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Edgar Cayce Called The Cherubim: "The Librarians"

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THE CONTENT OF A HIJACKED BLOG POSTED AS HARRASSMENT ON, by "impressivesort", whom I thought was a friend helping me index my Blog. The harassment seems due to my attempts to warn folk at what I concluded was a dogmatic and repressive Michael Teachings site, of the danger of affronting my two Spirit Guides, whom I have seen take exception to harassment of me and my missions before. I was simply attempting 'fair warning', and, indeed negative circumstances involving the main focus of my perceived repression and even outright persecution DID ensue. I'm quite sure no-one at this Michael Teachings site (which had history of intolerance, harassment and ejection of good-hearted, non-obstreperous Michael Channels and "newbie" Students long before me, and has incurred the ire of many lifelong Students) no-one believed my warnings about Cherubim, and I'm also sure that then small-mindedness evinced by some there has long since turned into a laying of blame upon me as somehow having perpetrated some cause for the physical illness of he whom I duly warned. Hence, I presume, this truly bizarre harassment and ongoing Copyright infringement. Sigh . . . true foolishness, this, which is a drain on my creativity, and a sad commentary on supposedly 'agapic' practioners. As always, the ignorant will do anything to "blame the messenger". So here, in the form in which a copy was posted on this someone else's site, is the post in question, the original being both stored in Cloud by me, AND printed in hard copy. From the original on MY Blog BEFORE TAMPERING. I don't recognize some of the sentences syntax as being that I generally prefer, honestly but in any event, my readers, please judge for yourselves if I was injudicious or threatening, and then consider that Angelic Beings might actually exist, AND THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY BE MY SPIRIT GUIDES, as no less than 7 well known Psychics, independently of each other and without MY PROMPTING, over the past 30 years, have informed me, including a well respected Michael Channel who didn't know me at all when he channelled this info. So it goes. Namaste' “The cherubim were the first objects created in the universe.” - Tanna debe Eliyahu R., i. beginning. “For he {the naive person} does not understand that the true majesty and power are in the bringing into being of forces which are active in a thing although they cannot be perceived by the senses….Thus the Sages reveal to the aware that the imaginative faculty is also called an angel; and the mind is called a cherub. How beautiful this will appear to the sophisticated mind – and how disturbing to the primitive.” - Maimonides “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” - Bible: Hebrews (13:2) Parallel Timelines Manifest Scenarios That Resonate In This One, With Different Effects: (‘My Final Attempt To Give The New Foreign Folk Using And Running The YahooGroup: “The Michael Teachings”, An Opportunity For Amnesty, If Necesessary .’) OK Students. I/We have been requested, by my Guides, to ask a small favor of folk on the abovementioned site before I/we can hopefully depart and bother you all no longer. For once, I/We will be brief ! My guides and The Michael have concluded that the possibility of a ‘special circumstance’ occurring to some fragment here warrants the following request: If I, or any other fragment here is being forced to be deliberately deceptive because they are in the process of burning a – ‘Good Servant, Bad Master’ Karmic Ribbon, as soon as that fragment can arrange to be in private in the next day or two, they should face the nearest light source and sincerely state: “I am being forced to deliberately deceive, please passover me.” as many times as is comfortable. If individual sincerity is judged genuine: no discipline by ‘deception destruction’ conditioned Cherubim; their Karmic partner in the Ribbon will be chastised but not permanently harmed; and I/We w/atitude, & ‘honesty enforcer’ Angels will depart, requested site “opacity adjustment’ completed. This situation is rare, but repetition of confrontational behavior to translation errors raised a ‘warning flag’ in all disembodied beings, hence this message. Thank you for your time and your patience! Finally, – Jondalf Thrasher, et al. There is a Theory, personally for years “In Held Twas In I”*: When the Multiverse once again collapses to a singularity, as is its cyclic wont, many trillion years from now; those of us who have ‘kept the faith’ and survive down through all the long, dark, lonely aeons after the last star goes neutron and all remaining matter inexorably . . . slowly . . . moves to the center, may find fewer still that then remember the Oath: “No living being should EVER be sacrificed.”^ These last then will once again attempt what we KNOW to be possible, demonstrated by that miraculously lucky handful of Souls, who made it through the “last black hole” become solely energy: radiation remaining coherent through the event horizon and beyond as another “Big Bang” again begins the familiar expansion . . . diastole . . . sytsole, ad infinitum. And if we have managed to hold on to enough, the nature of the next “Wheel of Dharma” may NOT be: “Life Feeds On LIfe” ever again. We pray that some new paradigm: co-operative and NOT competitive, will prevail . . . and we will scrutinize with great care the new mechanisms of evolution as systems and data, and we will attempt to recognize any flaws that might cause suffering, and vow to carry our aspirations to correct such flaws through ongoing analysis and improvement as long as we can bear. Thus, the repeated tempering of Will and drive to survive, and the testing, again and again, of the coherence of our creed through innumerable events of apparent total dissolution, which we know once again – through which we have managed to proceed and beyond which we have found ourselves AND our centers before – this process of return to the raging entropy of THE Creative (Hexagram 1: CH’IEN Force/Dragon) may be The Way The Tao forges itself to always progress, and improve. So perhaps without this reunification – “trial by Dragonfire” – the ultimate test of one’s faith in one’s self: to dissipate entirely, and yet somehow to be successfully reformed, proof of the preservation of self and the perseverance of purpose might not occur with as much persuasion and punctilio. Perhaps THIS may be one explanation pertinent to your request: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ! Here is a hidden insight into a possible reason for multiple Grand Cycles if you, like me, accept the premises of the supposition of ultimate intent. If so then here is a precious epiphany and solution to any self-doubt about surrender of self-control, designed to recur as the compulsion to prove the truth of one’s Faith through the experience of inevitable indestructability, absent of ANY control of self or assertion of control, thus confirming the ABSOLUTE and OMNIPOTENT essential control inherent In The Tao as illustrated through the conundrum of Return To The Tao – theDalphe. *Procol Harum ’68 (“to which I lend creedence”) ^Jainism: “ahimsa” This is life 454 for me of my last 3 cycles counted together, one after the other (chrono – time, consecutive – one after the other). Bear with the old hippie, dear, some of these concepts are NOT in your Funk & Wagnall’s, mainly because some bad guy aliens (I believe) have manipulated human history to better keep mankind ignorant of the implications of things like re-incarnation, thereby more effectively to control and use us for their own ends and purposes. I have an amazing gift for Neologisms, the creation of new words in English to better describe concepts that are evolving along with our understanding, I while I try not to abuse it to the point of deliberately creating abstruse and/or confusing terminology, it throws some people. Any word I create, is constructed of familiar and longstanding English language phonemes (units of sound) and memes (units of meaning). “Chronoconsecutive” is just such a Neologism. “Cronoconcurrent” is also, but it means: lives lived within the same, or chronologically contiguous timelines. (I’m using the “2nd” dictionary meaning of “contiguous” here: “at the same time”) not as common as chronoconsecutive but, given the ability of adjacent timelines to run faster or slower than each other, based upon the nature and velocity of the “branching events” that created the divergence in the original timeline, always a possibility. Not to be confused with a “parallel incidence of essence-fragment incarnation” or “you’analog”, which is just another one of you on another universe ‘traintrack’ OK, I’ll start this one off (“Mr. Michael Math” where are you?);{> So, according to the Teachings, there are 5 Soul Ages in which we are incarnate on the physical: Baby, Infant, Young, Mature and Old. Each of these has 7 levels. “Average/usual/mean/minimal” number of lifetimes to accomplish each level seems to, supposedly/optimally, be about 5 (anybody feel free to jump in here and correct me – I’m just running with what The Michael has given/is giving me here). Therefore, as far I have been led to believe, 175 lives per cycle would be nominal. I am told that a entire Cycle has (rarely) been accomplished in a minimum of 70 lifetimes, but that most Cycles number in the hundreds of incarnations. I, personally, am in lifetime number 454 of 3 chronoconsecutive Cycles at 7th Level Mature, herenow, thiswhen. I feel the need to relate my personal history of exposure to the subject of “Channeling”, for the ongoing better understanding of my occasional disagreements with The Michael.I was first taught to channel during a ’60s experimental psychedelic gestalt experience called “Monday Night Class”. Every Monday night (beginning, for me, in 1968) for a year or two, up to 1,000+ ‘seekers’ would gather at The Family Dog (a hall on Ocean Beach in San Francisco) take LSD, and then attempt to interact with each other, & our ‘sat-guru’, an ex-Marine shaman named Stephen Gaskin. We would ALL attempt to learn about reality, and metaphysics, and spirituality, you name it. Stephen would astound everyone continually by fielding ANY question, from ANYBODY in the audience, and answering (with an ongoing, consensually agreed upon accuracy rate of 85%+) with pertinent, enlightening probity and commentary. Stephen asserted that he (and we all) could access “The Akashic Records”, as delineated by Edgar Cayce – “The Sleeping Prophet”, because we had been given the metaphysical tool of LSD to assist us in “de-programming” ourselves from Judeo-Christianic conditioning (see: “Life Against Death”, by Norman O Brown) and to aid us in our spiritual aspirations. Thus began MY introduction into the “Channeling Arts”, years before the advent of the MT. Therefore, if my responses to some core MT principles seem a bit odd, just remember the movie: “Men Who Stare At Goats”, and realize how differently some of us were trained. NAMASTE` - Jondalf (A Michael Teachings Student’s Question Was Posed Challenging The Emphasis I Placed On The ‘Bay Area’ As The Center Of The Effulgent Energy Propelling “The 60s’ In My Blog Post: “Atlantis Risen . . . “): OK, you might be questioning my emphasis on the part of the shift which I was living within? I truly did not ignore the effects a similar seeming “hippie” ethic had when happening in, say: France & the UK (watch Peter Sellers in: “The Party”, or the film “Blowup” (with 3:00 minutes of the only video footage of Jeff Beck AND Jimmy Page, playing together on stage with The Yardbirds). All around the world it seemed as though Yeat’s ‘ . . . mere anarchy . . . ” had arrived everywhere at once. I did say: “A Cadre of Cadres of Cadres”, right? “About: 350,000 . . . ALL AROUND THE WORLD” Right? I do believe the effects of my asserted re-insertion of the Atlantean Chapter Of The “I.W.W” on the milieu of McCarthyism and manacles was marked, as was my impression of it from within, what Che Guevara once winced: “The Belly Of The Beast”, I’ll grant you. But San Francisco will always be recalled as the ‘entropic well’ which gave the world The Grateful Dead, “Beach Blanket Babylon” and “Human Be-ins”, complete with a single day record 10, 000 free LSD dose distributing “Bear”( “Augustus Owlsley Stanley III” – aka: “Kid Charlemagne”) still alive and quite feisty..* *A VERY esoteric footnote to History here: “Owlsley” has been recorded as having claimed to have synthesized and distributed 4,000,000 ‘hits’ of acid over the course of his career. No mean feat that! But posting this piece isthe only raconteur to be able to ragale y’all with the honest recollection of having exceeded “Bear’s” total by 2,000,000! That’s right, you heard right, I counted 6,000,000 hits of the legendary “Purple Microdot” for which I, and a few folk never found, AND the N.I.H., in D.C.; two PhD Nazi Chemist’s from Sandoz Labs and Joseph Mengele’s Staff smuggled into our country by our Government during “Operation Paperclip”, and the transportational expertise of George Herbert Walker Bush, a few Marines and 2 dozen CIA agents about to defect to the ‘counterculture’ for the duration were collectively responsible! Yep, the US Government made and sold more LSD than the ‘legend by the Bay”. I WAS THERE ! I HID PHOTOS OF All THE BATCHES IN A BOOK NO-ONE WILL OPEN FOR A HUNDRED YEARS, IN A LIBRARY FORGOTTEN BY THE WORLD ! ONE DAY I WILL BE PROVEN CORRECT, AND HONEST TO A FAULT! And you wonder why I am fixated on the hidden happenings from here? MANY THANKS FOR COAXING THAT STORY FROM BEHIND MY LOCKED FRONTAL LOBES, JON. I know why I’m cynical. – Jondalf Thrasher Share this: Twitter Facebook Like this:

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