Saturday, July 13, 2013

Footnote To The History Of Religion On Most Timelines

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Just a quick FYI: I believe history has been continually tampered with, on this and countless parallel timelines (see: ) to produce the type of acquisitive and rapacious social ethics that suit our 'makers': the alien bioengineers mistaken for deities by our ancestors. (see - ) They came here to planoform and engineer a race that would be self-replicating, and driven by a need to aquire, amass and store 'wealth' as they (the alien Technocrats) defined it. Having done so, they would then find it easy to divest we primitive humans of what they valued, and thus and thereby they conditioned millennia of generations of mankind to value so called: 'precious' and 'heavy' metals and the like. This is all recorded quite clearly in the oldest written histories on earth, the Sumerian cuniform tablets, for anyone to read if they can escape their parochial Earth conditioning (like 'First World Bias') against rational analyses of implanted falsehoods in History. I personally have been to bunches of alternate timelines (parallel universes) where many different cultures have prevailed to rule modern'Industrial Society'. Timelines where the Spanish Armada successfully invaded England, parallels where Romans conquered and settled the Americas, even those where Native Americans prevailed against the European invaders. All these alternate Histories evolved with the help of the aliens the Sumerian texts name as the Annunakki 'Custodial Gods', and their minions. Some alternate societies were more egalitarian, some less. The worst were the timelines where Meso-American cultures prevailed into the 20th Century. Theocracies based on ritual human sacrifice are shitty places for all but the ruling Theocrats. My NA mentor and good friend, Charles Edward Carrion Crow, told me in the early '70s that Native American societies were, on the whole, no better or worse than European ones, except for, perhaps, the matriarchies. But throughout almost all of these parallel yet divergent histories there always ran the inescapable thread of the 'engineering' of humanity, and its mores and folkways to suit these misapprehended 'divine beings'. So it goes. Ignorance inevitably prevails, to humanity's detriment. So it shall ever be until we escape from the shackles of our need to 'worship' anything other than our own right to choose our futures as we, and not "Gods" or aliens decide.

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