of essential-to-all-but-Himmler-inspired-Americans liberties and rights?".

Some spirits can be vengeful when interfered with in pursuit of a discarnate search for justice. I've never been able to shake the feeling that millions of the victims of TRULY evil men like: ‘George White’ (SS to the core, NOT American) or Maitland Baldwin or Kurt Plotner or Walter Neff or Winfred Overholser or Gen. “Wild Bill” Donovan or Richard Helm or Stanley Lovell, et. al. still wish the truth of just how much the of the Third Reich escaped Nuremburg and then subsumed America's leaders and culture might be told!

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” So be it! Here in the next few years, after my 6 decades of abuse and damage and revelation and preparation and pain and something akin to an aspiration towards an apprehension of wholeness, and the weight of the world's pain for the Holocaust, and more, I shall endeavour to tell the stories that the myriad friends of mine (and those I never knew) who died in their struggle to free themselves from the yoke of mental, emotional, psychosexual and philosophic oppression that America’s rulers placed upon us (WHEN MOST OF US WERE CHILDREN, REMEMBER) in the search for “Behavior Modification” to "combat communism", would tell if they could.

Some can still reach from beyond the grave I recently realized - Woody Guthrie evidently still smoulders somewhere on the Astral Plane, hoisting mugs of "Old Ectoplasm" beer in the heavenly IWW Hall with Joe Hill, and Huey Long, toasting the martyrdom of Leon Trotsky and Sacco and Vanzetti and the Rosenburgs.

NOTE: Here is fair warning: Attempted suppression of the Logos as it manifests will prove destructive to whom and/or whatever tries to hinder the epiphanthetic eventualities this entails. I have never threatened anything or anyone then or now 'cause I never needed to. All who pursued or troubled me or mine, since the '60s and about my 200th trip, have mysteriously (through no actions of mine, other than the occasional Golden Dawn spell or two) been shown the "error of their ways" in eerie and quite memorable fashion. All I’ve ever been able to do is try to warn of the irresistible epiphenomenal inevitability of the ’wrath’ of my aforementioned Cherubim, identified by more than half a dozen psychics and New Age mavens as my "Guardians", when attempts at obfuscation of any Message they promulgate through me arise. (My prose is really quite innately obtuse enough to render these missives unsuitable for 'soundbytes' and mass dissemination anyway, have no fear).

DOD/NID folk PLEASE note: requested quakes can‘t be faked, neither in ’91 when last I was asked to confirm my supposed delusions of chthonic grandeur, nor now. Those few of you remaining, steeped in the historicity and esoterica of “Intelligence” who remember, know of what I speak (hell, it was even the subject of a "Helen, Queen Of The Internet" comic strip). “Something is happening but you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?”

Great evil often generates its own counterbalance, even through the sequipedalian paronomasia of an old agent provocateur and autodidactically eccentric tectokinetic channel such as I. “The Men Who Stared At Goats”, because they were military and therefore subject to orders from a human chain of command that had been subverted through insidious insinuation of the Nazi inspired NSA into both the U.S. Military, and Civilian command superstuctures, never achieved anything close to the "Wildcard" paranormal talents or Gnostic abilities and perceptions extending all the way to the Buddhic Plane I have seen in others and/or personally manifested since I and my brother and sister human guinea pigs, “in the defense of Liberty”, had “alterations” forced upon us unawares, at the behest of America's Himmlers and Mengeles.

Think what SHOULD have happened to the hundreds of German War Criminals we protected from Justice if the the survivors of the Holocaust had had any of the advantages we, the surviving families, lovers, buds and bros of the many hippies, vagrants, third world citizens, and "desaparecidos" of the 50's, '60s, '70s, '80s and on, have today. Propelled by the same righteous indignation against THE SAME WAR CRIMINALS, SOME STILL IN POWER we can scour the data and "higher planes" of existence all the way to the Akashic Records in our search for justice and recompense.

"Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'".

Strange that our commonly ridiculed "Aquarian Ager's" well honed 'fortune telling' abilities worked so freaking well (93% accuracy, over 13,000 years by my count)and thereby produced the plans for us all to incarnate here and now to usher in a "New Age". Imagine the silent satisfaction of plans laid and history nudged, without notice, over so many lifetimes and years.

All of we who had so long ago collectively planned this - thus - and so . . . colloquiums contingent on colloquys on contingency ongoing . . . synods on stealth . . . never "leaving our footprints in the sands of time" as we tracked across parallel timelines and reality matrix analogs, some familiar, most strange . . . "Poised. Delicate. Consent . . . in mute nostril agony" . . . for millenia we waited you know (Edgar Cayce picked up on it though)to meet up where and when we did and live as many as could through to here and now.

Incarnate now, I believe, to most effectively leverage and "right" some wrongs longstanding (dark times like the Inquisition come to mind) Here to wedge our corporeal forms withal into the gears and racks and slings and arrows and karmic clockworks of the Causal Plane mechanisms running the Wheel Of Dharma, singing: "We're all normal and we want our freedom." in park meadows greened by the fungul effulgence of the "Summer Of Love". At least that's the way this Sage has seen it since before even the "Word" began the expansion of the last Singularity. But what do I know? "A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country." right?

I speak from long experience about believing that just retribution for all cruelties we, the Children Of Light, have suffered WILL manifest, one way or the other, and sooner rather than later. Maybe because I "hunger and thirst after righteousness", or perhaps 'cause there once was a boy who believed, and continued lifelong to feel, that one of his 'multiple personalities' was some sort of "Arbiter" (he knew the word before the meaning) lifetasked with resolving an arcane and longstanding point of metaphysical dispute. Now then, this boy, grown to a much older man, might just (have planned) to happen to be in an appointed place at an appointed time with an appropriate surrajoinder prepared airtight and waiting to be applied with the proper kind and degree of force, through the proper medium to the proper object! Et voila: "Instant Karma"! Just like Magick! (It may even be the prophesied: "hard rain's gonna'fall".)

As always, as proponents of change we all have faced the same verities as our tormentors. I have NO idea why I've survived this long, to be here, now. I know many better folk have fallen, and passed on. I attempt to 'keep the faith' and champion causes like "Social Change Through Freedom From Wage Slavery" and quaintly axiomatic cultural notions like "Truth, Justice and the American Way", and "Peace, Love and Good Vibes".

The '60s taught me that if I make sure everyone I can help is helped if and when they need, then in turn, I of care taken will be as well. If I try always to be "devoted to a noble ideal", doing nothing for “lust of result” and work for what I believe to be the greatest good for the greatest number, I find I always fare far better that any attempting to interfere with me, The Medium, OR The Message.

"The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast

The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The (old) order is
Rapidly fadin'
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'." - B. Dylan

Anyway, the 'worm has turned' with more 'castings' to come. Our friends who have passed know what we still can't clearly see: "We are forces of chaos and anarchy. Everything they say we are,WE ARE! And we are very proud of ourselves)!" - Jefferson Airplane. Within a couple thousand years "No living being will ever have to be sacrificed." Allow me to say it again then: The "Summer of Love" will work! I divine we have successfully shaped all probable alternate futures to the ancient agreed upon collective "Will", using "Love" as that long ago proposed basis of the "Law" for this "New Age". (Exactly as another "Prophet without honor", and friend of WB Yeats infamously foretold: “Love Is The Law, Love Under Will”.)

" . . .The winds awaken, the leaves whirl round,
Our cheeks are pale, our hair is unbound,
Our breasts are heaving our eyes are agleam,
Our arms are waving our lips are apart;
And if any gaze on our rushing band,
We come between him and the deed of his hand,
We come between him and the hope of his heart.
The host is rushing 'twixt night and day,
And where is there hope or deed as fair?
Caoilte tossing his burning hair,
And Niamh calling Away, come away."

- William Butler Yeats
"The Hosting Of The Sidhe"

(To which I'll add, in a wee Wiccan stagewhisper:

"Blessed Be We All, Each And Every One")!

Meascalito Visits Dan And The Clan

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Mescalito Visits Dan And The Clan - A short excerpt from my memoirs (all names bear no resemblance to the actual characters, OK?) It was 1972, South Berkeley up towards College St, and Frat Row. (And the Statute of Limitations has run out for all of us). " Dan And The Clan" had somehow managed a trip to the Southwest and come back with almost 20 pounds of Peyote. (Stolen from tribal land, traded for, gifted - we never knew). Then, there not being a huge market for the puke-inducing psychedelic cacti, the buttons sat in an upstairs closet of the Clan's two-story corner Victorian, and their 4 cats used the full boxes, buttons and sand, as their toilet.

To explain about 'Dan and the Clan'. They were a hippie dealer family, as were we all. Classic 'CounterIntelPro' structures obtained, ever since all of Col. George Hunter White's MKUltra Western Section "went native" in '72 after Bruce Roberts handed Scotty a copy of the Gemstone Files at an S.F. Marina District 'spook' bar. The 'Clan's core consisted of Dan, the triple Gemini patriarch, Rebecca, Suzy, and Don. About 50 of us all told made up the entirety of Berkeley's drug infrastructure. Separated into partnerships ('Hank & Frank', 'Doug & Mick', 'Black-Haired Jerry & Bailey', 'New York John & Patty') or larger groups ('Cal, Scotty & Gandalf' - my 'family': 6 to 7of us squatting in a 3 room railroad apt. across from "Vern's" Grocery about 51st and Telegraph at first, 'Rusty, Paul, Walter & Blonde John', and 'Dan and the Clan', etc.)

Our collective tribal turf ran from Albany to Oakland to the Berkeley Marina ( down by Walter and Hugh and the H Farm). We all had out of town distributors (ours became Gilroy/Morgan Hill) and in town we all knew each other and traded wares. Ergotamine tartrate from the N.I.H. would get delivered (3 lbs every other month or so) by ex-Rangers ('Gunner') to ex-Seals ('Wolfman') and we would get monthly semi-truck deliveries of "red-wraps", "white-wraps" and "blue-wraps"(pressed bricks of Mexican weed). That all stopped with Operation Intercept, closely followed by Operation Sunshine, but that's another story.

In any event, when the Clan discovered their choice peyote buttons had been irrevocably soiled, they freaked. They proceeded to put out a general distress help request over our grapevine, and it just so happened I knew what to do, and whom to get to do it.

There were many factions of folk in those daze, living in communal situations, some of whom even went on to become somewhat infamous as 'hippy-dippy weathermen', Yippie street performers, etc. I happened to know an affiliated chapter of a caucasian 'radical-fringe' guerilla theatre troup occupying two houses (across an Oakland St. from each other, with a tunnel dug between them for quick movement of contraband should the need arise) not far from the Clan, and one of their specialities was chemistry. So I hooked the two groups up.

Within 2 weeks, the smell of ether permeated the Clan's entire neighborhood. Clear plastic tubes ran from second-floor bathrooms to first-floor kitchens. Osterizers were bought and worn out masticating the peyote (after the white tufts of halitin were removed from the button's centers) into pulp. Huge pots were constantly on the stoves as the plant material was rendered for its vital alkaloids. Cases of coffee filters stacked next to Erlenmeyer flasks took up all available shelf space.

It took two weeks, everyone in town paranoid as hell, but in the end, truly sweet glossy bindle papers with the molecular schematic for mescaline printed on the exterior, filled with some of the most spectacular white needle-like crystals imaginable began to circulate around Berkeley, if you knew the right people. Mescalito blessed us with a short visit, and all the street-lights around Berkeley had halos for quite some time.

1972: Double-Bar Bardo And Beyond

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In a RATIONAL society, attraction to brain-chemistry self-adjustment, would indicate a need for some Neuro-pathological study and analysis, based on objective criteria for standardized testing. Sadly, the BILLIONS of dollars the BUSINESS of the "War On Drugs" means to the U.S. economy, and Police Forces and Prisons in general, has prevented Science, rather than fascism and greed from dictating drug policy in this country for almost 100 years. And the 'great liberal hope': Barack Obama, is just another tool for the repression, suppression and oppression of "Brain-Chemistry Suffrage",

As can be seen by just Googleing LSD and following the first suggested link that pops up while typing, any real data about LSD is buried in Mormon (LDS) sites, and Profitmaking Drug Abuse & Rehab sites who paid Google to suppress real data, in favor of their sick greedmonger websites. LSD IS NOT CLASSIFIED AS AN ADDICTIVE DRUG, BUT THE "War on Drugs" profiteers will stop at nothing to misinform the public to make a buck!

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a hallucinating idiot...for he sees what no one else does: things that, to everyone else, are not there.” ― Marshall McLuhan

I took LSD over 500 times, over a 10 year period, ingesting up to 200 'hits' (30,000+ micrograms) at once (thanks to my MKUltra handlers). I NEVER HAD A BAD TRIP OR A FLASHBACK, 40 years on now! 'Bad trips' happen to people who are just neurotic before they take LSD! AND unlike alcohol poisoning, which kills 50,000 people a year, there is NO toxic dosage for LSD, same as there is none with marijauna! No-one, not even Art Linkletter's daughter ever died of LSD poisoning. Unfortunate contra-indications with pre-existing psychological and physiological diseases have caused quite a number of unpleasant immediate reactions, as well as short and long-term ill-effects in many individuals, but NOT because of the physical effects of LSD.

And if anyone wonders: I write Poetry and invent Neologisms second only to James Joyce, conceptualize like Marshall McLuhan, understand advanced Physics and Math better than 99% of the populace still. I have 11 CDs of original music. I was a gainfully employed (Master Machinist/Mechanical Designer) productive and non-criminal member of society for 35 years after my LSD experiences, never arrested (had an forgotten unpaid parking ticket warrant once), never psychotic or delusional, never caused an accident nor abused small dogs or children, etc.etc. In every respect, I am the living refutation of the 'rationale' for the "War On Drugs"!!!

In 1972, My Native American Korean War Marine Vet 'mentor' Scotty (Charles Edward Carrion Crow) thought it would be interesting (or was told to make it interesting) to see how one on the last recipients of a baseline dose of Sandoz 'Yellow Wedge' would react to a major dose of some of the product made from the N.I.H. ergotamine tartrate that was being sent to the Bay Area as part of Operation Sunshine (the attempt to wrest the domestic LSD market away from Tim Leary's Laguna Beach "Brotherhood of Eternal Love" 'Sunshine' product - Dr Leary was also working for the Feds, but was too "arrogant and headstrong" for the TSS leadership). This was before microdots, so one evening while blotting up a 2 gram batch (8,000 hits at 250 mics per- our standard dose) of 'blank white' paper, Scotty slipped an entire large pipette of 151 and acid (100 hits) into my half-drunk beer behind my back. In those days, we dosed ourselves every three days to keep our tolerance up, in case we spilled some on ourselves or otherwise got dosed (we all dosed each other constantly anyway, as practical jokes) we wouldn't go nuts and squander the product. Anyway, an hour or so later, I noticed myself 'coming on', when I should not have been, but this was some good Yellow crystal, with a really nice mix of 17, 19 and 27/29 'flavoring' the 25, and prior to this I had taken 10 hits of 'Clear Light' a few weeks before and loved the difference the larger dose made, so I got giddy and before anyone could stop me, sucked down another pipette full.

I 'peaked' for almost 3 days, I remember, riding my skateboard all over Berkeley in a manic homage to my own "Thrasher" surf legend from Pacifica. Walling impossible angles, laughing with sheer glee at my own ability to defy gravity with reckless abandon (my stomach muscles hurt for weeks). I don't think I got back into full REM sleep for about a week or two, and, ever afterward I have had a 'Pointalist's Vision' of 'Brownian Motion', the 'dance of the air molecules' as I once described it. The difference between 100mics and 1,000mics is noticeable, for sure, but for true "Double-Bar Bardo" trippin' 10,000mics was 'da kine'! I feel blessed that I was allowed the opportunity to leave my ego, my cultural conditioning, and the inculcated solipsistic gloss of "consensual reality" behind, because the limitations of human sensoria, and the even greater limitations of what passes for experiential day-to-day corporeal manifestation on this timeline, at this stage in human evolution, is SO FAR FROM THE TRUE NATURE OF LIFE, AND THE NATURE OF THE METAVERSE, SO FAR FROM THE REAL DIVINITY THAT IS THE TAO, that just a taste was enough to allow me to come back to this 'view through a glass darkly', and persist, because I will always be able to intuit the "Light", even here, with all of you, in darkness. Namaste'

Books 1 & 2 of my memoirs are 60% represented in my 10 years of Blog posts.

As for the 'flavoring' of Acid, Tim Leary's product was reputed to be mixed with about 30mics of STP. Anyone who took Orange Sunshine, or Christmas Acid, should remember the "coming on like a freight-train" sensation. That and the abdominal rictus, were generally indicative of STP. Other analogs of LSD, present due to less than perfect labs, lab techniques, and lab equipment were just a by-product of the underground nature of its production. You got to recognize them, though, over time, and could usually associate the color of a batch with it's purity or lack thereof. Bear's was THE BEST ! Bright white and sparkly, it was a joy to behold. I knew people who eschewed blotting or tabbing it, and would snort it like cocaine, so minimal were the physical side-effects. The best my folk could do was Grey, or Yellow, both with small percentages of non-25 analog impurities. There was one particular fellow only I knew, who always made Green crystal, which sometimes would deliquesce before it could even be put in solution. Such was the nature of "underground" chemistry!

But it wasn't all fun and games, 'Pilgrims'! I still miss my friend: "Mad John". Mad John had some pre-existing organic brain-damage before he landed on Telegraph Avenue in '71, we conjectured. His eccentricity was that he never spoke, he only laughed. But what a veritable gallimaufry of guffaws had he! After being in his company for a few weeks, his expressions were as clear as speech, only they ranged from sniggers to chuckles to belly-laughs. He wasn't non-communicative at all, his was just a very unique form of speech. He was never "out of it", always apparently in the here and now, and a gentler soul I never knew. Unfortunately, he was stomped to death in 1973 in a parking lot in Oakland, by some street thugs who mistook his laughter for disrespect. He and all my sisters and brothers who died from drug or alcohol overdoses are the proof that the evolution of consciousness, and suffrage for the "Last Civil Right" - the freedom to adjust one's own brain-chemistry (an it harm none) in the "pursuit of happiness" are not easy struggles in which to persevere, but no sacrifice will be forgotten while I still draw breath. Namaste'.

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The CIA And Nazi War Criminals (Nat. Sec. Archives)

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From the National Security Archives:

(working links to documents listed are to be found at the above site)

Washington D.C., February 4, 2005 - Today the National Security Archive posted the CIA's secret documentary history of the U.S government's relationship with General Reinhard Gehlen, the German army's intelligence chief for the Eastern Front during World War II. At the end of the war, Gehlen established a close relationship with the U.S. and successfully maintained his intelligence network (it ultimately became the West German BND) even though he employed numerous former Nazis and known war criminals. The use of Gehlen's group, according to the CIA history, Forging an Intelligence Partnership: CIA and the Origins of the BND, 1945-49, was a "double edged sword" that "boosted the Warsaw Pact's propaganda efforts" and "suffered devastating penetrations by the KGB." [See Volume 1: Introduction, p. xxix]

The declassified "SECRET RelGER" two-volume history was compiled by CIA historian Kevin Ruffner and presented in 1999 by CIA Deputy Director for Operations Jack Downing to the German intelligence service (Bundesnachrichtendienst) in remembrance of "the new and close ties" formed during post-war Germany to mark the fiftieth year of CIA-West German cooperation. This history was declassified in 2002 as a result of the work of The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG) and contains 97 key documents from various agencies.

This posting comes in the wake of public grievances lodged by members of the IWG that the CIA has not fully complied with the mandate of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and is continuing to withhold hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation related to their work. (Note 1) In interviews with the New York Times, three public members of the IWG said:

"I think that the CIA has defied the law, and in so doing has also trivialized the Holocaust, thumbed its nose at the survivors of the Holocaust and also at the Americans who gave their lives in the effort to defeat the Nazis in World War II." - Former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman

"I can only say that the posture the CIA has taken differs from all the other agencies that have been involved, and that's not a position we can accept." - Washington lawyer Richard Ben-Veniste

"Too much has been secret for too long. The CIA has not complied with the statute." - Former federal prosecutor Thomas H. Baer

The IWG was established in January 11, 1999 and has overseen the declassification of about eight million pages of documents from multiple government agencies. Its mandate expires at the end of March 2005.

The documentation unearthed by the IWG reveals extensive relationships between former Nazi war criminals and American intelligence organizations, including the CIA. For example, current records show that at least five associates of the notorious Nazi Adolf Eichmann worked for the CIA, 23 other Nazis were approached by the CIA for recruitment, and at least 100 officers within the Gehlen organization were former SD or Gestapo officers. (Note 2)

The IWG enlisted the help of key academic scholars to consult during the declassification process, and these historians released their own interpretation of the declassified material last May (2004) in a publication called US Intelligence and the Nazis. The introduction to this book emphasizes the dilemma of using former Nazis as assets:

"The notion that they [CIA, Army Counterintelligence Corp, Gehlen organization] employed only a few bad apples will not stand up to the new documentation. Some American intelligence officials could not or did not want to see how many German intelligence officials, SS officers, police, or non-German collaborators with the Nazis were compromised or incriminated by their past service… Hindsight allows us to see that American use of actual or alleged war criminals was a blunder in several respects…there was no compelling reason to begin the postwar era with the assistance of some of those associated with the worst crimes of the war. Lack of sufficient attention to history-and, on a personal level, to character and morality-established a bad precedent, especially for new intelligence agencies. It also brought into intelligence organizations men and women previously incapable of distinguishing between their political/ideological beliefs and reality. As a result, such individuals could not and did not deliver good intelligence. Finally, because their new, professed 'democratic convictions' were at best insecure and their pasts could be used against them (some could be blackmailed), these recruits represented a potential security problem." (Note 3)

The Gehlen organization profiled in the newly posted CIA history represents one of the most telling examples of these pitfalls. Timothy Naftali, a University of Virginia professor and consulting historian to the IWG who focused heavily on the declassified CIA material, highlighted the problems posed by our relationship with Gehlen: "Reinhard Gehlen was able to use U.S. funds to create a large intelligence bureaucracy that not only undermined the Western critique of the Soviet Union by protecting and promoting war criminals but also was arguably the least effective and secure in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As many in U.S. intelligence in the late 1940s had feared would happen, the Gehlen Organization proved to be the back door by which the Soviets penetrated the Western alliance." (Note 4)

The documents annexed in the CIA history posted today by the Archive echo the observations of Professor Naftali. While placing much of the blame on the Army Counterintelligence Corps' initial approach to Gehlen, this history emphasizes the CIA's own reluctance to adopt responsibility for Gehlen's organization, yet the documents show the CIA ultimately embracing Gehlen.

Some of the highlights from this secret CIA documentary history include:

A May 1, 1952 report detailing how Gehlen and his network were initially approached by U.S. army intelligence. (Document 6)

Two evaluations of the Gehlen operation from October 16 and 17, 1946, advising against the transfer of Gehlen's organization to CIG hands and questioning the value of the operation as a whole. (Documents 21 and 22)

A March 19, 1948 memorandum from Richard Helms, noting Army pressure for the CIA to assume sponsorship of the Gehlen organization, and continued concern over the security problems inherent in the operation. (Document 59)

A December 17, 1948 report outlining the problems with the Gehlen organization, but ultimately recommending CIA assumption of the project. (Document 72)

In answer to the question "Can we learn from history?", the IWG's consulting historians noted "The real question is not whether we will make use of our past to deal with the present, but rather how well we will do so. To do it well, we need these documents." (Note 5)

"This secret CIA history is full of documents we never would have seen under the Freedom of Information Act, because Congress in 1984 gave the CIA an exemption for its 'operational' files, on the grounds that such files were too sensitive ever to be released," commented Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive. "The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act has proven this assumption false. Release of these files has done no damage to national security, has provided information of enormous public interest and historical importance, and however belatedly, has brought a measure of accountability to government operations at variance with mainstream American values."

Documents Note: Many of the following documents are in PDF format. You will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Note: The following CIA history has been split into separate pdf files for each separate document or volume introduction, due to its large size. It includes relevant documents from the CIA, Army Intelligence, and CIA predecessor organizations.

Forging and Intelligence Partnership: CIA and the Origins of the BND, 1945-49. Edited by Kevin C. Ruffner for CIA History Staff, Center for the Study of Intelligence, and European Division, Directorate of Operations. 1999. Released May 2002.

Volume 1: Introduction

Volume 1: Part I - Firsthand Accounts

Document 1: Statement of Gerhard Wessel on Development of the German Organization [undated] Document 2: Statement of General Winder on the History of the Organization [undated] Document 3: Statement of Hans Hinrichs on Early History of the Organization [undated] Document 4: Statement of Heinz Danko Herre. April 8, 1953. Document 5: Statement of General Gehlen on Walter Schellenberg Story (Post Defeat Resistance) [undated] Document 6: Report of Initial Contacts with General Gehlen's Organization by John R. Boker, Jr. May 1, 1952. Document 7: Statement of Lt. Col. Gerald Duin on Early Contacts with the Gehlen Organization [undated] Document 8: Report of Interview with General Edwin L. Sibert on the Gehlen Organization. March 26, 1970. Document 9: Debriefing of Eric Waldman on the US Army's Trusteeship of the Gehlen Organization during the Years 1945-1949. September 30, 1969.

Volume 1: Part II - Stunde Null

Document 10: Seventh Army Interrogation Center, "Notes on the Red Army-Intelligence and Security." June 24, 1945. Document 11: Headquarters, Third Army Intelligence Center, Preliminary Interrogation Report, Baun, Hermann. August 16, 1945. Document 12: Captain Owen C. Campbell, Evaluation Section, to Lt. Col. Parker, Enclosing Interrogation Reports No. 5724 and 5725. August 29, 1945. Document 13: Crosby Lewis, Chief, German Mission. October 25, 1945. Volume 1: Part III - The Vandenberg Report Document 14: SAINT, AMZON to SAINT, Washington, "Russian Experts of German Intelligence Service." January 8, 1946. Document 15: Headquarters, US Forces European Theater (USFET), Military Intelligence Service Center (MISC, "Operation of the Blue House Project." May 11, 1946. Document 16: Headquarters, USFET, MISC, CI Consolidated Interrogation Report (CI-CIR) No. 16, "German Methods of Combating the Soviet Intelligence Service." June 3, 1946. Document 17: Headquarters, USFET, MISC, Lt. Col. John R. Deane, Jr. to Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, USFET, "Plan for the Inclusion of the Bolero Group in Operation Rusty." July 2, 1946. Document 18: Lewis to Chief, Foreign Branch M (FBM), "Operation KEYSTONE." September 9, 1946, enclosing Lewis to Brigadier General Sibert, G-2, September 6, 1946. Document 19: Maj. Gen. W.A. Burress, G-2, to Lt. Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Director of Central Intelligence, "Operation RUSTY - Use of the Eastern Branch of the former German Intelligence Service." With attachments. October 1, 1946. Document 20: Lewis to Richard Helms, Acting Chief of FBM, October 8, 1946, enclosing Lewis to Donald H. Galloway, Assistant Director for Special Operations, September 22, 1946. Document 21: Draft to Deputy A, "Operation Rusty." October 16, 1946. Document 22: Galloway to DCI, "Operation Rusty," October 17, 1946, enclosing Heidelberg Field Base to Chief, IB, "Agent Net Operating in the Bamberg Area," with attachment, September 17, 1946. Document 23: DCI to Maj. Gen. Stephen J. Chamberlin, Director of Intelligence, War Department, "Operation Rusty-Use of the Eastern Branch of the Former German Intelligence Service," November 20, 1946, enclosing Burress to Vandenberg, "Operation RUSTY-Use of the Eastern Branch of the Former German Intelligence Service," October 1, 1946. Document 24: Col. W.W. Quinn to Galloway, "Operation RUSTY," December 19, 1946. Document 25: Helms, Memorandum for the Record, "Operation RUSTY." December 19, 1946. Volume 1: Part IV - The Bossard Report Document 26: Cable, Special Operations to [excised]. January 31, 1947. Document 27: Cable, SO to [excised]. February 10, 1947. Document 28: Lt. Col. Deane to the German Chief of Operation RUSTY, "Assignment of Responsibilities," February 25, 1947. Document 29: Cable, SO to Frankfurt. March 6, 1947. Document 30: Cable, Heidelberg to SO. March 11, 1947. Document 31: Report, "Operation KEYSTONE." March 13, 1947. Document 32: Cable, SO to Heidelberg. March 14, 1947. Document 33: Samuel Bossard to [Galloway]. March 17, 1947. Document 34: Memorandum to Helms, "American Intelligence Network," with attachment. March 18, 1947. Document 35: Bossard to [excised] Chief, German Mission. March 20, 1947. Document 36: Cable, Heidelberg to SO, March 21, 1947. Document 37: Report, "American Intelligence in Bavaria." March 29, 1947. Document 38: SC, AMZON to FBM for SC, Washington, "KEYSTONE: LESHCINSKY." March 31, 1947. Document 39: Memorandum to [Galloway] and Bossard, "Evaluation of RUSTY CI Reports," with attachments. April 1, 1947. Document 40: Cable, Heidelberg to SO. April 8, 1947. Document 41: [Bossard] to [Galloway]. May 5, 1947. Document 42: Bossard to DCI, "Operation Rusty." May 29, 1947. Document 43: Galloway to DCI, "Operation RUSTY," June 3, 1947, enclosing Bossard to DCI, "Operation Rusty," with annexes, May 29, 1947. Document 44: Memorandum for [unspecified], "Operation RUSTY," with attachment, [undated] Document 45: DCI to Secretary of State, et al, "Opertation Rusty," [undated], enclosing "Memorandum on Operation RUSTY," June 6, 1947. Document 46: Cable, Central Intelligence Group to ACS, G-2, European Command, June 5, 1947. Document 47: Cable, EUCOM to CIG, June 6, 1947. Document 48: Galloway, Bossard, Memorandum for the Record, June 20, 1947. Document 49: Brig. Gen. E.K. Wright, Memorandum for the Record, June 20, 1947. Document 50: Galloway, Bossard, Helms, "Report of Meeting at War Department 26 June 1947." June 26, 1947. Document 51: Bossard, "Recommendations drawn up at request of Gen. Chamberlin for the attention of Gen. Walsh." June 27, 1947. Document 52: Cable, SO to Heidelberg, June 27, 1947. Document 53: Cable, SO to Heidelberg, June 27, 1947. Document 54: Cable, Heidelberg to SO, July 25, 1947. Document 55: Chief of Station, Heidelberg to FBM, "RUSTY." October 1, 1947. Document 56: Headquarters, First Military District, US Army, General Orders Number 54, "Organization of 7821st Composite Group." December 1, 1947. Volume 2: Introduction Volume 2: Part V - The Critchfield Report Document 57: Chief of Station; Heidelberg to Chief, FBM, "Russian Newspaper Attack on American Intelligence Activities," with attachment. February 6, 1948. Document 58: Memorandum to Helms, "Operation RUSTY," March 18, 1948. Document 59: Helms to ADSO, "Rusty," March 19, 1948. Document 60: Chief, Foreign Broadcast Information Branch to ADSO, "PRAVDA Report of US Spy Group in USSR Zone of Occupied Germany." March 30, 1948. Document 61: Chief, FBIB to ADSO, "PRAVDA Report of US Spy Group in USSR Zone of Occupied Germany." March 31, 1948. Document 62: Chief, Munich Operations Base to Acting Chief of Station, Karlsruhe, "Rusty." July 7, 1948. Document 63: Acting Chief, Karlsruhe Operations Base to Chief, FBM, "RUSTY." August 19, 1948. Document 64: DCI to Chamberlin, August, 31, 1948. Document 65: Chief of Station, Karlsruhe to Chief, FBM, "RUSTY." October 15, 1948. Document 66: Cable, SO to Karlsruhe, October 27, 1948. Document 67: [Helms] to COS, Karlsruhe, "RUSTY." November 2, 1948. Document 68: [excised] to COS, Karlsruhe, "RUSTY." November 18, 1948. Document 69: Chief, MOB [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "Bi-Weekly Letter," (excerpts), December 4, 1948. Document 70: Cable, SO to Karlsruhe, December 14, 1948. Document 71: Cable, Karlsruhe to SO, December 17, 1948. Document 72: Chief, MOB [Critchfield] to Chief, OSO, "Report of Investigation-RUSTY," with annexes, (excerpts), December 17, 1948. Document 73: Galloway to DCI, "Recommendations in re Operation Rusty." December 21, 1948. Document 74: Cable, SO to Munich, Karlsruhe. December 22, 1948. Document 75: Chief, FBM to COS, Karlsruhe, "Operation Rusty." December 24, 1948. Document 76: Chief, FBM to COS, Karlsruhe, "Operation Rusty," December 28, 1948, enclosing DCI to Maj. Gen. William E. Hall, USAF, "Operation Rusty." December 22, 1948. Volume 2: Part VI - A Year of Decisions Document 77: Maj. Gen. S. LeRoy Irwin to DCI, "Operation 'RUSTY.'" January 19, 1949. Document 78: Helms, Memorandum for the Files, "Operation Rusty." February 1, 1949. Document 79: Chief, FBM to COS, Karlsruhe, "[Gehlen Organization]," February 2, 1949. Document 80: Cable, SO to Karlsruhe. February 8, 1949. Document 81: Cable, SO to Karlsruhe. February 9, 1949. Document 82: Chief, FBM to COS, Karlsruhe, "[Gehlen Organization]," February 9, 1949. Document 83: Chief, FBM to COS, Karlsruhe, [untitled], February 10, 1949, enclosing Alan R McCracken, ADSO, to Irwin, "Operation Rusty." February 9, 1949. Document 84: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "Letter to General Hall," with enclosures, February 10, 1949. Document 85: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "[Gehlen Organization]: Procedure for Handling Funds. March 14, 1949. Document 86: Cable, SO to Karlsruhe, March 16, 1949. Document 87: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "[Gehlen Organization]: Current Financial Situation." March 21, 1949. Document 88: Executive Officer to Chief of Operations and Chief, FBM, "[Gehlen Organization]," April 1, 1949. Document 89: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "[Gehlen Organization]: Current Situation." April 18, 1949. Document 90: Robert A. Schow, ADSO to Director, CIA, "EUCOM Support for the 7821 Composite Group (Operation Rusty)," April 21, 1949. Document 91: [Critchfield] to COS, Karlsruhe, "Organization and Individual Security Problems [Gehlen Organization] Staff," May 4, 1949. Document 92: Headquarters, EUCOM to Chief of Staff, US Army Director of Intelligence, June 6, 1949. Document 93: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "Basic Agreement with [Gehlen Organization]," June 13, 1949. Document 94: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "[Gehlen Organization] General Policy," with enclosures, July 7, 1949. Document 95: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "Basic Considerations in Reviewing the Concept and Mission of [Gehlen Organization]," September 21, 1949. Document 96: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "[Gehlen Organization] - Schneider's Negotiations with Third Parties," September 22, 1949, enclosing [Critchfield] to Dr. Schneider, "The Coordination and Control of Negotiations with German Political and Economic Circles and Representatives of Western European Intelligence Services," September 20, 1949. Document 97: [Critchfield] to Chief, FBM, "Dr. Schneider's Reply to Recent Policy Guidance Letters," with enclosures, October 12, 1949. Notes 1. Douglas Jehl, "CIA Said to Rebuff Congress on Nazi Files," New York Times, January 30, 2005. 2. Richard Breitman, Norman Goda, Timothy Naftali, and Robert Wolfe, U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis, (Washington, DC: National Archive Trust Fund Board, 2004), 377. 3.Ibid, 8-9. 4. Ibid, 406. 5. Ibid, 8.

'Naked Lunch" Meets 'Mein Kampf'

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"The effect of the discovery of printing was evident in the savage religious wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Application of power to communication industries hastened the consolidation of vernaculars, the rise of nationalism, revolution, and new outbreaks of savagery in the twentieth century." Harold Innes, - "Minerva's Owl"

"All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

"He caun ne'er be bothered but maun e'er be waked. If there is a future in every past that is present Quis est qui non novit quinnigan and Qui quae quot at Quinnigan's Quake! Stump! His producers are they not his consumers? Your exagmination round his factification for incamination of a warping process. Declaim!" - James Joyce, "Finnegan's Wake"

So, allow me to catch everyone up here. We're going to say it's 1943 (in thistimeline) and no coincidence that Albert Hoffman discovers LSD at the same time the AustrioHungaristocracy - German business leaders with companies that would eventually become American institutions (well documented, see - ) having already used their Nietzsche-enraptured prognosticative abilities to divine the fall of the House of Schicklgruber begin moving key personnel and assets out of the country.

The Reich was escaping already and the subsequent attempts at division of spoils by the victors, the Capitalists and the Communists were just for appearances. German business knew that, without the aid of the British (on which many German political and military leaders had counted) that lack of alliance evidenced by the rejection of Rudolph Hess in mid '41, Hitler had no real chance of sustaining an empire for more than 3 to 5 years. The lessons of WWI were not ignored by the pragmatic Prussian intelligensia, rather they used them to plan the continuance of their collective weltanschauung through connivance and Geschäftsmodelle "business models'.

The scientific discovery (prompted by forces most prefer to think of as "fate", but known to the cognoscenti as "engineered" - more on this later) of a psychoactive chemical becomes part of the dispersal of the Reich and its effects, and the movement of an autocratic mindset from a country with no "Magna Carta" to a social experiment born of the Enlightenment begins, propelled by a plan for the infiltration of a nascent greco-republican plutocratic world political system constructed from English common law by an oligarchy of racists dedicated to 'Rasse Ehrfurcht' hegemonic corporonational legacy businesses.

The plan is devised by 1942: The West, where "Capital" will buy ANYTHING (including escape from the prosecution of war crimes) is to be the new fatherland, given that most German social theorists think American capitalism will dominate world politics for a century at least. All that need be done is convince the American ruling classes that the threat of "godless communism" and it's voracious need for even the destitute Ozarkian hillbilly's "private property" can be parlayed into a suitably ferocious looking rhetorical "straw dog" for the frightening of Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public.

Patton had been carefully preparing the American Military for the eventual eliding of Nazi criminal histories of SS officers in his role as highest Nazi 'mole' in the U.S. military and began "redacting" infamous Nazi's like Reinhard Heydrich who were supposedly assassinated when in fact they were being relocated and given new identities. Heydrich was the first highly visible officer Patton's relocation machine managed to get to England then the states (you heard it here first thanks to my "disembodied" consultants)but there were many more who's "deaths" were just covers for relocations routed through the states and then to enclaves, like Paraguay/Argentina, South Africa/Rhodesia, Australia/New Zealand prepared well in advance.

While all this was going on, FDR, feebler than any acknowledged world leader since the Visigoths broke all the noses off the staues of Rome, gets rid of Henry Wallace, a Wobbly from birth and the only man with the Woody Guthrie-like social vision and chutzpah prepared to fight the hordes of former Hitler Youth storming the citadel of Anglo-Saxon common-law Magna Carta blessed World intellectual amd moral supremacy and the rest is down the tubes of myopic-tailor-tunnel-vision Harry Truman's hatter-mad sinuses, ruined by radioactive treatments suggested by some of our new "Ubermensch" on their 'hexaphasic sleep schedule'
over at the World-GotterDammurunginating Manhatten Project.

Still,to this day I am amazed that no-one who read "Naked Lunch", by William Burroughs (who along with Jack Kerouac and Allan Ginsburg, to name a few, were being given new German synthesized drugs, and then paid to write "reports" to the former Obbergruppenfuhrers now runnng things at the OSS/CIA - "Naked Lunch" WAS BURROUGHS REPORT!)  Pity no-one in the government at the time picked it up, because underneath the ruse of drug addiction and terminal homosexuality was the most carefully crafted patriotic hatred and horrified description of the (now well accomplished) plans for the future downfall of democracy by the former-Third-Reich-child-rapist-sociopaths-now-US-Government-officials-and scientists one could ever care to stumble across, unredacted (solely due to Burrough's genius).  Too bad nobody noticed till the North Beach beatniks caught a whiff of Nietchze wafting across California's central valley with the atomic fallout from the "harmless" A-Bomb tests in desert beyond the pale of picket fences and "Better dead than Red".  


(Had to wait for one timeline to catch up to publish this, hence the weeks this lay dormant like the 3 "Gamma" alter personalities I can't wake from their decades slumber at the nadir of all my neuroses.  My friends have always thought I was wierd for eschewing cell phones, and always letting a machine answer my phone calls, but read some (not many left now) of the other MKULTRA survivors descriptions of their Gammas.  A Mark David Chapman or a Sirhan-Sirhan I hope to never be, you see.)

I don't believe I've ever shared the fact that the timeline into which I was born is no longer capable of supporting life on the Earth. One of the 10% to 12% of those unfortunate parallel Earths that were destroyed in the Cuban-American Holocaust that was so close to being a tipping point in the Hundred Thousand Year War against the Drach's across so many contiguous Earth analogs. I was able to shift away before my constant precognitive childhood visions came to pass. Still, there were a good 3 dozen or so borderline vectorsum reality matrices where the Sci-Fi colored dreams of my later youth, where I survived with a few unfortunate souls in a devastated but not completely "nuclear-winterized" world eked out a meager existence till most were recruited by 'world-hunters' to pioneer better expressions of the cold war elsewhere, mostly in the plague decimated slower timelines.

I have skated across more that one thousand different analogs since '68(113 where I spent more than a week) most of those after my discovery of our (my personal analogs's) little guerilla movement part of the much bigger war. After that it became easier to move about, and I knew that someone (some ME somewhen) had my back. Right now we can consciously reach through 454 analogs, evenly distributed around whichever one has been designated "prime", for our purposes (the "prime" Roger Zelazny, the Sci-Fi author on countless Earths, ultimate cadre-builder/'reality matrix analog theoretician'/Gaia's Guerilla's warrior-teacher always called "Amber").

I have seen quite a few iterations of the same story varying in detail from world to world. This one is similar to most. The same struggles seen to pervade our history in this timeline are apparent in most of the "English Speaking New World Settlement" models in which I have come to specialize. The Nazi's, aided by a small group of "little grays" and Drach's (reptilian timeline travelers) knew that almost all predictions by "vaticination" and forays by their saurian ally's to timelines running faster than those of our amalgam of analogs (and by my faction's diligent interventions over thousands of years) led to the fall of the Third Riech. Human nature, left to itself (our reptilian temporal enemy's attempts at cultural control notwithstanding). More on how this bears on the story of the Third Reich's well planned Post WWII infiltration of world, and American politics and culture in upcoming chapters.

History is porous to the point of almost becoming transparent at times. Once the ability to shift from one timeline to another is accepted, and a plan based on long range Nostradamuslike, (he was ours, the best purveyor of future misinformation of all time) prognostications and actions spread over hundreds of analogs and hundreds of thousands of years, one can take advantage of the fact that some timelines run faster or slower than others. Also, many minor modifications can be made through intervention to models far from "primium mobile" and their results studied to be used as application scenarios for either "redactive false actions" to sully the timestreams or actual applications of demographic leverage aimed at producing a 'real' effect somewhere, somewhen.

There Is No Excuse For Allowing Any Government To Abuse Children

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"What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face."

- Former CIA director and Cercle member William Colby giving advice to his friend senator John DeCamp, urging to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences (The Franklin Coverup, 2nd edition, foreword).

These wimps have no idea of the training one could pick up in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I studied ritual magick (more like recalled, for I was probably Aleister himself last life) and so, I never feared any of the MKULTRA "Satanists" Militant (I used to walk past Anton LaVey's all black house in SF at midnight just try to "feel" any power).

I learned to repell the "little grays" with the "Lesser Banishing Ritual" studied the Order Of Golden Dawn's teachings for ten years, then the Order of the Silver Star, The Priests of Melchizedek, The Few Chosen of the Many Called, Became The Chosen Emissary Of the Nine Diamond Faced Masters, John of The Urantian Order Of John, A Bard of The Order Of Bards, Ovaates and Druids, One of the Holy Warriors of the Mother, A Keeper Of the Violet Fire, The Leader of A Dithyrambs, Taoist Monk, Jain Aspirant, Gnostic Saint, Wiccan Solitary. More importantly, by ascension frequently through the Astral, to the 'First Bardo' and beyond, I explored all states of egoless existence (LSD was great for that) and traveled at times all the way to the Buddhic, learning much that assists me to this day.

To say that state sponsored attempts to 'control' either my person or my abilities were pathetic, and usually memorably lamentable for the agents making the attempt, would be an understatement. I developed friendships with non-corporeal beings and alliances with energy matrices that the world's religions have called "gods". Moreover, I learned how to "assume a godhead", which I am presently using to embody the "Aspect" of a succession of divinities, and wield their supernatural "Attributes" as I pin down the agents and their superiors who KNOW that 'Justice' for all the Nazi predations upon the weak and unsuspecting is close at hand. Anybody seen Dick Cheney lately? I wonder how he enjoyed his 'close encounters' with those "Rakshasas", or his 'chastisement' by an ArchAngel?

Those visible to the people are only figureheads, the sick and twisted minds behind secretly implanting pregnant women with radioactive isotopes in their placentas to see how much harm their fetuses would suffer, or, in these latter years, choosing victims of childhood sexual abuse (some of it done to them by MEMBERS OF OUR GOVERNMENT, ARMED FORCES AND INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITIES - THAT"S RIGHT - THE PEOPLE YOU ELECTED, AND THE SERVANTS THEY CHOSE ABUSED CHILDREN, FOR THE "GOOD" OF THE COUNTRY!)to practice their "behavior modification" techniques upon, using them to satiate their perverted lusts long after their retirement from government service. Read about it here:


“I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy LIE, KILL, CHEAT, STEAL, RAPE, AND PILLAGE with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?” - Major George Hunter White, !

I PERSONALLY WITNESSED THIS: not only in the 60s and 70s but in Boulder, CO, in the '80s, Fremont, CA, in the mid '90s, Golden, Co in the 2000's and Yreka, CA as recently as 2007!

I have been sent to free the abused from their DEA/CIA/NSA oppressors no less than 20 times, prevailing and freeing the oppressed TOTALLY 16 of those occasions, and partially the other 4, over the span of 40 years. For this was the covert op. within a covert op for which I was trained and I'm honored to have been of service. WAY tired of dealing with the insinuated fungus of American Nazi "Intelligence" Operations, but glad to be able now to finally muster all the retributive righteous indignation my 38 "alters' (CIA created multiple personalities somehow integrated by the influence of massive amounts of psychedelic substances)can muster and wield the metaphorical mirror (actually a Ritual Magick "Spell" I devised over many decades of experimentation) of "Divine Providence" against these sick abusers of children.

So these subhuman criminals should KNOW what hounds their secret conferences and 'renditions', nothing less than an embodiment of the ArchAngel Gabriel, bent on 'vengeance', backed by two Cherubim whose sight is unbearable accompanied by one prophesied of old, in Gnostic prophecies. As it has always been My Will, So Mote It Be!: 93 93 93

"A collection of early Gnostic scripts found in 1945, known as the Nag Hammadi Library, contains a tractate pertaining to Melchizedek. Here it is proposed that Melchizedek is Jesus Christ[35]. Melchizedek, as Jesus Christ, lives, preaches, dies and is resurrected, in a gnostic perspective. The Coming of the Son of God Melchizedek speaks of his return to bring peace, supported by the gods, and he is a priest-king who dispenses justice.[36]" -wikipedia

"The introduction of a distinct creator God or demiurge. Which is an illusion and as a later emanation from the single monad or source, this second God is a lesser and inferior or false God. This creator god is commonly referred to as the demiourg√≥s (a technical term literally denoting a public worker the Latinized form of Greek demiourgos, hence "ergon or energy", "public God or skilled worker" "false God" or "God of the masses"), used in the Platonist tradition.[14]" ēδημιουργός,
- wikipedia

"Every society has a cognitive structure of permissible knowledge that is managed by an elite and forbidden knowledge that is distributed in black or shadow markets by cognitive outlaws, heretics, revolutionaries, or just plain crazies . . . In 1971, when I first described some weird things that were hanging out "at the edge of history," I was accepted and praised by the normal world of Time, Harpers, and the New York Times, but as soon as I moved a toe over the edge from journalism about the evolutionary news to intellectual commitment to spiritual communities such as Findhorn, Auroville, and Lindisfarne, I was ostracized from the world of official notice and literary reviews. For the critics, I had fallen off the edge of history to dwell in outer darkness." - William Irwin Thompson

I know I have flown far from that edge over the course of this life, but I have "fought the good fight" and tried to attain 'samshara', being "in the world, not of the world" as I was taught by my Christian parents. I swear that I have never ceased to "hunger and thirst after righteousness", but who wouldn't when trained to seek out and expose such evil. Such have been my 'delusions of grandeur', if you will, or my "devotion to a noble ideal" if you're feeling charitably non-judgemental of one caught up in his milieu. Either way, so be it.

Groundrules, Tools And Mystery Schools

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Groundrules, Tools and Mystery Schools

[Floccinaucinihilipilifelicitations, my dears.  Well, my erudite epistophiliacs, hopefully I can at least offer more than the bombastically banal bloviations of the boddhisatvically benumbed.  If ever in the mood for some circumlocutorhizomanticircumscript, as sesquipedalien paranomasia (ALL polysyllabically polyentendraic puns intended.);{> tell our soul that this particular personality is deserving of Akashic Resurrection, and inclusion in every chronologically subsequent lifetime!      

So, here goes.  I thought I should write this book as, in part, an attempt to save my poor future selves (and anyone who has the curiosity) the time and effort I have spent till now just trying to learn stuff which I think is as important as any of the putative ?Physical Sciences?.  Understand then that I aspire to no less than an explanation of the ?Meaning Of Life?, as well as presenting some important models for epistimological analysis (the stuff that took me 30+ years to figure out) that have been hidden, forgotten or have fallen into some theoretical disfavor.  But, considering ?till now? supposedly encompasses 5,000+ years of personal incarnative existence (incarnations being not necessarily chronologically sequential, but apparently experientially contiguous) this may involve a wealth of data.
  OK kids, hold on to your occipital plates and pass the ?No-Doz?, ?cause the truth is WAY stranger than fiction (?mind-blowing?, I think, in the original sense of the phrase).  What?s more, I can guarantee, that if you can ?willfully suspend? your skepticynicism and disbelief, and attempt to apprehend the internal congruence and coherence of the following history, you may well be changed forever: for the stranger, I?m assured;  for the better, I?ll contend.

    (?You Know, Everything You Know Could Be Wrong!?);{>

    The above phrase, which I was first made aware of in the 70?s, by the comedy quartet ?Firesign Theatre?, is my favorite thought.  I say this because I ALWAYS smile at that simple phrase, when thought to myself or stated in mock exasperation to religious fanatics.  They don?t get it.  Can?t, they might start to doubt,   Cultivation of objectivity is rarely at the top of their ?To Do? list  The original delivery was quite insouciant and wonderfully expectant - as though the prospect was highly amusing - to try to believe in something you don?t, or stop believing in something you do.

    This is one of the most difficult exercises for most people (myself included) to execute with facility and yet important ideas for anyone who values Science and Western Empirical Methodology, critical thinking, ratiocination, deductive analysis, formal Logic, debate, Dysteleological perception and/or exposition, noumenal Solipsism and/or Epiphenomenological Epistemology.  If a person cannot detach themselves from ANY personal belief, then conceptualize and believe (with attempted equal fervour) in it opposite,   

    First, a few groundrules, tools and Mystery Schools:  All paradoxes CAN be reconciled:  Juxtapose any belief with its opposite, see that they?re just opposite ends of a line drawn between them, then come up with an idea that is true for both of them.  Thesis, Antithesis, then Synthesis.

    ?Is the glass half-empty or half-full??  (Depends on whether you?re drinking or pouring, doesn?t it?!);{>  I believe the simple act of attempting to perceive existence from within the framework of a ?world-view? much different than that of the dominant paradigm with which we are culturally imprinted is transformative, and can be transcendentally epiphanthetic.  ?Outer Limits? here we come.

    First, an Hermetic Principle to be explicated, illuminating some esoteric history upon which to stretch a fabric of cosmology .
I?ll try to explain as we proceed.  The phrase:  ?As above, so below.?  is called ?The Principle Of Correspondences? and simply means that if things are related to each other in one way, on any one plane that can be observed, then, the corresponding principles, on any other plane, stand in that same exact relationship.   IOW: If the government down here is SNAFU, which it so obviously IS, then the government in ?Heaven? is so likewise.

    Approximately 250,000 years ago, our planet, and 27 others nearby, in this arm of our galaxy, seceded from the ?Galactic Union? (for want of a better term).  Our prehistoric ancestors weren?t much involved, being too far down on a cosmic evolutionary scale to be of much help to one side or the other.

    Other than the three railgun mass-driven asteroids that destroyed the failed reptile developments (read: sterilized the test tube), the Rebellion, subsequent ?Fall? of 1/3 of the Angelic Host, and our planet?s status as one of the secedents has had more to do with the course of human history on Earth than of which it?s possible for me to convince anyone.

    The carefully contrived, and successful evolution, of a simian model for ?soul-vehicle? development, after the abject failure of no less than 3 previous saurian (reptile-derived) model lines, had finally garnered the local bio-engineering System Administration praise, almost offsetting the disappointing discovery that the viability of a neighboring planet?s primary gene-line (the scions of a mutation in a lemur-like progenitor, and one of the older races extant in this part of the galaxy) was waning; and the aliens we know as ?Little Greys? were at zero population growth even back then.  Even a lifespan of centuries can?t make up for a gene pool too small, non-diverse and recessively replete from too much tinkering (and inbreeding).  If there was such a thing as chromosomal hubris, they had it, in spades.

    The ?Greys? had served their gen-engineer maker/s less than well throughout their history, being both markedly amoral, and acquisitive. Though good survival skills in ?bootstrapping? experimental development schemata (like our own) that utilize Darwinistic ?natural selection? ecologies as self-correcting genetic winnowing methodologies, these traits proved ultimately counter-productive to the goal of designing tractable and compliant self-replicating soulvessel livestock/DNA factories.

    The ?Greys? were still astute, if not prolific, and they realized that only drastic (and perhaps even prohibited) measures would suffice for their survival.  Compatible genetic stem-cell material was needed in large quantities, in order to genesplice a robust DNA sequence onto the ?Greys? deteriorated  one, and sometimes entire worlds with no native sentients were laid waste just to serve the energy and raw material needs of the Greys for a few years.

    Along with their surreptitious collection expeditions to primitive worlds like ours that were producing compatible gene-plasm (and for the most part were lacking interstellar or interdimensional travel capabilities - so we couldn?t run OR hide from their predations), they seemed to care nothing for the terror and trauma their criminal sperm and ova poaching produced.  Alas, it was all too easy to understand when you realized that they used us like we use lab rats, and, apparently, had as low a regard for our intelligence and right to autonomy as we have for any of the millions of ?dumb animals? we experiment upon every year.

The DNA Farm

    Come to find out, DNA was just about the most valuable substance in all the known universes.  The DNA from intelligent (carbon based) creatures was the most valued of all DNA types.  Human DNA was the pinnacle of our creator/bio-veterinarian?s success.  But there were other players in the game.

    Unknown to the Galactic Union, all the saurian model development projects had been sabotaged by a fast breeding race of Gecko-Men,
gone ?rogue? and escaped from the Union, living beyond the edges of Union space (where the ?thought adjusters? never ventured). Supposedly possessed of trans-dimensional travel technology  created by a ancient, ?wild? (as in non-engineered) race of sentient cacti met in their travels, the geckos were all about finally to abandon their physical form for a collective ?lightbody? and ongoing evolution on the Transcendental Plane.  

     This then was a part of the situation on Earth a quarter-million or so years in the past.  Proto-human genes were the best match the Greys had found, and besides, Earth was only about 50 light years from the Grey?s homeworld,  but almost 500 from the more civilized (read: patrolled) and densely populated worlds toward the galactic core.  The more self-righteous the Greys became about as their numbers began to dwindle, the more careless their collection expeditions were.   Then, one day, the unforeseen occurred:  a raiding party of greys, having circumvented the scrutiny of a colloquy of high ranking scientist/techs from several of the evolved races who were observing a promising bloodline of proto-human/angelic hybrids, ?collected? half a dozen of the hybrids.

    Unfortunately the group included, unbeknownst to the Greys, the young daughter of a particular local angelic administrator (cross-species offspring were actually encouraged) and an evolved race female, who just happened to be playing with the hybrids that day while her parents attended to some ?Union? business a continent away.  (Some Akashic historians believe this incident was the very beginning of ?The Fall? - more on that later)

    At that time on Earth there were representatives of about a dozen different evolved gene-line models, working as ?lab-techs?, under the direction of the angelic bio-engineers.  Since these angels, for the most part, having been designed to transcended corporeality, were generally somewhat loathe to confine themselves within a physical form, (the distracting seductiveness of sensation, when inhabiting a material body, posing the very real danger of being overwhelmed by the attraction of sensuality, emotion and identification with the gross vehicle) they depended on the ?higher? races to carry out the physical tasks of data collection, tend the herds of proto-humans, and carry out cross-breeding as dictated by the ?Project Scientist?.

    As well as I can figure, there were two separate saurian genotypes working on Earth then: the flying ?Dragons? of Western Myth, and the flightless ones of Eastern Folklore, both highly intelligent and holding positions of great responsibility.  As a matter of fact, the highest ranking corporeal being, ?Overseer? to 32 worlds (or ?life experimentation modules?, as the translated phrase is parsed from the Enochian - each painstakingly terraformed planet basically just a ?test tube?, but on a grand scale) was one of the ?Dragons? of Western legend, (flight capabilities enhanced by anti-gravity technology) and yes, actually belching occasional gouts of flammable gas.

    In addition there was a fair sampling of upright, bipedal, bilaterally similar hominid races:

    Tall, graceful creatures evolved from flightless, feathered amphibians (remembered by humanity as ?Elves?).

    Tiny, flying insect-based derivatives (?Faeries?, ?Sprites?, ?Pixies?)

    Equally small but flightless insectoids (Leprechauns)

    The now well known ?little blue Doctor types?, randy little geneticists, derived from axolotl stock, and responsible for the ?blue? people in Tibetan tonkas (actually memories of godlike hybrid local Overlords).

    Squat natives of heavy-gravity planets, in various sizes (remembered as ?Trolls?, Giants?, ?Titans? and, in one particular instance, evolved ?mole-rat stock?, originally bred on a gas giant?s largest moon - twice as big as Earth,  developed specifically for ore extraction on primitive worlds, one of the last ?speciality? races - the ?Dwarves?).

    4ft tall black, furry flying foxes (Goblins).

    Four-legged, two handed llama types, prone to spitting frequently, boisterous and inveterate alcoholics (the ?Centaurs? - from whom, actually, did Prometheus steal fire, which they used to smelt shoes for themselves).

    Goat-derivitive types (the ?Satyrs?), who cooked, cleaned and brewed for the rest.  Their position at the bottom of the pecking order caused quite a few to desert their positions and live wild, or with friendly humans, who took to brewing like,  well - like they were born to imbibe.

    There were usually representatives of two or three arboreal mammalian sub-groups (one sloth-evolved race, standing 8 ft high on their hind legs - The Nephelim - used for security and keeping predatory animals at bay).  One race looked, for all the world, like a bunch of Swedes, while it was a race evolved from howler-monky types that originally taught Tibetan Lamas how to ?throat-chant?.

    In addition to the actual aliens, there were a great many hybrid species (both naturally, and artificially inseminated).  ?And the sons of God mated with the women of Earth.? - Genesis.  Within the park-like
base camps the bio-techs maintained (Edens), any hybrid that manifested anti-social attitudes, or deleteriously  manifesting recessive genetic traits, or sometimes just anomalous physical features that were considered atavisms, (excess hair, overlarge penises, tails, or even polydactylism etc etc) were summarily sterilized. - Jondalf, 2005

Friday, July 26, 2013

My '300 Brane Brain' Explained (Many Pertinent Links)

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The 300 Brane Brain

"I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it." - Marshall McLuhan

OK folks, I will once again attempt to explain "Human Quantum Computing", from my experiential POV, and, as this will entail explication of some cutting-edge advanced Physics, I will first lay down some links for reference for those not conversant with modern theory: (parallel timeline navigation)

I will attempt a brief overview here and now, so that the reader can comprehend some of the perhaps inexplicable former Posts in this Blog, because other of my overview posts seem to have disappeared. Please refer to the above links if I fail to explain anything here, or in other posts on Human Quantum Computing, well enough for your good understanding. I will not engage in a lengthy exposition here and now, but will assume the reader will fill themselves in on the basic concepts as delineated in the links above to better understand my anecdotal shorthand, as it were.

Basically, I believe I can actually perform Human Quantum Computing operations across approximately 300 'bundled' alternate reality matrix wavefronts, by exchanging entangled qbits with my parallel selves through porosity tubules (wormholes) manifest in the branes (Calabai-Yau Manifolds) separating ongoing probability vector-sums cast into divergent existences by the 'branching events' defined in the Everett model of the "Many Worlds Metatheory'.

For a simple illustration, I like to recommend Jet Li's movie: "The One"

Or the TV series: "Sliders"

Even before "Sliders" was produced, I experienced perfectly similar instances of trans-temporal and trans-locational movement, and became familiar with many of my closest contiguous alternate reality-matrix personages, and we have traded timeline inhabitation freely and with conscious choice for decades.

The principle of utilizing the brains of one's alternate selves, on parallel wavefront probability vectors, is simple in practice (imagine the process, think it, do it) but devilishly difficult to explain simply.

The Many World's Theory posits 'branching events' that occur whenever a "probability vector-sum" altering 'choice' is made, and the independent propagation of two ongoing wavefronts that proceed in different but parallel directions from the instantiation of a consequential choice. Enough of these are made within almost congruent lines of continuity to create 'thin spots' and actual Einstein-Rosen 'holes' in the Calabai-Yau 'branes' that separate parallel timelines.

I have estimated that I can most easily sequentially and simultaneously exchange qbits with about 300 of my closest parallel selves, thus providing the wetware platform of multiple computational nodes necessary for both Quantum Teleportation of data, and Quantum Computing and processing of same.

As stated, please peruse previous posts for anecdotal embellishment and further explication and elucidation. Namaste' all.

No Secrets From 'Remote Viewers' (Or Channels)!

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"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

So the 'crux of the biscuit', as Frank Zappa was wont to say, with regard to State secrets and security, is inherent in the actuality of certain 'New Age Arts'. If, as Edgar Cayce proposed to the nascent 20th Century psychic world-view with his 10,000 unexpectedly accurate 'readings' and prognostications, if there really are non-corporeal beings that can both 'see' things on the physical plane from a POV beyond it AND communicate their 'x-ray' visions via certain 'sensitive' folk, then there are NO government secrets that are safe from their scrutiny, see?

When, in the early '70s, the CIA started to employ Astrologers and Palm readers (Project MKOften - )

and all the "Men Who Stare At Goats" programs began to be researched, there became apparent two inescapable holes in ANY security system: 1) A good 'remote viewer' could penetrate any safe or vault or "Eyes Only" classification system; and 2) a trained "Channel" could do the same, given the 'reality' of (respectively) trained clairvoyants or beings existing somewhere other than in the material world.

Now it has always been my personal recollection (from Berkeley 'underground' scuttlebutt in the early '70s) that some Channels (like the 'Original Michael Group') in their sessions stumbled across some sensitive information the government at the time wished to remain completely unknown (like the details of Project Northwoods

or the cover-ups of high ranking Nazi war criminals like Bormann, Barbie, Mengele, et al , brought to the Americas, as finally my hunches about them were corroborated -

So there then ensued covert attempts by the N.S.A. and the C.I. A. to 'muzzle' channels in general, and perhaps even the 'O.M.G.' specifically.

Now the efficacy of 'remote viewers' has long been proven and utilized (but never publicized) by the US Government. The incident of a viewer correctly identifying the immediate environment of a US Air Force Colonel kidnapped in Italy by the 'Red Brigade' in the '80s (an absolutely perfect description of the place where he was subsequently found) is but one example of this.

Now if one truly believes in the existence of 'Collective Disembodied Entities' (or even Angelic Beings like the Cherubim - Cayce's "Librarians") who can communicate with certain folk and whose perception stems from beyond our sensoria's physical limitations, then these also are 'easy breaches' of any attempts at secrecy.

I personally have either 'channeled' or intuited certain undisclosed facts the details of which have been actively suppressed by our Government, the truth of which insights I have proven to be true. One of these is the fact that Frank Olsen did not 'jump' out a closed and curtained window on the 10th floor of a New York hotel weeks after being given a really weak (supposedly 70 micrograms) dose of LSD, but that he was executed for threatening to expose the CIA's use of unwitting subjects in their MKUltra drug trials.

Being privy to stuff like this is frightening to the powers-that-be, you see, because all their hard work trying to cover-up their heinous crimes comes to naught if psychic abilities, or Angels, actually exist.

So it goes. Namaste, all.

"Crassing From Ashid" And Other Logolongonenamorations

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'Crassing From Ashid"

. . . and there were times, truly rulelost and lucidiferous times when the food was so glad it leapt into our mouths with alliterative sighs and euphonic tonics. Whilst silkily synasthesiac and sibilant our serotonin cascaded over neuron falls, raising a rainbow mist of endorphins.

We grokked 'God', and deconstructed our conditioning awash in insights resplendent with glosses recently transcended, and inculcated conditioning overcome.

We were "coming down", but not brought down by anything "reality" had handling our perception's deceptions. The "illusory nature of Maya" was made quite clear and the fear of ego dissolution dissolved as sublimated 'lizard brain' 'breath-of-fire's.

The interludes between 'being' and 'non-being' pulsed with portents and import, while mundanity crept like a leprous mist upon our dancing eyes and soring synapses,

Yet 'the trip' encompassed a gallimaufry of gamuts with lucidity dripping from every pores, whores there we were for the leaping faith we found every one of those '70s 'survival filter' free mornings time and again, our realescence ritualized: 'chickening' the sun awake, high in the Berkeley hills:

'Crassing from Ashid'. - J Thrasher, July 2013

OK folks, now that the kids are in bed, and I've had a short nap, I feel the need to wax eloquent in an obstreperously (almost) obscene fashion. So if the following piece makes little immediate sense in scansion, try just pronouncing the syllablestrings aloud, and you should be then well invested in this, a fine example of my logomania.


Pound on, wonderbunswomen !

The future is about to come crashing down
on your seminalien Socraticed concupiscience:
gobs of bluecheeseviralslimeswallowing
sumshucksters circle revenently ‘round the women’s bidet
for a just a whiff of vintagestiff deathlustcurdcrust.

[ . . . meanwhile,, in an adjoining abbatoir,
carmelized all-iris-eyes shining with:
“Love me ‘cause I can lick my own, slick”; her ogleobsessed bloatedbratwursthunghusband
was whanking furiously on his priapic principles,
diddling with the livefeed display
where his wife was splayed and playing, plying her suckcesspool sublimnanalwitherkneeling succubusiness
whilst he watched, wondering who would get off
thisincarnatiedyad dharmaweal fistfirst . . . ]

‘Snatcwhoreorally, carnalicklewdin on this The Kid wasnot.
In Seminalaryan school all they had tauthemabutt booty
hardonly swerved to cunfewes him,
so he neversuspeckerheaded a thing,
banalthewile the massturdebaiting pimpherinhell
washaving herscrewineveryoneoncue, druggedandfrugged, whenever he could, consequimsays be dammed. Gofrigurs.
Anall this took f’revher to fingerout, buttwhim headiddled tit, tolerant hey new twat was twat, so nutbesotted gnomewhorewashe, she shed “whank who’s berrymunch” hand they wend their hairy ways.

The Kid’n’er leftownan lovived awiledinsin enemafarther
outinthewayback untrying two hurts to make amends
till atlassed they true grue apheart teachotheransplit.
Amoral? . . . dumbtotryno . . . I guess the testis:

en crudite verite. - J Thrasher, 1996

And then there is lambent logorrhea:

. . . and so that’s the story of how I was vested with the Bukowski Chair at the WWW Univerity Of “n”th Dimensional Creative Neuraethiology© Physics. I passed my Orals with a rather lacklustre (I felt) 10 hour recital of my Onaneopus©: “Moribundant Museschatology©” (shortform); and was subsequently elected Salutightorian© of the obligatory Grand Piano Vomitory. But, needless to say, I digress.

Anyway, so, when the Angelic Host (Luciferian Rebels inclusive) manifestly decloaked on 9/9/99, and the ensuing ‘World Tao-Zones Index’© plummeted, my wetware startup company ThrashArt© went cortex-up, AND, then, my 1+?+? year Marriage Contract with ‘Celeclonal Drew Barrymore(©)#427’© was terminated in its third month for nonpayment of premiums, I felt pretty low. Lower than a dysmounted© HOLOSIMM on a melted microchip, I tell you true. Nevertheless, I rented a cheap cubi next to the downtown ‘Toke-It-Topium’© pissoir and dug in my plasteelheels, rationing my expenditures and flailing frantically, round the 10 hour metriclock©, with the ‘waldo(©)trol’© of my cubi’s holographic V-keyboard, trying to spewout enough CDopy© pusillanimous persiflage (at ¥1,000,000/word@Uscale) to keep me in tofusteaks, and trying to transmute my melancholy into something resembling remuneration. Transcribed pain always pays mohbettah bucks, brauae.

It was about that time, if you will recall, that President Hanks, just back from a State visit to Neowobblyville©, capital of the L-5 Republic, gave his now infamous “Religeosity-Industratareal Simplex (type XII)”© speech, which, I might add, was a freelance collabberation© of William Safire(©)wareAI23© and yours truly, and all heaven broke loose.

Feeling the heat of the Nutluddite© Fringe’s Basque ninjas on my exculpatory trail, I had my trendy Maoriyogibear-facitattoo© redone with a more inconspicuous mtlflkechatoyantGuernica-epicreep©, and decided to go hang out at ClubMadHedonism© Bayonne for a while, under a psuedonominative© personality rented from gNom-De-Plumes-R-Oui©.

Things just got stranger and stranger though. I ran into my 43rd wife there, sporting new mams (she, not me), and a new beau (some codpiece-enhanced crackreek© CPA from Tierra Del Fuego North©, with a contiguwuss© eyebrow and betelnutrotted© plasteeth), at the nightly ‘JackoffJill Disco’©; humped them both perverunctoreally© (for Deco-rhum’s© sake) and ended up whipped and wayoverhung© at the Club’s Breakfastorgybar gimme-Buffet© trying to choke down a plate of ‘MagnoliaThunderpussy(©)Pooptarts’© and fresh jizcream©, while unSteadmanly dodgering© the OTTOmaided© cat-o-mime-tails© wilding Elviituvla’s© that were working the buffetline.

It was then that I had my now much valleywho-Op-ed© epiepiphany©, in an effuallgent© flash of agenbitinwitsitu©-IRMWsckt©-shortedtoground-threw-brainspam© so perspirinvidiouscicacious© that if froze the Synthlymph© in my stunned and reeling hydro-enSETHalamic© AIemplants©!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - :

. . . “THE BANNED”©!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was on a MISSION FROM COD!!!!!! I had regained my Guerilla WittgenSteiner© cummingsynsenessence© of NOHthrupFryedlike© centracontraility© of mythooze©, and myonaninkarnakitive© concupissantequiproseleGaiaSet-E©!!!


WAYRADITWAS, and well, the rest is herstory, as y’ll know, but those were theodoronodaze© my frskens, and that was how it all CAymendooBBing@. I gHesse© chew jest ad two Bea “ARThiere”©, don’cha’gnome©, don’cha’gnoumenon©! It’s just like Tiny Dr. Tim and/or Gandalf said, longague© in Fairway Park: ‘We’ve already won, all that’s left is the moppin’ up.”! The viewture will be shapesifted by GrindingrungrunniongrinninAOLollywaillin© young ThrasheRs with wetwirednetskateboards©.

{IMNSHO, there’s no reasonably probable [IOW: none now having greater than what I calcululate© to be an 11% (±2%) chance of consensocioccurrence© (percentages having permutatively decreased in conformance with the vaticinaderivation© of a geomatriaxially© continuiguous© AINcontraverticestringfractal-inaccessationablequationmodel© since ‘65)] bifurconcatenation©/line-of-’futurehistory’-force-vector-sum that will escape the substantive influence of of the 60’s, so get over it, already, all you fundittoheads and nostalgia buffs.} Progress, don’t repress or regress. ‘YAH don’t need TA wHETherman, for ‘lo, ‘WITCH-WAY’ this wind blows.’} - J Thrasher, 1985 );{>

Namaste', all.