Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Current Links To 'Mind-Control' Sites

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ACHES-MC Resources for survivors of nonconsensual experimentation experimentation, including mind control experimentation, children, prisoners, mentally incapacitated, and military personnel and their families.

The American Cognitive Liberties Association. A large research library with sections on neurological technology, weapons, electromagnetics, acoustics, and misinformation

Angels Don't Play This HAARP. Review of article with an explanation of electromagnetic waves and their military uses in layman terms.

Alan Barker: Motives for Mind Control. A long article which include methods of psychological resistance and suggestions for activism. a href=""

Bio-electromagnetic weapons: The ultimate weapon by Harlan Girard

Associazione Italiana, Scientifica e Giuridica contro gli Abusi Mentali, Fisici, Tecnologici - ONLUS. (Italian Scientific and Judicial Association against Mental, Physical, and Technological Abuses) An Italian page with a wide range of topics, with the emphasis on mind control.

Australia: Surviving Ritual Abuse Recovery from Generational Organised Crime abusing Mind Control

C.A.H.R.A. (Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse by Neurological and Electromagnetic Weapons).

Canadian radio station CKLN Transcripts of the series on ritual abuse and mind control with Colin Ross, Ronald Howard Cohen, Alan Scheflin, Walter Bowart, Randy Noblitt, John Rappoport, Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen, Chris deNicola Ebner, and others.

Martin Cannon: “The Controllers: A new hypothesis of alien abduction.” (full text) Argues that alien abduction memories are implanted by governmental mind control experimenters. Several other articles are found at

The CIA Mind Control Doctors: From Harvard to Guantanamo by Colin A. Ross, M.D.

Alex Constantine: “Anti-Fascist Encyclopedia,” covering American terrorism, assassinations, CIA torture, GOP watch, mind control, Nazism, Satanism, and surveillance.

Alex Constantine: “Political Conspiracy Research Bin.” Articles on the CIA, Nazis, mind control technology, the FMSF, Satanism and more. For download:

Deep Black Magic: Government research into E.S.P. and mind control

Extreme Abuse Survey and Extreme Abuse Survey Results ttp:// (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network). Information on cults (not secret groups) and mind control, and child abuse. News, referrals, and archives on protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by psychological coercion. 25,000 pages and a discussion board.

Corydon Hammond: Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse (the Greenbaum lecture) One particular type of complex mind-control programming based on the Kaballah. (Note that the Kaballah, a Jewish mystical system, was widely incorporated into Western occultism before 1800.) and

Heart's Home. Books, articles, and thousands of RA, MC, and healing references, some unusual.

Human Radiation Experiment Sites

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. Transcript of the 3/15/95 public hearings

Department of Energy: Human Radiation Experiments site. Thousands of documents, links to useful other government sites.

DOE Openess: Human Radiation Experiments. Includes an experiment list, declassified documents, oral histories.

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable and Total Mind Control Slave: By Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier Links to: Part 1 The Selection and Preparation of the Victim, Part 3 The Use of Drugs, and the bibliographjy work.

Interrogation: The CIA's secret manual on coercive questioning.

Leading Edge International Research Group: Contains about fifty links to mind control sites (electromagnetic, biological, chemical and psycho-social manipulation of humans, experimentation on prisoners, drugs, microwaves, Nazi scientists, the Mafia`s connection to intelligence, etc.

Microwave harassment and mind-control experimentation. An article by Julianne McKinney

MILAB: Helmut Lammer: "Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB: Evidence for Military Kidnappings of Alleged UFO abductees."

"Further findings of Project MILAB: Looking behind the alien/military abduction agenda." Includes material on tank/tube experiences and possible genetic and biology experiments.

Mind Control Cover-up: Summarized information from "Bluebird" by Colin Ross, MD; "Mind Controllers" by Armen Victorian, and "A Nation Betrayed" by Carol Rutz

Mind Justice (Formerly Citizens against Human Rights Abuse.) Research and position papers on non-lethal weapons. Includes material on Russian weapons.


1977 Senate MKULTRA Hearing. The complete 171-page record, including testimony and dozens of MKULTRA documents on various subprojects.

CIA and Mind Control An Irish site with links to MK-Ultra documents.

A list of 309 declassified MK-ULTRA Project Documents

MK-ULTRA: Transcripts of selected documents.

MKULTRA Documents reproduced on CD as exact reproductions of the documents released under the FOIA. Cost: $19.95

MKULTRA Really Happened/Is Happening. Articles, list of survivors

MKZINE: Articles on ritual abuse and mind control, links movie reviews.

New Paradigms Project A ruling class/conspiracy site with forums and annotated bibliographies and book catalogs (4500 titles) for subscribers.

North American Freedom Foundation (NAFF) Many articles on ritual abuse, mind control and healing, plus thousands of links to web sites.

PARC-VRAMC A living memorial garden in Tennessee to honor survivors and victims of ritual abuse and mind control.

Ron Patton: “Project Monarch” History and summary of Project Monarch, including information on programming. and a shorter article at

Jon Rappoport: “CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children”.

Carol Rutz' book “A Nation Betrayed: The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on our Children and Other Innocent People.”

Carol Rutz' presentation at Indiana University before the Criminal Justice Class. There are also transcripts of her S.M.A.R.T. speeches at

“The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.” Complete text of the book by John Marks.

“Sex, Lies, and Mind Control.” Transcript of Cathy O'Brien's speech at the Texas Justice Council in Dallas, TX, June 11, 1996.

S.M.A.R.T. (the newsletter Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today) Many articles and transcripts of speeches, plus all back issues of the newsletter.

Svali: “The Illuminati: How the Cult Programs People.” Plus many articles. and

Svali Speaks! A collection of her work, including the complete text of "The Illuminati: How the Cult Programs People," interviews, and articles.

Visitations: Mind Control. Nine articles. See especially "History of Mind Control" by Harry V. Martin and David Caul. (The links are hard to read, but they work.)

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