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My dear Friends, I really wasn't am not being flippant talking 'bout the "Great Recession", I'll try to explain: I've thought about and studied this subject for 40 years, and the "truth" as I see it, must delineate 'causes" from 'effects', and you can't do that with a 'sound-bite'). Oh well, "To each his onus." (as I claim I first said in front of witnesses, now lawyers, in 1969) So then, as THE Firesign (Theatre) put it:

"You Know, Everything You Know Could be Wrong."
("One knows, Everything One Knows Could Be Wrong"? ) To wit:

"As every individual, therefore, endeavours as much as he can both to employ his capital in the support of domestick industry, and so to direct that industry that its produce may be of the greatest value; every individual necessarily labours to render the annual revenue of the society as great as he can. He generally, indeed, neither intends to promote the publick interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it . By preferring the support of domestiek to that of foreign industry, he intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain, and he is in this , as in many other eases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention . Nor is it always the worse for the society that it was no part of it. By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it . I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the publick good." - Adam Smith, 'Wealth Of Nations', 1776 (substantially true to original text, depen. on edition)

This is where and when I believe the system of mass control of worldwide human evolution becomes 'self-aware', in a sense, with Locke and Hobbes, and Paine's "Age Of Reason" ; and so, with this contraindicative dipositive dialectic of capitalism, feudalism, with its "Divine Right Of Kings", devolves/evolves into the plutocratic and oligarchical hegemonies that today are nation-states and multi-national corporations, with their almost absolute economic power to dictate the very quality of life to humanity on a global scale. Few today seem aware that monetary policy, ultimately, is primarily a mechanism for control of the masses by the wealthy (plutocrats) IMNSHO (as I was first informed in "The Art Of War", by Lao Tzu).

Adam Smith, also, came to believe that the gluttony of the rich was a form of "unproductive labour" as do I, but he could not free himself from the philosophical constructs and beliefs of his milieau to make the requisite ratiocinative leap of faith and probability vector calculus summation to conclude that this self-defeating flaw in fact would quite logically then imply that capitalism per se would lead to ubiquitous oppression of the poor by the wealthy (read: exploitation of the proletariat by the 'ruling class' - or read some Dickens or Upton Sinclair).

Yet, such is the case today, I humbly avow, for I believe that capitalism has subsumed and thereby actually annulled the basic precepts of democracy, and defeated that noble ideal at least for the present in this republic. Alexander Hamilton and his 'royalists' made sure of that, the prescience of Paine, Jefferson, Madison and Morris notwithstanding.




The electoral college, and our irrational 'representative' (instead of 'participatory') electoral system is 'part and parcel' of that inculcated 'classist' ethical structure. As evidenced in part by the fact the phrase:
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"
originally read:
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of PROPERTY" ! (emphasis mine)

Our society was deliberately and with great diligence engineered to be a Plutocratic Oligarchy! NOT a Republic & NOT a Democracy! Seems History can be ignored in general or generally missaprehended even before it is obfuscated and revised with contumely and disdain by the powerful ("History is only the word of the victors").

Anyway, back to the here and now, and the "great decline".
I just see this as no more that the reality of the inequitable, anti-egalitarian and insufficiently rational nature of capitalism finally becoming apparent to all, based in fact on the vanishing prospects of future generations to live in an economy as opulent and resource wasteful as modern day America. I have been an Anarcho-Syndicalist since the '60s when I first read Lao Tzu, Thomas Paine, Norman O. Brown and Marshall McLuhan, thus I knew of the probable gradual decline and inevitable collapse of a system based upon a fundamental error: 'development' as an rationale for acquisition and investment of capital eventually fails when there are no more goods of "real" value to be produced (based on something like, oh say, Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs") and/or there ceases to be nothing from which anything can be produced. So it has to end sometime, right? This is a well foreseen (if one was paying attention to cutting edge social theorists during the 20th. Century) and evolutionary cultural denoument.

Capitalism is a social and cultural construct, no more. It was not "Divinely" inspired - read Adam Smith's biographers - the dude spent much of his waking life in jocular and animated audible conversations with beings that were not visible to anyone else, and as a Deist never once asserted that his inner voices were divine. Such is the legacy of the social theorist (along with John Locke) who most impressed our Founding Fathers, upon whom in turn much of the mores and folkways, the "gloss". if you will, of our society's interstitial structure depends.

The Founding Fathers did the best with what they knew then, no doubt. WE NOW KNOW MUCH MORE !

We have the right to modify this revered, but perhaps obsolete, or rendered less than ideally efficacious, social structure (capitalism) at will if we as a free people so choose, no matter what a skulk of greedmongers, outnumbered 99 to 1 may say. And that is what they fear, and for what will bend any rule, break any law, buy any judge or politician, rewrite any History book. Look at what happened to Allende in Chile, for example, or the US invasion of Costa Rica because the price of bananas went up a dime for the popular benefit of its citizens. This stuff still goes on, and it is so sad because the wealthy are trying to combat Entropy itself, and they honestly can never win. If a preponderance of the evidence can be agreed upon by a majority of the voting populace, having thus ascertained our new assertions may provide us with clues to what might modify or amend it to achieve a greater good for a greater number, where's the beef, eh? "They got the guns, but we got the numbers." as Jim Morrison said.

Given the current ossification of political chutzpah and judicious ability to question the 'dogma' of attitudes relevant to the Deists, Masons and tipplers (and make no mistake - almost to a man, the Founding Father's "original intents" were well steeped in rum on a daily basis) who crafted our Constitution, though, I despair at there being a 'populist' solution to this slow decay of "Truth, Justice & The American Way".

Nevertheless, economies CANNOT expand forever (unless there really are extra-terrestrials somewhere to whom we can attempt to market our old atom bombs and iPods) because at some point there will be no-where and no-thing left in/to which to expand (unless we colonize space, and seed colonies on habitable planets 'out there', but the vast distances involved, combined with the limitations of light speed on travel, will make commerce irrelevant except in singular cases).

The current diminution of standard of living was, and is, as I say, inevitable, given the finite nature of the biosphere, and the expansion of human population (read: consumers) which will eventually reach an economic "point of diminishing returns" where 'money' will no longer be able to "grow" in "value", because (as you and the 'Paul's', Ron & Rand so rightly assert, Denise) it is not based upon the "value" of anything concrete, only the productivity (GDP) of the issuant nation-states or corporate hegemonies, which will decline as room to grow, and natural resources dissappear.

But never fear, the 'captains of industry' will devise various and sundry means whereby the populations of "have-nots" will be guaranteed JUST enough of a standard of living as to preclude gross revolution. "Bread and circuses" and "a chicken in every pot" will mollify most into passive acceptance of their diminishing lot, and eventually even the most strident of the "free-trade" crowd will be forced to concede that everyone has enough 'widgets' and 'gizmos' (when the material of which these consumer products are made becomes more valuable than the manufactured items themselves as predicted by Mcluhan).

I see no huge world-wide economic collapse looming, because the powers that be will find it in their best interests to continue to delude man'un'kind into complacency by manipulating currency standards to prop up this ultimately senseless insistence on 'economic growth'. Or perhaps some plague of global proportions will be engineered to only wipe out those least able, or least favored, to afford consumer products (uh - er - hmmmm - that may have already happened ).

Then, perhaps 200 years hence, barring some breakthough in theoretical physics before then, and only then, will things settle into a scant semblance of economic equilibrium, based upon some notion other then the illogic of: "Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the Earth." (see "Life Against Death",by Brown) when even a fool such as I can see we're faced with obviously finite room, and resources.

It's kinda' like what another whacko such as I once said to me long ago when I mused then (during the anxiety of the Energy Crisis of the '70s) upon much the same issue/argument as you have raised here, Denise, my esteemed 'sister':

" You know, the sooner we use up all the fossil fuel, the sooner things will get back to normal, Grasshopper!" - David Carradine

CIA MKUltra Head George Hunter White Raped & Killed 1 Hippie Chick A Month

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The Spawn of George White and Stansfield Turner “The father’s a Nazi in Congress today; the mother’s a hooker somewhere in L.A” ‘The Idiot Bastard’s Son’” - Frank Zappa, “We’re Only In It For The Money”
Well, I was careless and didn't back up about 30 minutes worth of detailed explication of the famous Frank Olson case and how he was actually murdered by minions of the Uberriechshtagg (the new Third Reich re-established in America, by the 650 + scientists and “Drs.” with new identities given them by the US Govs. “Intelligence Community” in “Operation Paperclip” at the end of WWII) to prevent certain salient details of the Nazi infiltration of our Government, Military-Industrial Complex (Ike knew enough to try to warn us in his farewell address) and scientific/research community from coming to light. Olson’s death was just ‘collateral damage’ in the cover up of (literally!) thousands of “crimes against humanity” by Project Monarch/ MKULTRA/OSS operations: kidnappings, rapes, maimings, murders and ‘terminal experiments’, sexual torture, systematic experimental child abuse of thousands of American citizens and hundreds of CIA "snuff" flicks and worse, the staggering scope of the depravity is known to few and believed by fewer today and the numbers dwindles as the principles die off, even the 'compromising movies' made of scores of members of the House, Senate and Justice Dept. by the OSS which became the FBI/CIA, kinda‘, by former 'bag men" of the OSS and "The Pond" erode into unrecoverable acetate and tears. The infiltraitors and their scions all secure in their belief in their own successful redaction of the facts from History. How Frank’s Olson's son sued the Federal Government in the late '60s and prevailed, winning his 'wrongful death' case in 1970 by having a Fed. Court order the release of a large number of pertinent documents which substantiated his claims, and how this led Richard Helms to be replaced by Stansfield Turner AFTER Helms and Kimmler trained Nazi aided crew destroyed a couple of bunkers filled with semi-tractor trailors full of documents, tapes, movies and more (as well as having redacted/hid/given their Mafia brethren more for ‘leverage‘, if ever needed) is the stuff of whispers between aged dons in back rooms in Vegas retirement homes, a pall-like cloacal miasma of cigar smoke and human misery sticking to their souls, moustaches and slippers. These are the same cabal of people who eventually were forced to assassinate Sen. Estes Kefauver, by poisoning a slice of apple pie with 'sodium morphate, and have him collapse ON THE SENATE FLOOR to demonstrate to the 'do-gooders' opposing, then finally pursuing them, that they should 'back off'. I believe this incident was responsible for the Kennedy assassins feeling they could get away with ANYTHING later in Dallas, and was the turning point in the “Extremeism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.“ death knell of Democracy and subsequent well-funded ethical demise of American Government. The Third Riech's rationale for human experimentation was embraced by PART of the U. S. Military, Intelligence Community, Legislature Judiciary and Executive Branch at this point, and they never again felt compelled to inform subsequent Presidents/Judges/Legislators about their 'Shadow' activities. Their Credo was thus expressed by Barry Goldwater in his famous statement, cited above, rationalizing their Himmlerian/Mengelen amorality. Notice the audio of a lot of the video records surviving on YouTube has been altered. If you read lips you can tell. Also the links have been altered to become almost devoid of title info. No SHARE buttons, no site descriptions and the parties responsible for my last two comments having ...diassappeared and the sabotage of these site HTML codes will be well rewarded by the karmic visitations of vengeful Cherubim, I believe. Yahweh having released them from their vows of fealty to the “Lord of Hosts” to the become, themselves, the “Lords Of Karma”, after he toured Dachau in disguise one winter’s day in 1944. Some spirits can be vengeful when interfered with. I've never been able to shake the feeling that hundreds of the victims of TRULY evil men like: ‘George White’ (SS to the core, NOT American) or Maitland Baldwin or Kurt Plotner or Walter Neff or Winfred Overholser or Gen. “Wild Bill” Donovan or Richard Helm or Stanley Lovell, et. al.; still wish the truth might be told! “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” So be it! Here in the next few years, after 6 decades of abuse and damage and revelation and preparation and pain and something akin to an aspiration towards an apprehension of wholeness, I shall endeavour to tell the stories that the myriad friends of mine (and those I never knew) all those who died in their struggle to free themselves from the yoke of mental, emotional psychosexual and philosophic oppression that America’s rulers placed upon us (WHEN MOST OF US WERE CHILDREN, REMEMBER) in the search for “Behavior Modification”. This is fair warning! Attempted suppression of the Logos as it manifests will prove destructive to whom and/or whatever tries to hinder the epiphanthetic eventualities it entails. I have never threatened anything or anyone, and I am not now. All I’ve ever been able to do is warn of the irresistible epiphenomenal inevitability of the ’wrath’ of those aforementioned Cherubim, when attempts at obfuscation of this Message arise (my prose is obtuse enough thank you). So PLEASE note: requested quakes can‘t be faked, neither in ’91, nor now (those few remaining, steeped in the historical esoterica of “Intelligence” who remember, know of what I speak). “Something is happening but you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?” Great evil often generates its own counterbalance, even in such an unworthy and eccentric tectokinetic channel such as I. “The Men Who Stared At Goats” , because they were military (and therefore subject to orders from a mere human chain of command) never achieved the Gnostic abilities and perceptions I have seen and/or personally manifested since me and my brother and sister subjects of experimentation “in defense of Liberty” had our “alterations” forced upon us unawares, at the behest of the American Reich. I speak from long experience, Karma will manifest, one way or the other, for me foremost for I face the same verities as all, but if I am working from a Ethical position of "devotion to a noble ideal", doing nothing for “lust of result”, I have always fared far better that any interfering with me, The Medium, OR The Message. As one of my most esteemed mentors, and occasional ‘Spirit Guide” (Spirit Goad more like, at times) was most famously wont to say: “Love Is The Law, Love Under Will”. As it is my will, so mote it be. Three times three times three. World without end. (Will I Am)! “Genuflect, genuflect, genuflect.”

When I Die, Scrape My Lungs And Clone My Liver !

You know, as I was rooting around through the Public Record, searching for the newspaper articles that were published about the Clinton Administration coming out to California to apologize and pay reparations to a number of citizens who had received 'low-dose' Plutonium injections from the US Gov , I realized that nationwide, almost every reference to how many victims there were in total, locations that supported abuse, the people deemed responsible - ALL OF IT WAS ALMOST ALL GONE, so effective is this government's ability to 'sanitize' embareassments under the guise of "protecting National Security,

So, because three days of my Google Blogger/Blogspot posts were recently erased, as well as MTSC posts, even though they showed clearly as links on all 3 of my Facebook (Personal, Public Figure and Band) Pages, and I post them 1 minute apart, individually, and 3 other public websites as well. Just as here there were posts subsequent that referred to them, and they were gone, and links to them that led to no longer existant html addresses.



The Mememonger Project, Episode 1: "Your Muse Murdered My Amanuesis, Man!"

"" Community Bulletin Board:

"March 16, 2012' Help Wanted, 2 Positions -

AMANUENSIS, Entry Level (will train)
Full time, permanent position w/benefits

MUSE, Grade A, Contract position, Project dur. (TV/Film Opt. 10% Bonus)
3 Professional References Req.
Power Point: Work inspired/w Artist depositions
(Notary/CPA OK) ext. helpful

Jondalf Thrasher Productions LLC, submit inq./CV to: or:


HMMMM OK, I guess nobody ever really follows ALL of anyone else's suggestions, but, once again, any attempt to suggest that I am EVER out of 7th Circuit (and what you're suggesting would necessitate me somehow dropping back down to, say 3rd or 4th Circuit) and I haven't been there since the 20,000 microgram(200'hits')dose of LSD my handle slipped in my beer at a 'blotting' party, in '74, so the short answer is: not possible.


But then I don't ever really expect 'straight' folk to even attempt to understand such advanced neuropathological theorums as were proven by Leary and Ram Dass, and Sascha Shulgin and Robert Anton Wilson, and Terrence McKenna. Hell, most PhD Shrinks and neuro-scientists have been prevented from even doing peer reviews of the studies by the Christo-Fascist Conservative (read 4th Reich) Political Superstruture of his country.


I am their WORST nightmare, because my recall is near eidetic, and I remember every fact no longer in the public record about MKULTRA stuff. My Gnostic Heresy worldview and claim (told to me by no less than seven separate psychics, over a twenty year period, all with no knowledge of each other) to have 2 Cherubim as my personal guardians and spirit guides didn't set too well with Fundamentalist type folk. They seemed convinced that Gnosticism was evil, or Satanic, or some such typically ignorant "Christian" condemnation. And they REALLY didn't like my having a private line to the legendary 'smiters' of all that was unholy - it really messed up their "good-evil" value judgements.


P.S.: Even though I pass all the criterial requirements for the ME definition of Adept, and have for at least a decade now,
my tinnitus from playing Rock'n'Roll REALLY delayed my 'clairaudient' ability, I AM NOT "THERE" 24/7. More like 10% of Waking Consciousness, and not fully at my command to either invoke or dispel, if that makes any sense.

And, because some have suggested maybe one of my Alts is erasing stuff - lol - that CAN'T be, see:



Passion (Mode) Is The Emotional Fuel That Drives My Visions

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“Passion is the emotional fuel that drives your vision. It’s what you hold onto when your ideas are challenged and people turn you down, when you are rejected by ‘experts’ and the people closest to you. It’s the fuel that keeps you going when there is no outside validation for your dream.” “Passion won’t protect you against setbacks, but it will insure that no failure is ever final.” "Passion is meaningless without vision. A vision is how you will make the world a better place." "Epiphanies rarely occur in familiar surroundings. The key to “thinking differently” is to perceive things differently, through the lenses of a trailblazer. And to see things through these lenses, you must force your brain to make connections it otherwise would have missed." "Spend fifteen minutes a day asking questions that challenge the status quo. Instead of asking “how?” use questions that begin with “why?” and “what if?” Who said ALL these things? -- Steve Jobs, an Idealist who embodied Passion and changed the world! Steve Jobs, I have his 'Overleaves' (Michael Teachings) as: 6th Level Mature Scholar, Goal of Discrimination Aggression Mode Attitude of Idealist Instinctive Center Primary Chief Feature of Stubborness Now those are some decent Overleaves, not like the 'train-wreck' that was chosen for me. My Overleaves, as channeled by Ted Fontaine, Sat. Aug 6th, 1994, 11:27pm EDT, Niles, CA (check out the horary Astro. chart for the time, I will post later) ME(to those not MT students, this means "Michael Entity" speaking): YOU are Sage, 7th Level Mature with a Priest Essence Twin. You feel like Goal of Growth and Passion Mode. Attitude of a Spritualist with an affection for Cynic which you like to slide to at times. Chief Feature Of Self Destruction, secondary of Stubborness. Body type isn't real clear, you look like Saturn with Jovial (could be sage), Mercury and some Lunar. You like to have fun*, more so than many of us more staid types who are more willing to put their nose to the grindstone. You like having lots of people around because it seems like you enjoy creating characters for others to respond to. Laughter is the magic for you as well as connecting to your guides who are more than the angelic realm^. Consider that the angelic realm uses a universal language that is translatable - or must be translated by those of us who channel. Here is where the work is, in listening and translating. Te easy part for you is over. Spiritualists are naturals at channeling but are less willing to put in the difficult work of discernment. We are not here criticizing your work. You do Good Work in bringing in the angelic work and creating a story in which listeners can look for greater meanings. Angelic realms do have pulls against each other to aid in the creation process - one of which is the transformation of the planet. Detoxifying yourself is a way for you to begin to clear out much of the unwanted information that, being conscious information, enjoys using you because of your ability, as a Sage, to put together these stories. What you will not like is the confinement that the detoxification process will give you. Being in Growth you need to slide to Re-evaluation for a while and get recentered. One thing the angels are up to is clearing the way for the energy transformation that will begin around September (more fully, it has been going on since 1988). You are being called into re-evaluation at this time to brace yourself for the upcoming roller-coaster ride which will begin for you in November. You are going to question your reality and wonder about whether or not you can pull away all the films that seem to be covering the layers of reality beneath this one. You need to get the old junk out of your life and your recent divorce after many years of marriage, and your ongoing detoxification are really just drastic measures for your transformation to begin. This is a year for clearing away old junk anyway, good timing. Sages love fun more than any other role. Fun is not your downfall, but your way. You have been taught that it is not a worthy condition. Throw that away. Fun brings people to the Buddha**, when they are centered. Your way is worthy. The paradox is that fun is nt necessarily an easy way. We hope we have been able to encourage you. Pay attention to the way you feel. Use time to explore chronic pain in a neutral, non-attached way. Namaste - Michael, 4th Level of the Causal Plane. *I believe the word 'fun' here and throughout refers in part to drug use. ^I believe the Akashic is the basic 'realm' here referred to. ** Vajrayana Rajah Tantra has a 4,000 year honored tradition of drug use in Yogic practice.

Angels Outside Time, Human Methodological Solipsism and the Multiverse

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It is well known that quantum physics deals with phenomena characterized by uncertainty. A typical expression of this uncertainty is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, where, the more precisely we know the position of a particle, the more imprecisely we know its momentum (and/or vice versa).Opinions are divided as to whether this epistemological uncertainty is also an ontological uncertainty. Of some relevance here is the following observation by Quentin Smith: "Heisenberg originally interpreted [the uncertainty] relations epistemically, but Bohr convinced him in private communications to accept a verificationist metaphysics, with its attendant ontological interpretation of the uncertainty relations" (Smith 2002, 137) There are many competing interpretations of the quantum mechanical mathematical formalism. Of these interpretations, particularly well-known are the so-called Copenhagen interpretation of Bohr (where it is asserted that the position-view and the momentum-view of reality are complementary, and cannot be considered in the same context), and the many-universes interpretation of Hugh Everett. Roughly speaking, the latter asserts that whenever a measurement is made of a particle, the universe splits into copies, each one of which corresponds to the different possible outcomes of the measurement. This I assert, from countless personal experiences, is absolute truth, but immersed in chronology as we are, it difficult to conceptualize while being carried past every "choice", as it were. Angelic beings, though, who are by nature "chronosynclastically infundibulated" (term coined by Kurt Vonnegut) have no such limitations, and are able to view a multiplicity of 'lines of future probability' and their possible/probable 'vector sums'. Now for me, incidental numeric occurrences are Omens, and personally, 11:11 is an Angelic prompt to: "Pay Attention, 'Monkey-Brain'* ! I am encouraged to scrutinze my surroundings when my attention has been caught by the numeric sequence, looking for portents, clues, epiphanies and possibly: "branching events" My Gnostic Heresy worldview and claim (told to me by no less than seven separate psychics, over a twenty year period, all with no knowledge of each other) to have 2 Cherubim as my personal guardians and spirit guides didn't set too well with the 11:11 folk. They seemed convinced that Gnosticism was evil, or Satanic, or some such typically ignorant "Christian" condemnation. And they REALLY didn't like my having a private line to the legendary 'smiters' of all that was unholy - it really messed up their "good-evil" value judgements. The recurrence of 23 is an Illuminati/R.A.W. prompt for me, and the constant appearance of 454 is an Essence prompt (it is my "raw" number in Entity C1). "The Book Of Lies", by A.C. is a must for an numeramismaphiliac, BTW, a treatise, in numerically and Quabalistically correct poetry, on the hidden (Hermetic) meaning of numbers (excerpt follows): "KEΦ AΛ H ΛZ 37 DRAGONS Thought is the shadow of the eclipse of Luna. Samadhi is the shadow of the eclipse of Sol. The moon and the earth are the non-ego and the ego: the Sun is THAT. Both eclipses are darkness; both are exceedingly rare; The Universe itself is Light, Commentary (Λ Z) Dragons are, in the East, supposed to cause eclipses by devouring the luminaries. There may be some significance in the chapter number, which is that of Jechidah the highest unity of the soul. In this chapter, the idea is given that all limitation and evil is an exceedingly rare accident; there can be no night in the whole of the Solar System, except in rare spots where the shadow of a planet is cast by itself. It is a serious misfortune that we happen to live in a tiny corner of the system where darkness reaches such a high figure as 50%. The same is true of moral and spiritual conditions." *['Monkey-brains' is a phrase used in the "Prophecy" movies (the first three of which I recommend as having valuable memes about the nature of Angelic beings) used by the Angels to describe mankind.] Illustration: Michael Student: "Do you agree with the opinion that "angels" are individual essences who chose to never incarnate for whatever reason or purpose, but are otherwise just like us at the essence level? (i.e. they too have an entity). As permanent residents of astral, they would likely become known as guides and teachers. But, why do they not need to learn lessons from the physical realm? Are they no longer doing grand cycles in the physical, but still cast from Tau?" Jondalf - "You must have been reading one of my minds (remember, I 'quantum commute' amongst about 300 of my closest analogs, so sometimes even I don't know what I am thinking - lol). Of the 9 Angelic Orders, only Angels and ArchAngels and Principalities hang out mostly on the Astral (Higher and Lower) Cherubim are native to the Akashic Plane, Seraphs gravitate to the Transcendental, Thrones are mostly on the Buddhic. Dominions, Virtues and Powers are generally Causal Plane Beings. Unlike "free-willed" ensouled evolving fragments and Entities, the Angelic races were "constucted from", not "cast from" The Tao. THEY DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL! They are analogous to androids with Artificial Intelligence, each order has specific hierarchical functions and purviews. They are the maintenance robots of the Metaverse, with far greater Intelligence Quotients and computational speeds and data capacity than ANY ensouled being could ever imagine. THEY DO NOT HAVE SOULS! I repeat: they are not connected to any ESSENCE, other than that of the Usurper (if non-"fallen", or non-Neutral), and ultimately, the Tao. They are their own Essences, said essences being programmed with their purpose." At least that's what I get from the Akashic. The Urantia Book has all the very detailed details, and the channeled book "The Keys Of Enoch" has some interesting factoids, as does "OAHSPE". The "Dictionary Of Angels" is a good compilation of earthly textual references. Urantia: OAHSPE: Keys Of Enoch: - Jondalf Thrasher

In The Big Inning (circa 1969)

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In The Big Inning (circa 1969) There was the word (Logos), and the word was delivered to me over a series of 6 or 7 "Monday Night Classes" by yet another 'Jarhead' Shaman: Stephen Gaskin

Brief book excerpt: "PHF: Hmmm... the only questions I really consider to be hard are the big questions, like "What is the nature of consciousness?" Stephen Gaskin: "Try this: Consciousness, in a way, is a function of soul, the spark of godhood that is indwelling 'Beauty, in the flesh, is but a spark, the fitful tracing of a portal.. but in the flesh it is immortal" About Soul, I think the poet, Yeats, meant that beauties grow old and die but beauty lives on as long as beauties live on, ' in the flesh it is immortal. I do believe in immortal soul in this fashion. Length, width, depth, and time, the four dimensions of material reality must be apprehended by soul which preexists and is eternal. Hence, immortal soul. It is not that soul doesn't die that is important, but that it always lives and is that against which time is measured. Soul is that which notices that time passes and therefore must have a referent in another place, which is eternity. I am sure of soul, I am just not sure if I can call it my own in any but the most temporary sense. To me the soul question is like the light problem. Is light a ray or a particle? Is it my soul or just soul stuff?. If you put a bunch of soul together does it remain in particles like BBs or just all flow together like water?" 


 "Being enlightened is taking conscious part in helping God (I say 'Tao" - J) with his Universe, saying "Well, I'd better do what I can to try and make things stretch. It seems like some folks are having trouble making things stretch." If you really understand the situation, you'd like to help. . . . Everyone should be figuring out what they can really do; what they can REALLY handle. We have so much to do; we need so much help and so much cooperation and so many people to step out and take responsibility . . . TO STEP OUT INTO IT. It's hard for people to be spiritual who are hungry. It's difficult to talk about Spirit to an empty belly - just irrelevant. You have to feed them something . . . and create the conditions where Spirit can grow and flourish. . . . In the material plane there is diminishing returns, and entropy and that sort of thing, but in the spiritual plane it's go for broke all the time, because God (Tao) is infinite, eternal, inexhaustable. Start a large project - like saving the world. Keeps you busy. Guaranteed to last a lifetime. That's what the4 Bodhisattva Vows are all about: (For any who care, I took these vows myself, many thousands of lifetimes ago -J)

 "The deluding passions are inexhaustable. I vow to extinguish them all. Sentient beings are numberless. I vow to save them all. The truth is impossible to expound. I vow to expound it. The Way of the Buddha is unnattainable. I vow to attain it." "This Season's People", by Stephen Gaskin [My first Guru, and the man who introduced me, through my Government mandated 'augmented' state of mind as I observed his 'schtick', to Channeling The "Akashic". (Edgar Cayce's: "Library")] And so, in me, these words 'became flesh' over the past 40+ years as I sought to 'Assume the Godhead', through "Devata Sadhana" (the practice of "Deity Yoga): "Deity yoga (Tibetan: lha'i rnal 'byor; Sanskrit: Devata) is the fundamental Vajrayana practice. It is a sadhana in which practitioners visualize themselves as a deity or yidam. Deity Yoga brings the meditator to the experience of being one with the deity: Deity Yoga employs highly refined techniques of creative imagination, visualisation, and photism in order to self-identify with the divine form and qualities of a particular deity as the union of method or skilful means and wisdom. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, "In brief, the body of a Buddha is attained through meditating on it". By visualizing oneself and one's environment entirely as a projection of mind, it helps the practitioner to become familiar with the mind's ability and habit of projecting conceptual layers over all experience. This experience undermines a habitual belief that views of reality and self are solid and fixed. Deity yoga enables the practitioner to release, or 'purify' him or herself from spiritual obscurations (Sanskrit: klesha) and to practice compassion and wisdom simultaneously. Recent studies indicate that Deity yoga yields quantifiable improvements in the practitioner's ability to process visuospatial information, specifically those involved in working visuospatial memory." The fact that I assimilated the technique first through my pursuit of Wiccan/Golden Dawn studies (it is a technique Aspirants in both Mystery Schools use to gain wisdom and assist in the evolution of one's consciousness) matters little. It works. Namaste', all

Edgar Cayce Called The Cherubim: "The Librarians"

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THE CONTENT OF A HIJACKED BLOG POSTED AS HARRASSMENT ON, by "impressivesort", whom I thought was a friend helping me index my Blog. The harassment seems due to my attempts to warn folk at what I concluded was a dogmatic and repressive Michael Teachings site, of the danger of affronting my two Spirit Guides, whom I have seen take exception to harassment of me and my missions before. I was simply attempting 'fair warning', and, indeed negative circumstances involving the main focus of my perceived repression and even outright persecution DID ensue. I'm quite sure no-one at this Michael Teachings site (which had history of intolerance, harassment and ejection of good-hearted, non-obstreperous Michael Channels and "newbie" Students long before me, and has incurred the ire of many lifelong Students) no-one believed my warnings about Cherubim, and I'm also sure that then small-mindedness evinced by some there has long since turned into a laying of blame upon me as somehow having perpetrated some cause for the physical illness of he whom I duly warned. Hence, I presume, this truly bizarre harassment and ongoing Copyright infringement. Sigh . . . true foolishness, this, which is a drain on my creativity, and a sad commentary on supposedly 'agapic' practioners. As always, the ignorant will do anything to "blame the messenger". So here, in the form in which a copy was posted on this someone else's site, is the post in question, the original being both stored in Cloud by me, AND printed in hard copy. From the original on MY Blog BEFORE TAMPERING. I don't recognize some of the sentences syntax as being that I generally prefer, honestly but in any event, my readers, please judge for yourselves if I was injudicious or threatening, and then consider that Angelic Beings might actually exist, AND THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY BE MY SPIRIT GUIDES, as no less than 7 well known Psychics, independently of each other and without MY PROMPTING, over the past 30 years, have informed me, including a well respected Michael Channel who didn't know me at all when he channelled this info. So it goes. Namaste' “The cherubim were the first objects created in the universe.” - Tanna debe Eliyahu R., i. beginning. “For he {the naive person} does not understand that the true majesty and power are in the bringing into being of forces which are active in a thing although they cannot be perceived by the senses….Thus the Sages reveal to the aware that the imaginative faculty is also called an angel; and the mind is called a cherub. How beautiful this will appear to the sophisticated mind – and how disturbing to the primitive.” - Maimonides “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” - Bible: Hebrews (13:2) Parallel Timelines Manifest Scenarios That Resonate In This One, With Different Effects: (‘My Final Attempt To Give The New Foreign Folk Using And Running The YahooGroup: “The Michael Teachings”, An Opportunity For Amnesty, If Necesessary .’) OK Students. I/We have been requested, by my Guides, to ask a small favor of folk on the abovementioned site before I/we can hopefully depart and bother you all no longer. For once, I/We will be brief ! My guides and The Michael have concluded that the possibility of a ‘special circumstance’ occurring to some fragment here warrants the following request: If I, or any other fragment here is being forced to be deliberately deceptive because they are in the process of burning a – ‘Good Servant, Bad Master’ Karmic Ribbon, as soon as that fragment can arrange to be in private in the next day or two, they should face the nearest light source and sincerely state: “I am being forced to deliberately deceive, please passover me.” as many times as is comfortable. If individual sincerity is judged genuine: no discipline by ‘deception destruction’ conditioned Cherubim; their Karmic partner in the Ribbon will be chastised but not permanently harmed; and I/We w/atitude, & ‘honesty enforcer’ Angels will depart, requested site “opacity adjustment’ completed. This situation is rare, but repetition of confrontational behavior to translation errors raised a ‘warning flag’ in all disembodied beings, hence this message. Thank you for your time and your patience! Finally, – Jondalf Thrasher, et al. There is a Theory, personally for years “In Held Twas In I”*: When the Multiverse once again collapses to a singularity, as is its cyclic wont, many trillion years from now; those of us who have ‘kept the faith’ and survive down through all the long, dark, lonely aeons after the last star goes neutron and all remaining matter inexorably . . . slowly . . . moves to the center, may find fewer still that then remember the Oath: “No living being should EVER be sacrificed.”^ These last then will once again attempt what we KNOW to be possible, demonstrated by that miraculously lucky handful of Souls, who made it through the “last black hole” become solely energy: radiation remaining coherent through the event horizon and beyond as another “Big Bang” again begins the familiar expansion . . . diastole . . . sytsole, ad infinitum. And if we have managed to hold on to enough, the nature of the next “Wheel of Dharma” may NOT be: “Life Feeds On LIfe” ever again. We pray that some new paradigm: co-operative and NOT competitive, will prevail . . . and we will scrutinize with great care the new mechanisms of evolution as systems and data, and we will attempt to recognize any flaws that might cause suffering, and vow to carry our aspirations to correct such flaws through ongoing analysis and improvement as long as we can bear. Thus, the repeated tempering of Will and drive to survive, and the testing, again and again, of the coherence of our creed through innumerable events of apparent total dissolution, which we know once again – through which we have managed to proceed and beyond which we have found ourselves AND our centers before – this process of return to the raging entropy of THE Creative (Hexagram 1: CH’IEN Force/Dragon) may be The Way The Tao forges itself to always progress, and improve. So perhaps without this reunification – “trial by Dragonfire” – the ultimate test of one’s faith in one’s self: to dissipate entirely, and yet somehow to be successfully reformed, proof of the preservation of self and the perseverance of purpose might not occur with as much persuasion and punctilio. Perhaps THIS may be one explanation pertinent to your request: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ! Here is a hidden insight into a possible reason for multiple Grand Cycles if you, like me, accept the premises of the supposition of ultimate intent. If so then here is a precious epiphany and solution to any self-doubt about surrender of self-control, designed to recur as the compulsion to prove the truth of one’s Faith through the experience of inevitable indestructability, absent of ANY control of self or assertion of control, thus confirming the ABSOLUTE and OMNIPOTENT essential control inherent In The Tao as illustrated through the conundrum of Return To The Tao – theDalphe. *Procol Harum ’68 (“to which I lend creedence”) ^Jainism: “ahimsa” This is life 454 for me of my last 3 cycles counted together, one after the other (chrono – time, consecutive – one after the other). Bear with the old hippie, dear, some of these concepts are NOT in your Funk & Wagnall’s, mainly because some bad guy aliens (I believe) have manipulated human history to better keep mankind ignorant of the implications of things like re-incarnation, thereby more effectively to control and use us for their own ends and purposes. I have an amazing gift for Neologisms, the creation of new words in English to better describe concepts that are evolving along with our understanding, I while I try not to abuse it to the point of deliberately creating abstruse and/or confusing terminology, it throws some people. Any word I create, is constructed of familiar and longstanding English language phonemes (units of sound) and memes (units of meaning). “Chronoconsecutive” is just such a Neologism. “Cronoconcurrent” is also, but it means: lives lived within the same, or chronologically contiguous timelines. (I’m using the “2nd” dictionary meaning of “contiguous” here: “at the same time”) not as common as chronoconsecutive but, given the ability of adjacent timelines to run faster or slower than each other, based upon the nature and velocity of the “branching events” that created the divergence in the original timeline, always a possibility. Not to be confused with a “parallel incidence of essence-fragment incarnation” or “you’analog”, which is just another one of you on another universe ‘traintrack’ OK, I’ll start this one off (“Mr. Michael Math” where are you?);{> So, according to the Teachings, there are 5 Soul Ages in which we are incarnate on the physical: Baby, Infant, Young, Mature and Old. Each of these has 7 levels. “Average/usual/mean/minimal” number of lifetimes to accomplish each level seems to, supposedly/optimally, be about 5 (anybody feel free to jump in here and correct me – I’m just running with what The Michael has given/is giving me here). Therefore, as far I have been led to believe, 175 lives per cycle would be nominal. I am told that a entire Cycle has (rarely) been accomplished in a minimum of 70 lifetimes, but that most Cycles number in the hundreds of incarnations. I, personally, am in lifetime number 454 of 3 chronoconsecutive Cycles at 7th Level Mature, herenow, thiswhen. I feel the need to relate my personal history of exposure to the subject of “Channeling”, for the ongoing better understanding of my occasional disagreements with The Michael.I was first taught to channel during a ’60s experimental psychedelic gestalt experience called “Monday Night Class”. Every Monday night (beginning, for me, in 1968) for a year or two, up to 1,000+ ‘seekers’ would gather at The Family Dog (a hall on Ocean Beach in San Francisco) take LSD, and then attempt to interact with each other, & our ‘sat-guru’, an ex-Marine shaman named Stephen Gaskin. We would ALL attempt to learn about reality, and metaphysics, and spirituality, you name it. Stephen would astound everyone continually by fielding ANY question, from ANYBODY in the audience, and answering (with an ongoing, consensually agreed upon accuracy rate of 85%+) with pertinent, enlightening probity and commentary. Stephen asserted that he (and we all) could access “The Akashic Records”, as delineated by Edgar Cayce – “The Sleeping Prophet”, because we had been given the metaphysical tool of LSD to assist us in “de-programming” ourselves from Judeo-Christianic conditioning (see: “Life Against Death”, by Norman O Brown) and to aid us in our spiritual aspirations. Thus began MY introduction into the “Channeling Arts”, years before the advent of the MT. Therefore, if my responses to some core MT principles seem a bit odd, just remember the movie: “Men Who Stare At Goats”, and realize how differently some of us were trained. NAMASTE` - Jondalf (A Michael Teachings Student’s Question Was Posed Challenging The Emphasis I Placed On The ‘Bay Area’ As The Center Of The Effulgent Energy Propelling “The 60s’ In My Blog Post: “Atlantis Risen . . . “): OK, you might be questioning my emphasis on the part of the shift which I was living within? I truly did not ignore the effects a similar seeming “hippie” ethic had when happening in, say: France & the UK (watch Peter Sellers in: “The Party”, or the film “Blowup” (with 3:00 minutes of the only video footage of Jeff Beck AND Jimmy Page, playing together on stage with The Yardbirds). All around the world it seemed as though Yeat’s ‘ . . . mere anarchy . . . ” had arrived everywhere at once. I did say: “A Cadre of Cadres of Cadres”, right? “About: 350,000 . . . ALL AROUND THE WORLD” Right? I do believe the effects of my asserted re-insertion of the Atlantean Chapter Of The “I.W.W” on the milieu of McCarthyism and manacles was marked, as was my impression of it from within, what Che Guevara once winced: “The Belly Of The Beast”, I’ll grant you. But San Francisco will always be recalled as the ‘entropic well’ which gave the world The Grateful Dead, “Beach Blanket Babylon” and “Human Be-ins”, complete with a single day record 10, 000 free LSD dose distributing “Bear”( “Augustus Owlsley Stanley III” – aka: “Kid Charlemagne”) still alive and quite feisty..* *A VERY esoteric footnote to History here: “Owlsley” has been recorded as having claimed to have synthesized and distributed 4,000,000 ‘hits’ of acid over the course of his career. No mean feat that! But posting this piece isthe only raconteur to be able to ragale y’all with the honest recollection of having exceeded “Bear’s” total by 2,000,000! That’s right, you heard right, I counted 6,000,000 hits of the legendary “Purple Microdot” for which I, and a few folk never found, AND the N.I.H., in D.C.; two PhD Nazi Chemist’s from Sandoz Labs and Joseph Mengele’s Staff smuggled into our country by our Government during “Operation Paperclip”, and the transportational expertise of George Herbert Walker Bush, a few Marines and 2 dozen CIA agents about to defect to the ‘counterculture’ for the duration were collectively responsible! Yep, the US Government made and sold more LSD than the ‘legend by the Bay”. I WAS THERE ! I HID PHOTOS OF All THE BATCHES IN A BOOK NO-ONE WILL OPEN FOR A HUNDRED YEARS, IN A LIBRARY FORGOTTEN BY THE WORLD ! ONE DAY I WILL BE PROVEN CORRECT, AND HONEST TO A FAULT! And you wonder why I am fixated on the hidden happenings from here? MANY THANKS FOR COAXING THAT STORY FROM BEHIND MY LOCKED FRONTAL LOBES, JON. I know why I’m cynical. – Jondalf Thrasher Share this: Twitter Facebook Like this: