Friday, July 26, 2013

No Secrets From 'Remote Viewers' (Or Channels)!

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"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

So the 'crux of the biscuit', as Frank Zappa was wont to say, with regard to State secrets and security, is inherent in the actuality of certain 'New Age Arts'. If, as Edgar Cayce proposed to the nascent 20th Century psychic world-view with his 10,000 unexpectedly accurate 'readings' and prognostications, if there really are non-corporeal beings that can both 'see' things on the physical plane from a POV beyond it AND communicate their 'x-ray' visions via certain 'sensitive' folk, then there are NO government secrets that are safe from their scrutiny, see?

When, in the early '70s, the CIA started to employ Astrologers and Palm readers (Project MKOften - )

and all the "Men Who Stare At Goats" programs began to be researched, there became apparent two inescapable holes in ANY security system: 1) A good 'remote viewer' could penetrate any safe or vault or "Eyes Only" classification system; and 2) a trained "Channel" could do the same, given the 'reality' of (respectively) trained clairvoyants or beings existing somewhere other than in the material world.

Now it has always been my personal recollection (from Berkeley 'underground' scuttlebutt in the early '70s) that some Channels (like the 'Original Michael Group') in their sessions stumbled across some sensitive information the government at the time wished to remain completely unknown (like the details of Project Northwoods

or the cover-ups of high ranking Nazi war criminals like Bormann, Barbie, Mengele, et al , brought to the Americas, as finally my hunches about them were corroborated -

So there then ensued covert attempts by the N.S.A. and the C.I. A. to 'muzzle' channels in general, and perhaps even the 'O.M.G.' specifically.

Now the efficacy of 'remote viewers' has long been proven and utilized (but never publicized) by the US Government. The incident of a viewer correctly identifying the immediate environment of a US Air Force Colonel kidnapped in Italy by the 'Red Brigade' in the '80s (an absolutely perfect description of the place where he was subsequently found) is but one example of this.

Now if one truly believes in the existence of 'Collective Disembodied Entities' (or even Angelic Beings like the Cherubim - Cayce's "Librarians") who can communicate with certain folk and whose perception stems from beyond our sensoria's physical limitations, then these also are 'easy breaches' of any attempts at secrecy.

I personally have either 'channeled' or intuited certain undisclosed facts the details of which have been actively suppressed by our Government, the truth of which insights I have proven to be true. One of these is the fact that Frank Olsen did not 'jump' out a closed and curtained window on the 10th floor of a New York hotel weeks after being given a really weak (supposedly 70 micrograms) dose of LSD, but that he was executed for threatening to expose the CIA's use of unwitting subjects in their MKUltra drug trials.

Being privy to stuff like this is frightening to the powers-that-be, you see, because all their hard work trying to cover-up their heinous crimes comes to naught if psychic abilities, or Angels, actually exist.

So it goes. Namaste, all.

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