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Watercourse Viewpoint (Atantis Risen With Help From Alan Watts)

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"Perhaps the most precious possession of man is his abiding awareness of the Analogy of Proper Proportionality, the key to all metaphysical insight, and perhaps the very condition of consciousness itself. This analogical awareness is constituted of a perpetual play of ratios among ratios. A is to B, what C is to D, which is to say the ratio between A and B, is proportionable to the ratio between C and D, there being a ratio between these ratios, as well, this lively awareness of the most exquisite delicacy depends upon there being no connection whatsoever between the components. If A were linked to B, or C to D, mere logic would take the place of analogical perception, thus one of the penalties paid for literacy and a high visual culture is a strong tendency to encounter all things through a rigorous storyline, as it were. Paradoxically, connected spaces and situations exclude participation, whereas discontinuity affords room for involvement. Visual space is connected and creates detachment or non-involvement. It also tends to exclude the participation of the other senses." 

- Marshall McLuhan, "Through The Vanishing Point", 1968

"Reality is as you deem it,

and I certainly won’t leave my footprints
in the proverbial, (or literal), sands of time
being slightly cautious,
and wanting me and my ideas to survive;
I don’t feel like being followed, or hunted
down all the long lonely years (and incarnations)
by those who deem differently than I do
whilst accomplishing that which I Will."  

- J Thrasher, 1969 (from "Two Toned To Stalk", published 1994)

"Watercourse"  Alan Watts video -

A Michael Student comments on the Alan Watts video above:

"I laughed, I smiled.  Mostly I smiled.............................Now I can die.  Most likely I won't, but should I live, I'll watch this over, from YouTube directly so it won't get cut of and can make the visual larger. And I'll hope many others will see it and enjoy it as much as I did."

Alan Watts, in his role as a Western Scholar chain-smoking and 'rapping', in essence 'channeling'
the Wisdom of the East on talk radio, was a staple of the late night/early morning 'hip era" Bay Area FM airwaves, and was the "voice that helped you come down" in the Bay Area for most of the habitues of Psychedelia in late '60s and early '70s.

AOR (Album Oriented Rock) and 'Atlantis Risen' (all the formerly incarnate during the Fall Of Atlantis beatniks and hippies who ushered in an era of social change - see my Blog Post so titled from few months back) had 'liberated' two or three commercial FM radio stations specializing in "Pop" music from their 'Payola Playlist' Top 40 Hits format, in addition to all the college radio stations playing 30 minute songs and jams. These were signals that reached from Sacramento to Stockton and from the sea to the Sierras.

[Historical footnote:  LSD trips generally lasted between 8 and 14 hours, and most of us young, energetic "Keseyan" users/MKULTRA victims/agents/trainees (Ken Kesey's "Merry Prankster/Grateful Dead" LSD ritual use scenarios - "drop acid and then go out and see what reality has to teach you" - read "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe - being the Antithesis to the meditative, calm and controlled 'set and setting' psychedelic methodologies of Timothy Leary and the Millbrook gang) would take a hit in the late mornings and then go somewhere or do something to help burn off the incredible 'rush' of energy, as a catalyzed serotonin/dmt cascade, propelling one's consciousness up through the Lower and Upper Astral planes, as this comprised the effects of the first 4 hours or so of any LSD trip on 'decent' acid. "Sunshine" both the "Orange" and the red and green "Christmas" batches was said to "come on like a freight train" (and it certainly did) mostly due to the added STP/DMT (DMT - - occurs naturally in the human brain, BTW, and LSD is not a 'drug', per se, but actually functions as a catalytic agent for the massive alteration of 'natural' human brain chemistry. "Decent" doses we - the 'Fraternity of Psychedelic Missionaries/"Men Who Stare At Goats" - as US Gov supplied and sponsored manufacturers and distributers, usually defined as being between 125 to 400 micrograms of fairly pure, competently synthesized and carefully manufactured LSD - with or without the small additions of STP and/or DMT as 'potentiators' which some underground sources (Leary's Laguna Beach "Brotherhood of Eternal Love" Church sacrament known as "Orange Sunshine" for one, oddly enough, whereas Owlsley "White" was NEVER so adulterated).]

Anyway, by the time the sun had set, one's thoughts began to achieve that clarity of inspirative insight (usually from hours 6 or 8 on through the remainder of the trip) that rendered one quite amenable to Eastern Metaphysical Exposition compared/contrasted with the "Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty" American Fascism/Puritanically Life-Destructive Western Morality that was the dominant Political Ideology of the Pre-Hippie Era 

What was truly odd in the midst of this suppression of Creative License was that the entire Manhattan Project Scientific staff were on a daily "low dose" (5 to 50 micrograms) LSD regime for the duration of the project. As were researchers for other covert projects like "Mountalk" and "Philadelphia"  This indisputable aid to creative cognition having been discovered and researched thoroughly through the '40s and '50s by the chemists and behavioral psychologists of the Third Reich, in Germany until '42 or so, and then here in America for the next 15 years as the '50s saw the continuation of the surreptitious US Gov's "Operation Paperclip", which brought (by all accounts the undisputed total of) 10,000 Nazi War Criminals and their families to America to be provided with new identities, research/intelligence jobs and in the case of the most infamous (Bormann, Himmler, Mengele etc) cover stories delineating their supposed deaths and plastic surgery to render them unrecognizable to their pursuers from Nuremberg.

Alan Watts was just the curative intellectual tonic that appealed to all we 'tripsters' as we were collecting our thoughts after the paradigm shattering experiences of LSD, as we "came down" in the wee hours of those Bay Area mornings, seeking the solidity of conceptualizations that would tie our hours-old new insights to the warp and weft of the tapestry of world history we so fleetingly had gone beyond.

And these explanations of the 'Verities' of non-First World biased philosophies would in turn assist "The Forces Of Light" (New Age Theorists and Practitioners) in their struggle against "The Forces Of Darkness" (Barry Goldwater and his ilk, parroting their Fourth Reich masters, to this day still ensconsed in the US GOV Intelligence Agencies - remember, the CIA/OSS was actually started by a Nazi Staff Officer: Reinhard Gehlen -  and in the present day American Conservative Political movement, IMNSHO, fascism (TRUE FASCISM = NATIONAL SOCIALISM = NAZI-ISM not some idiotic illiterate attempt to call Obama a "Nazi") still drips from every pore of their chosen Icons - men like Jesse Helms, John Birch, Strom Thurmond, Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney etc).

The Members of TOMG (The Original Michael Group) Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and other Bay Area intelligensia/metaphysical researchers could not have avoided Watt's influence, as it permeated all spiritual and sociological strata for a decade, and its legacy persists, I avow, to this very day.
What I have found odd also, is the many years of denial of actual facts of well publicized, no longer disputed Conspiracies, like Operation Paperclip, or Operation Northwoods etc, by Dave Gregg and HIS ilk.  It is almost as though in order for people who believe they KNOW the "true core" of the Michael Teachings to relate to reality at all, they must deny all data supportive of MT Students who believe the CGY MTs were 'off the mark' (according to The Michael, for the past 35 years an entire Higher/ Esoteric aspect of the Teachings has been obfuscated by people such as Mr Gregg and their attempts at revisionist History!)

Just passing on what I know, you know, so if it works for you, use it!   And if it doesn't, don't.  All opinions to the contrary considered and/or formally Debated (with great pleasure) if anyone so desires a dialectic.

And Bill, this is a continuation of my reply to your query about "Montauk", establishing some of the circumstances that led to my parallel engagement in that subject material, which I will attempt to summarize and update from certain of my, now years old, foundationally explicative Blog ("Letters To My Future Selves") posts.  Slainte`,  - Jondalf

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