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Despite his disagreement with official policy, based on his rabid Anti-Semiticism George Patton appeared to follow the proposed rules laid down by Henry Morgenthau and others back in Washington (never executed) as closely as his conscience would allow, but as a Nazi sympathizer and paid lobbyist for the Reich, he tried to moderate their effect, while actively smuggling rabid 'Aryan' perverts in this country, and this brought him into increasing conflict with Eisenhower and the other politically ambitious and less racist generals. In a letter to his wife he commented: "I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is 'Liberty, then give me death.' I can't see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it. (Aside: Frankly, I find the terms "Zionist" and 'Nazi' about as unpalatable as 'Patriots' when directed towards a plutocratic oligarchy's even more 'liberal' politicians. They all give me a wincing oxymoronically moribund cringe worthy of Peter Lorre's involuntary obsequiously fearful facial micromuscle spasms in "Casablanca". There, in verisimilitude as in art, is the inescapable comtumely I feel for politically proselytizing misnomers meant to misinform.) In any event, Patton, as the highest ranking Nazi 'mole' in the American Military, was duly executed by the Mossad for his war crimes in engineering, facilitating and sponsoring the circumvention of Nuremberg justice for animals like Mengele, Himmler, Bormann, Barbie et al. The assassination's frankly less-than-perfectly-explicable-cover-story kind of artlessness, signifying the act as theirs for anyone with an ounce of forensic discernment to see, begged the question, but the fix was in and the damage long done. By 1945, all American Armed Forces Commands and all civilian intelligence organizations had been assisting the Reich and the Prussian industrial feudal aristocracy (for years covertly, and overtly since 1942) in relocating to America, supposedly to fight "Communism". Just another one of those so-completely-wrong descriptive political "doublespeak" cacaphorisms when applied to the hegemonic social Anarcho-Syndicalism that might have become the USSR if Churchill and FDR hadn't waited at Berlin for their favorite sociopath dictator, Stalin, to arrive and from then on gladly supported his monstrous regime because, 'Hamiltonian hubris forbid', that was preferable to the profitless notion of allowing the working poor to unionize and govern themselves and their country in an egalitarian fashion. Leon Trotsky and any Menshevik worth his salt would asphyxiate from outrage if they were still drawing breath and knew the USSR is now believed to have been a "Communist" government! Mengele, Borrmann,Himmler and their acolytes were already healed from their plastic surgeries and comfortable with their new lives and positions provided by and with the American Government. No one raised a voice or a hand to stop them, most didn't consider the importation of child-rapists and war-criminal torturers to be possible within Judeo-Christianic mores and moral codes. Just so, to this very day no-one realizes that Osama Bin-Laden, with the complicit assistance of our (Command) military at Tora-Bora, following separate secret orders, issued unbeknownst to either by either, by both Bush and Cheney within a day of each other (and MY knowing THAT, somehow, IS REALLY gonna piss off the 'No Such Agency' directors who have been trying to stifle "effective channeling", like The Michael Teachings channel's access, and by "Robert Channel" anomalies such as I since the '70s.) OSB easily escaped to Saudi Arabia years ago, and as of this writing, is still in Ryadh, clean-shaven, wearing an Armani suit and receiving the best dialysis money can buy three days a week! The OSB killed in Pakistan was a planted doppelgänger. My knowing that also is what the CIA gets for training Psychedelic Missionaries to be 'remote-viewers', and "Men Who Stare At Goats", I guess; and for making deals with the family heads of oil-rich Middle Eastern potentates who just happen to be generational buddies and partners of Americans like Prescott Bush and Dick Cheney. Look it up if Glenn Beck and Lush Limbaugh haven't 'revised' it out of History books yet. Just remember: none of the politicians and few of the Military or Intelligence community's leaders protested the adoption of sick psychopathic racists and truly evil ideologies by this former paragon of the Framer's ethics, our United States. Why? Well, obviously there was too much easy taxpayer money to be stolen and spent on protecting us from a supposed "Communist" government that couldn't even keep their own Military equipment in good repair and working well enough to allow fruitcake fascist robber-baron politicians like Barry Goldwater to continue to scare the American voter into fearing a forever failing fascism disguised as Marxist ideology. Now these ineluctably effete self-righteous autotheocrats wanna' continue to allow the Pentagon and the Defense Industry to profit from their attempts to convince us that a couple hundred bandits taking dumps daily in caves, or the Russians (who even the Republicans can no longer use as boogeymen worthy of a new START treaty) or the Chinese (WHO NOW OWN US THANKS TO THE AFOREMENTIONED GROUPS AND THEIR "FOREIGN WARS") are worthy of our overtaxed maintenance of a bloated "Cold-War" National Defense budget paradigm? If it wasn't so penuriously pernicious it would be shameful and close to treason, but we're used to that from our Government and Conservative Politicians since they snuck the Third Reich in the back door and put them all to work in the Nazi formed OSS/CIA and State Dept. So it goes. Namaste' all.

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