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Atlantis Risen (Who Them Damn Hippies Were) And Michael Channel Musings

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"You will not be able to stay home, brother.
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for beer during commercials,
Because the revolution will not be televised." 

  - Gil Scott-Heron, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

(A piece which, if you could not recite it by heart upon first meeting some
counterculture groups,  would have you branded as a narc, or a cop or an informer ! RIP Brother Gil !)

CLAIRVOYANT, n. A person, commonly a woman, who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron, namely, that he is a blockhead. - Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"

 "I sat upon the shore
Fishing, with the arid plain behind me
Shall I at least set my lands in order?
London Bridge is falling down falling down falling down Poi s'ascose nel foco che gli affina
Quando fiam uti chelidon—O swallow swallow
Le Prince d'Aquitaine à la tour abolie
These fragments I have shored against my ruins
Why then Ile fit you. Hieronymo's mad againe.
Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata.
Shantih shantih shantih"  - T. S. Eliot, "The Wasteland"

A Michael Student  asked:

Being a child of the turbulent 60ies in the US and attending a large university,
I observed the dynamics of the young folks at that time...the hippies, the civil
rights activities, the questioning of authority and traditions, etc.
Has Michael ever channeled any teachings about the significance of this
period in US history, culture, and possible progress for humanity?
Did incarnation of certain Roles, Soul ages, etc. during this period have
any significant participation in these dynamics? Any comments appreciated."

(A Question/Pitch RIGHT In My 'Wheelhouse' This):

The entire experience of the '60s  was always thought of by US, (the people who were personified as its proponents) when there, as though we were the advance force (some said the "gunfodder") of some revolutionary army,  sent to establish a beachhead in hostile territory ("Amerika" we named it: the Nixon/Goldwater "ExtremistDefenseState") for eventual use by the invading divisions of "The Army Of The Age Of Aquarius".

The Michael stated the US was slowly changing its majority Soul Age from Young to Mature some said, others from Infant to Young - I thought the latter, but I don't remember a consensus, but the time was a tipping point.  This feeling of social collectivism combined with a sense of the need for a radical alteration of this nation's (and the world's) spirituality was presaged by many, from Norman O Brown on down.  I first heard this ethic espoused in public  in 1968 by my 'upaguru' Steve Gaskin during that groundbreaking experiment in Akashic Gestalt known as "Monday Night Class".

I, and others, including some Michael Channels were clearly told that all the Hippies, had all been together as an:

Infamous historical intentional community. 

An 'empathically/telepathically linked self-aware cultural gestalt'.  One of the largest, legendary 'Working Group - Task Companion" compilations ever to evolve/attempted:  

A "Cadre of Cadres of Cadres" - what's that? 350,000 fragments total? If everyone jumped overEntityboard at the same time? Seems about right for total 'hippie' distribution worldwide as of 1970 or so.

Actually, Edgar Cayce was the first to intimate any descriptions of just who and what had self-scheduled their re-appearence around this time in one of his 10,000 recorded sessions and I think that word just got passed around. 

Anyway I was always told that we were the last generation, the entire Culture, left on Atlantis when it sank. And, before it went, which was foreseen, we also divined and strategized and planned to appear as an humongous irresistible egalitarian group-grope, to ameliorate our collective karma for having misused our enlightenment for selfish, rather than selfless gain, and therewith and thereby having caused Atlantean demise (something to do with these honking great crystal interdimensional power/gateway things, and their overloading).

Some of us though, who were there then, but also had an overview from hundreds rather than tens of thousands of years, believed that our eternal temporal nemeses, the "IckeGeckos", though agents of their allies, the "bad" Swedish-looking aliens, had actually pulled of their most successful temporal op. ever, and had bombed the crystals from the other side.

Anyway, that's as much as I remember now - there's plenty of related Mu and Lemuria and Pangaea stuff I could get into, but maybe someone else has it. Hope it helps. Good to get it out and recorded though much like it is disappearing under the weight of Christo-Fascist propaganda (like America being founded as a "Christian" nation - what poppycock!  Read Thomas Paine's: "The Age Of Reason", or Jefferson's attempt at a decent retranslation of the Bible if you doubt.)  There are notable exceptions to the ability to research History (try finding stuff on the 2nd. Amendment on Google) that are SO obvious as 'threadbare areas', in the normally thick fabric of 20th Century History that one knows who the redacters are, and what is their agenda.

On the other hand, a LOT of evidence of what shaped this era into what we who lived through it experienced,  and through that existential conditioning,  came to believe,  HAS been published and can be found easily, for the most part. Those notable exceptions SCREAM:  DELETED - DELETED-DELETED  to all save the most credulous. Or those in agreement of preventing the American Voting Public from seeing what former elected officials - USUALLY THOSE OF THE CONSERVATIVE/FASCIST PERSUASION -have actually been recorded as doing  (not a lot of instances of Democrats destroying documents proving the military, or the intelligence community broke the Law, their crimes more tend to involve destroying evidence of adultry, or embezzlement, stuff like that, which generally doesn't obfuscate incidences of Treason, gross historical data redaction to prevent War  Crimes prosecution. etc.

Because I cannot defend myself anymore on the MT Forum site itself  (because I sometimes react with irascibility when having my veracity rudely impugned, repeatedly by people who assert they know more about what The Michael Teachings was or is, when they were not there then, than do people who were! There! Then! ) above are more credible sources (CBS News? The National Security Archives?) about Operation Northwoods. The existence of which, and important or trivial details of aspects of the conspiracy asserted by me have been called events never occured  (why do these types of criminals never seem to feel the same about non-existent events PROVEN never to have occured:  like "The Gulf Of Tonkien Incident" or "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction"? )

 Some info about documents which may have referred to the "Detroit Plan" I had from my CIA contacts in MKULTRA (most especially, during the Nixon inspired: "Operation Sunshine"). Having been trained in classic Debate, I rarely make statements that I cannot prove with credible evidence regarding times through which I lived, and that I have researched, verified and validated, to corroberate my own experiences, since the 'incredible' '60s.  I also remember being apprised by folk close to the Group, of the circumstances I relate about Michael evidently channeling Classified Information, of which knowledge of the "Detroit Option" of "Northwoods" was the most provocative to the actual Nazi war criminals then running the US Intelligence Community (and I have links to hundreds of PDF pages of declassified CIA documents, proving Nazis were in charge of US Intell then, posted on my sites).  Just look up "Operation Paperclip", for yet another well documented "conspiracy", that is acknowledged by all Historians.

All I asserted was that Michael channeled gov secrets, and the Origional Group was threatened by the Agents of the NSA  and that experience put the original precepts/traditions like  - independent dedication of  Michael Channels to: "answering any question posed"; and channeling  data on "Current Affairs" ,  or the "probabilty of popular trends/cultural ev0lution/probability of Justice being served NO LONGER A PART OF THE TEACHINGS, WHEN THEY WERE, FROM THE BEGINNING,  A MAINSTAY OF THE TEACHINGS.  Yet, people who were NOT there then, in positions of relative authority and responsibility now, are allowed to deny what the  Teachings were, and distort History and ALWAYS in a fashion that seems to indicate they care more for the views of criminal government policies that deceive the American voter than serving a true History of the Teachings.

I, for one, refuse to let twisted revisionist views (like those of the current MT moderator) of what the Teachings are, or should be, change what I know about them, and I have heard from many older students who feel the same.  

Ultimately, it doesn't matter if people don't believe in Conspiracy Theories. They are proven to have existed, and have been acknowledged by the US Gov, sometimes as reparations (if anyone but me had been paying attention). So like The Michael says: "A leaf doesn't have to believe in clorophyll to be green".

[I was given a copy of the following document in 1972, by my ex-Marine CIA contact who got it from Bruce personally. This was one of my contact's sources for the "Northwoods" doc info. I still have many pages of these types of evidence, diligently purged of any documents considered to be "non-existent"by the Gov. after total redaction by various agencies.  We learned the hard way: disappearences of researchers and anti-government activists adamantly refusing to bury or burn their dangerous evidence were frequent, some went to Chile, some Iran, some, the Pacific - I'm serious - George White, head of the OSS ("retired" to Stinson Beach in the '60s) admitted it! (have documentation).

At one time (before the Watergate scandal) even possessing written lists of the identities of the now infamous Watergate burglers may have affected one person we believed was "disappeared", just like in South America at the time, for possessing such a list.) Jeez, between 1960 and 1970, 130 UFO researchers (yes, I have links to lists of them all) died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances, many announcing the probable culprits and leaving evidence beforehand. Any attempts to deny the realities of those dark days in American History, by those who weren't there nor who've not done due diligence in validation of the facts, should only identify them as unworthy, IMNSHO, of at least their the right to vote.]
Harumph!  - Thrasher

"The Gemstone File is a series of documents by the American writer Bruce Porter Roberts (1919–1976). The best-known document is probably the 23-page "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File", written by Stephanie Caruana in 1975, which presents a brief, undocumented series of claims that conspiracies and suppressed information played a major role in shaping world events since the 1950s. In particular, this document named three individuals as the shooters of President John F. Kennedy, and suggested connections between a number of political assassinations which occurred within a relatively short time frame.

    1 Outline
    2 Books
    3 In fiction
    4 References
    5 External links

Factsheet Five publisher Mike Gunderloy collected and distributed several versions of the Gemstone File. Gunderloy has explained that the original Gemstone File was simply a list of contributors to Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP), while the subsequent versions gradually linked various figures of the Watergate and Kennedy eras.



Roberts says in his Gemstone File letters that he began sending out copies of what had been a private journal to selected people, including journalists, politicians, and heads of foreign states, in 1968. He claimed to have written letters to 27 heads of state which influenced the vote in the United Nations which ousted Taiwan from the United Nations and admitted China instead. "The Gemstone File: A Memoir," by Stephanie Caruana, includes the text of two letters addressed to President Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia and Anwar Sadat of Egypt in 1975."  -wikipedi
Slainte`, - Jondalf

PS: I may miss my next bi-monthly. I have been tracked down (had 'em fooled for
60 years though) and prevailed upon to resume some of my participation in my
"Home" Order and Organization and to tell the truth I've missed the ABSOLUTE
dedication to preservation and archiving of all the channeled data, and even
publication of books of long metaphysical letters between all of us at the time,
trying to "Make a Science Of Religion".

I still feel compelled to whine about all the constant timewasting assertions of Antithesis to recollections one MT Student may have that another may not, as compared to a similiar organization of which I was a member lastlife: "The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn" who did a far better job of compilation and preservation of data, with less technology, and about 10,000 times the data, including many channeled messages.

 The lack of any original members to preserve the body of "Work", and cross-reference/crosslink their sites I attribute to both the commercial nature of The Michael Teachings, and the unseen influence of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, who I think believed thought she could "copyright" The Michael Entity itself, kinda' like Starfire Tor believes she "invented" 'quantum jumping' or first came up with the "Matrix" concept ) which I can prove was first published in a 1963 Sci-Fi book entitled "Simulacron 3". 


Each Michael Channel has a "Trademarked", or Copyrighted propriety upon their own data, their own body of work, and, unlike The American Federation Of Astrologers, or the National Geocosmic Research Council, or even the American Tarot Association there is no Board of Certification, or Oversite Commitee, dedicated to preservation of the integrity of the first wordwide largescale project to empirically confirm download data over decades, from one large "server", not even in physical existence, through numerous portals, at wildly variable rates and resolutions, from totally disparate cells in the database.  How could such an important endeavor, which I certified as indestructible by the '90, have fallen so far?  There can be only one conclusion to which a competent Process Engineer could come:  somewhere, somehow, THE GOVERNMENT HAD SCREWED UP MY RELIGION!

 I wish all The Michael Teachings could be collected, collated, copied,
cross-referenced, compiled and finally published, with subject-heading indexes.
To think a group of eccentric Englishmen found the time to mount multiple Mt
Everest attempts, write hundreds of books (first drafts in longhand), collect
sacred and metaphysical texts worldwide, research those texts origin and
provenance. Publish overviews, critiques, compilations and amalgamations.
Design apparatus, experiment, compare and contrast.

Compile volumes of equivalencies, equations. Hold lectures, meetings, study
groups, Network with other organizations in similiar fields of study. Publish
monographs an treatises, novels and books of Poetry. Compile the largest
comparative collection of the History and extent of Metaphysical and Spiritual
knowledge since the burning of the Library of Alexandria, and do it for the
'Work' alone, with No "lust of result" - never make a dime. And then, share it
all with the world, for free. Such was the "Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn",
and the legacy of it's 'Giants': MacGregor Mathers, William Butler Yeats,
Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie.

A Question For The Michael Teachings: Was one of the above one of MY
incarnations, if any? The answer may surprise you.

"Love Is The Law, Love Under Will" - Jondalf
  "If Atlantean lineage is currently in charge.. and the atlantean fable is not what it seems but one of look I have been injured too: Tiamat goes poof, Lemuria gets pummeled to oblivion, the annunaki/atlanteans cry because they were forced to obliterate all they had worked for. The ruling atlanteans sidestep in time and space, and they hold the line to provide the cover history. The whole point is to erase Lemu. Literally. That is why American Natives and South American natives have been victim to genocide and still are. The campaign has never stopped. In those times, in this time, and until those lines are literally extinct the campaign will not end. When the campaign which is helped along by the cover story is completed there will be no more rebellious races. Literally."   - - from:


  1. I wonder though, John, if MT must instead resist collecting itself and cross referencing in order to stave off becoming dogmatic. When any spiritual path gets codified, it becomes a form of control by power seekers, younger souls. We see even now so much strict adherence to the structural stuff, the overleaves, the "doctrine" that the Orinda groups put forth. A fear of moving towards synthesis and the higher centers.

    Much love,
    and FEITCTAJ ;-)

  2. Hey Kath,

    One of the things that first attracted me to the MT (apart from the personally resonant 'Truth' validations the Teachings has in me) was the prospect for 'spiritual empiricism' inherent in the notion of many channels accessing the same 'higher knowledge source'. Being able to contrast and compare various 'messages from Michael', delivered from disparate sources, and thereby being able to discard data that might be due to 'channel bias' by codification of the Teachings from different sources, was, to me, a marvelous methodology for arriving at a 'Synthesis' of the data coming from the ME.

    Human beings seem to be destructive (or, at the very least, personally manipulative) of data. The compilation of data to compare and contrast then would seem to be of the utmost importance in the epistemological pursuit of 'transmissions from higher knowledge sources', all subsequent dogmatic attributions notwithstanding, don't you think?

  3. And no, 'spiritual empiricism' is NOT an oxymoron, lol. FEITCTAJ !