Saturday, July 13, 2013

The "War On Drugs" Creates Addictions To Fund Itself!

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As a 'child of the '60s', and having been given my first drugs then by the U.S. Government as part of its experiments upon American citizens (ongoing) I feel uniquely qualified, given my 40 years of experience thereafter as a student and researcher of drug culture to offer a judicious summary of the cultural and social impact it (and its ever entwined parasitic official 'evil twin': 'Drug Enforcement Culture') has had, and continues to have in the world today. Believe me when I say that "Prohibition CREATES Crime" ! Just recall the relative lack of "organized crime" before Alcohol was made illegal! So also, for the many decades since The Anslinger Report, the drug enforcement subculture has fostered and encouraged drug use by citizens in order to survive and thrive as a self-perpetuating bureaucratic business model that permeates local, state and federal governments, and now even funds obscenely metastasized incarceration systems, both public and private. Just as the innumerable 'Addiction Recovery' businesses would cease to exist if ever they actually delivered upon their promises to "cure" addiction, so too would the DEA, 'Drug Enforcement Task Forces" (about 1 for every County nationwide) most Police Vice depts. in general, and the entire funding structures for payment of salaries for all employed thereby (some of said funding based entirely on UnConstitutional confiscation of the assets of the millions of UnConstitutionally defined "criminals" even before any conviction) so too would these billion dollar enterprises fail if their mainstay, the illegality of drugs, were removed as the cornerstone of the edifice which persecution of the basic human right to "Brain Chemistry Suffrage" has built. For 10 years my blog has served to enumerate and illustrate the myriad and astonishingly pernicious fashions in which Prohibitionism has preyed upon World Culture, and sapped vital strength and resources from this nation's GNP through the criminalization and costly incarceration of those millions of drug "criminals" who would otherwise be engaged in working towards some Adam Smithlike notion of 'common good'. These million's only 'crime' being the "pursuit of happiness" the American Revolution was fought to secure, what has been abrogated is the absolute human right of 'adjusting one's own body's 'brain chemistry', which is the ONLY Scientifically proven basis for the enumerated state known as 'happiness' (Bounded by Libertarian constraints upon doing no harm to one's fellow citizens, may this right be, if constraints be needed to quell the fascist dictates of the Theocratic political fanatics currently occupying sinecures in this Republic's halls of power, and to ameliorate the foolish inculcated fears of their brainwashed followers.) The reason the scions of "The War On Drugs" are still thwarting and hushing-up any attempts at long-term scientific determination of the true physiological and neuro-pathological effects of 'illegal' drugs, and their possible benefits (indeed, even simple observations of the consequences of full drug legalization for many years in countries such as Portugal are obfuscated) seems simple to me. It is that Christo-Fascist religious philosophy and its political expediency would be severely curtailed, if, as America's Founders firmly believed, every human were free to choose their own POV - EVEN AS TO WHICH CHEMICALLY INDUCED STATE OF MIND THEY PREFERRED! Even Thomas Jefferson is proven to have written about his own use of marijuana, and its beneficial effects upon his mentation. You see, most Religions would suffer abandonment, and rightfully so (as a majority of the Framers so outspokenly believed - contrary to what you hear from American Christian fanatics) when Society finally admits to itself the absolute Scientific TRUTH that 'reality' and one's apprehension of it, are simply chemical in nature, and happiness (yes, even religious 'rapture') therefore is simply a complex blend of brain-chemicals. Thus and therefore, I must conclude that religious belief' is simply conditioning as a 'control mechanism', utilized down through the ages by power-hungry ideologues, for the maintenance of a consensus POV supportive of their 'status-quo' and as such is no rational basis for rules of mass behavior. So too is thence the concept of "psychological normalcy" growing out of this heinous attempt at homogeneity of thought and behavior thus a feeble common denominator for the parsing of experience through ideation, based as it is upon the denial of the right of any of us to, individually, based upon our own ownership of the chemistries of our very existence, to simply think and feel what we will! So, to mirror a well-known plea from a figure in Judeo-Christian history, I pray the evil forces of Prohibitionism and Thought Process Fascism will, someday soon, be forced by popular mandate to: "LET MY PEOPLE GO" !!! We would be much better off without all these authoritarian mechanisms for the repression of free human behavior, and their attendant evil enterprises which were instituted not to free "we the people" in the fashion envisioned through the founding of this country, but to force us to fund the ongoing maintenance of the very machineries of oppression that prevent us from claiming that last of our Civil Rights as Americans and citizens of the World: Brain Chemistry Suffrage!

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