Sunday, July 14, 2013

In The Big Inning (circa 1969)

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In The Big Inning (circa 1969) There was the word (Logos), and the word was delivered to me over a series of 6 or 7 "Monday Night Classes" by yet another 'Jarhead' Shaman: Stephen Gaskin

Brief book excerpt: "PHF: Hmmm... the only questions I really consider to be hard are the big questions, like "What is the nature of consciousness?" Stephen Gaskin: "Try this: Consciousness, in a way, is a function of soul, the spark of godhood that is indwelling 'Beauty, in the flesh, is but a spark, the fitful tracing of a portal.. but in the flesh it is immortal" About Soul, I think the poet, Yeats, meant that beauties grow old and die but beauty lives on as long as beauties live on, ' in the flesh it is immortal. I do believe in immortal soul in this fashion. Length, width, depth, and time, the four dimensions of material reality must be apprehended by soul which preexists and is eternal. Hence, immortal soul. It is not that soul doesn't die that is important, but that it always lives and is that against which time is measured. Soul is that which notices that time passes and therefore must have a referent in another place, which is eternity. I am sure of soul, I am just not sure if I can call it my own in any but the most temporary sense. To me the soul question is like the light problem. Is light a ray or a particle? Is it my soul or just soul stuff?. If you put a bunch of soul together does it remain in particles like BBs or just all flow together like water?" 


 "Being enlightened is taking conscious part in helping God (I say 'Tao" - J) with his Universe, saying "Well, I'd better do what I can to try and make things stretch. It seems like some folks are having trouble making things stretch." If you really understand the situation, you'd like to help. . . . Everyone should be figuring out what they can really do; what they can REALLY handle. We have so much to do; we need so much help and so much cooperation and so many people to step out and take responsibility . . . TO STEP OUT INTO IT. It's hard for people to be spiritual who are hungry. It's difficult to talk about Spirit to an empty belly - just irrelevant. You have to feed them something . . . and create the conditions where Spirit can grow and flourish. . . . In the material plane there is diminishing returns, and entropy and that sort of thing, but in the spiritual plane it's go for broke all the time, because God (Tao) is infinite, eternal, inexhaustable. Start a large project - like saving the world. Keeps you busy. Guaranteed to last a lifetime. That's what the4 Bodhisattva Vows are all about: (For any who care, I took these vows myself, many thousands of lifetimes ago -J)

 "The deluding passions are inexhaustable. I vow to extinguish them all. Sentient beings are numberless. I vow to save them all. The truth is impossible to expound. I vow to expound it. The Way of the Buddha is unnattainable. I vow to attain it." "This Season's People", by Stephen Gaskin [My first Guru, and the man who introduced me, through my Government mandated 'augmented' state of mind as I observed his 'schtick', to Channeling The "Akashic". (Edgar Cayce's: "Library")] And so, in me, these words 'became flesh' over the past 40+ years as I sought to 'Assume the Godhead', through "Devata Sadhana" (the practice of "Deity Yoga): "Deity yoga (Tibetan: lha'i rnal 'byor; Sanskrit: Devata) is the fundamental Vajrayana practice. It is a sadhana in which practitioners visualize themselves as a deity or yidam. Deity Yoga brings the meditator to the experience of being one with the deity: Deity Yoga employs highly refined techniques of creative imagination, visualisation, and photism in order to self-identify with the divine form and qualities of a particular deity as the union of method or skilful means and wisdom. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, "In brief, the body of a Buddha is attained through meditating on it". By visualizing oneself and one's environment entirely as a projection of mind, it helps the practitioner to become familiar with the mind's ability and habit of projecting conceptual layers over all experience. This experience undermines a habitual belief that views of reality and self are solid and fixed. Deity yoga enables the practitioner to release, or 'purify' him or herself from spiritual obscurations (Sanskrit: klesha) and to practice compassion and wisdom simultaneously. Recent studies indicate that Deity yoga yields quantifiable improvements in the practitioner's ability to process visuospatial information, specifically those involved in working visuospatial memory." The fact that I assimilated the technique first through my pursuit of Wiccan/Golden Dawn studies (it is a technique Aspirants in both Mystery Schools use to gain wisdom and assist in the evolution of one's consciousness) matters little. It works. Namaste', all

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