Friday, July 26, 2013

My '300 Brane Brain' Explained (Many Pertinent Links)

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The 300 Brane Brain

"I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it." - Marshall McLuhan

OK folks, I will once again attempt to explain "Human Quantum Computing", from my experiential POV, and, as this will entail explication of some cutting-edge advanced Physics, I will first lay down some links for reference for those not conversant with modern theory: (parallel timeline navigation)

I will attempt a brief overview here and now, so that the reader can comprehend some of the perhaps inexplicable former Posts in this Blog, because other of my overview posts seem to have disappeared. Please refer to the above links if I fail to explain anything here, or in other posts on Human Quantum Computing, well enough for your good understanding. I will not engage in a lengthy exposition here and now, but will assume the reader will fill themselves in on the basic concepts as delineated in the links above to better understand my anecdotal shorthand, as it were.

Basically, I believe I can actually perform Human Quantum Computing operations across approximately 300 'bundled' alternate reality matrix wavefronts, by exchanging entangled qbits with my parallel selves through porosity tubules (wormholes) manifest in the branes (Calabai-Yau Manifolds) separating ongoing probability vector-sums cast into divergent existences by the 'branching events' defined in the Everett model of the "Many Worlds Metatheory'.

For a simple illustration, I like to recommend Jet Li's movie: "The One"

Or the TV series: "Sliders"

Even before "Sliders" was produced, I experienced perfectly similar instances of trans-temporal and trans-locational movement, and became familiar with many of my closest contiguous alternate reality-matrix personages, and we have traded timeline inhabitation freely and with conscious choice for decades.

The principle of utilizing the brains of one's alternate selves, on parallel wavefront probability vectors, is simple in practice (imagine the process, think it, do it) but devilishly difficult to explain simply.

The Many World's Theory posits 'branching events' that occur whenever a "probability vector-sum" altering 'choice' is made, and the independent propagation of two ongoing wavefronts that proceed in different but parallel directions from the instantiation of a consequential choice. Enough of these are made within almost congruent lines of continuity to create 'thin spots' and actual Einstein-Rosen 'holes' in the Calabai-Yau 'branes' that separate parallel timelines.

I have estimated that I can most easily sequentially and simultaneously exchange qbits with about 300 of my closest parallel selves, thus providing the wetware platform of multiple computational nodes necessary for both Quantum Teleportation of data, and Quantum Computing and processing of same.

As stated, please peruse previous posts for anecdotal embellishment and further explication and elucidation. Namaste' all.

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  1. Well, it's true! The only thing that slows down my explication is the math, which I barely grasp. Non-commutative Geometry and Calculus is at the very limit of my personal ability to comprehend well enough to explain. And, as Einstein said (para.): "If you can't explain it, you don't understand it!"