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1972: Double-Bar Bardo And Beyond

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In a RATIONAL society, attraction to brain-chemistry self-adjustment, would indicate a need for some Neuro-pathological study and analysis, based on objective criteria for standardized testing. Sadly, the BILLIONS of dollars the BUSINESS of the "War On Drugs" means to the U.S. economy, and Police Forces and Prisons in general, has prevented Science, rather than fascism and greed from dictating drug policy in this country for almost 100 years. And the 'great liberal hope': Barack Obama, is just another tool for the repression, suppression and oppression of "Brain-Chemistry Suffrage",

As can be seen by just Googleing LSD and following the first suggested link that pops up while typing, any real data about LSD is buried in Mormon (LDS) sites, and Profitmaking Drug Abuse & Rehab sites who paid Google to suppress real data, in favor of their sick greedmonger websites. LSD IS NOT CLASSIFIED AS AN ADDICTIVE DRUG, BUT THE "War on Drugs" profiteers will stop at nothing to misinform the public to make a buck!

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a hallucinating idiot...for he sees what no one else does: things that, to everyone else, are not there.” ― Marshall McLuhan

I took LSD over 500 times, over a 10 year period, ingesting up to 200 'hits' (30,000+ micrograms) at once (thanks to my MKUltra handlers). I NEVER HAD A BAD TRIP OR A FLASHBACK, 40 years on now! 'Bad trips' happen to people who are just neurotic before they take LSD! AND unlike alcohol poisoning, which kills 50,000 people a year, there is NO toxic dosage for LSD, same as there is none with marijauna! No-one, not even Art Linkletter's daughter ever died of LSD poisoning. Unfortunate contra-indications with pre-existing psychological and physiological diseases have caused quite a number of unpleasant immediate reactions, as well as short and long-term ill-effects in many individuals, but NOT because of the physical effects of LSD.

And if anyone wonders: I write Poetry and invent Neologisms second only to James Joyce, conceptualize like Marshall McLuhan, understand advanced Physics and Math better than 99% of the populace still. I have 11 CDs of original music. I was a gainfully employed (Master Machinist/Mechanical Designer) productive and non-criminal member of society for 35 years after my LSD experiences, never arrested (had an forgotten unpaid parking ticket warrant once), never psychotic or delusional, never caused an accident nor abused small dogs or children, etc.etc. In every respect, I am the living refutation of the 'rationale' for the "War On Drugs"!!!

In 1972, My Native American Korean War Marine Vet 'mentor' Scotty (Charles Edward Carrion Crow) thought it would be interesting (or was told to make it interesting) to see how one on the last recipients of a baseline dose of Sandoz 'Yellow Wedge' would react to a major dose of some of the product made from the N.I.H. ergotamine tartrate that was being sent to the Bay Area as part of Operation Sunshine (the attempt to wrest the domestic LSD market away from Tim Leary's Laguna Beach "Brotherhood of Eternal Love" 'Sunshine' product - Dr Leary was also working for the Feds, but was too "arrogant and headstrong" for the TSS leadership). This was before microdots, so one evening while blotting up a 2 gram batch (8,000 hits at 250 mics per- our standard dose) of 'blank white' paper, Scotty slipped an entire large pipette of 151 and acid (100 hits) into my half-drunk beer behind my back. In those days, we dosed ourselves every three days to keep our tolerance up, in case we spilled some on ourselves or otherwise got dosed (we all dosed each other constantly anyway, as practical jokes) we wouldn't go nuts and squander the product. Anyway, an hour or so later, I noticed myself 'coming on', when I should not have been, but this was some good Yellow crystal, with a really nice mix of 17, 19 and 27/29 'flavoring' the 25, and prior to this I had taken 10 hits of 'Clear Light' a few weeks before and loved the difference the larger dose made, so I got giddy and before anyone could stop me, sucked down another pipette full.

I 'peaked' for almost 3 days, I remember, riding my skateboard all over Berkeley in a manic homage to my own "Thrasher" surf legend from Pacifica. Walling impossible angles, laughing with sheer glee at my own ability to defy gravity with reckless abandon (my stomach muscles hurt for weeks). I don't think I got back into full REM sleep for about a week or two, and, ever afterward I have had a 'Pointalist's Vision' of 'Brownian Motion', the 'dance of the air molecules' as I once described it. The difference between 100mics and 1,000mics is noticeable, for sure, but for true "Double-Bar Bardo" trippin' 10,000mics was 'da kine'! I feel blessed that I was allowed the opportunity to leave my ego, my cultural conditioning, and the inculcated solipsistic gloss of "consensual reality" behind, because the limitations of human sensoria, and the even greater limitations of what passes for experiential day-to-day corporeal manifestation on this timeline, at this stage in human evolution, is SO FAR FROM THE TRUE NATURE OF LIFE, AND THE NATURE OF THE METAVERSE, SO FAR FROM THE REAL DIVINITY THAT IS THE TAO, that just a taste was enough to allow me to come back to this 'view through a glass darkly', and persist, because I will always be able to intuit the "Light", even here, with all of you, in darkness. Namaste'

Books 1 & 2 of my memoirs are 60% represented in my 10 years of Blog posts.

As for the 'flavoring' of Acid, Tim Leary's product was reputed to be mixed with about 30mics of STP. Anyone who took Orange Sunshine, or Christmas Acid, should remember the "coming on like a freight-train" sensation. That and the abdominal rictus, were generally indicative of STP. Other analogs of LSD, present due to less than perfect labs, lab techniques, and lab equipment were just a by-product of the underground nature of its production. You got to recognize them, though, over time, and could usually associate the color of a batch with it's purity or lack thereof. Bear's was THE BEST ! Bright white and sparkly, it was a joy to behold. I knew people who eschewed blotting or tabbing it, and would snort it like cocaine, so minimal were the physical side-effects. The best my folk could do was Grey, or Yellow, both with small percentages of non-25 analog impurities. There was one particular fellow only I knew, who always made Green crystal, which sometimes would deliquesce before it could even be put in solution. Such was the nature of "underground" chemistry!

But it wasn't all fun and games, 'Pilgrims'! I still miss my friend: "Mad John". Mad John had some pre-existing organic brain-damage before he landed on Telegraph Avenue in '71, we conjectured. His eccentricity was that he never spoke, he only laughed. But what a veritable gallimaufry of guffaws had he! After being in his company for a few weeks, his expressions were as clear as speech, only they ranged from sniggers to chuckles to belly-laughs. He wasn't non-communicative at all, his was just a very unique form of speech. He was never "out of it", always apparently in the here and now, and a gentler soul I never knew. Unfortunately, he was stomped to death in 1973 in a parking lot in Oakland, by some street thugs who mistook his laughter for disrespect. He and all my sisters and brothers who died from drug or alcohol overdoses are the proof that the evolution of consciousness, and suffrage for the "Last Civil Right" - the freedom to adjust one's own brain-chemistry (an it harm none) in the "pursuit of happiness" are not easy struggles in which to persevere, but no sacrifice will be forgotten while I still draw breath. Namaste'.

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