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Is Nikola Tesla Still Alive? The Montauk Project Deconstructed

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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ― Nikola Tesla

"We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct. My own feeling is that it is not crazy enough."
- Niels Bohr

“Fights between individuals, as well as governments and nations, invariably result from misunderstandings in the broadest interpretation of this term. Misunderstandings are always caused by the inability of appreciating one another's point of view. This again is due to the ignorance of those concerned, not so much in their own, as in their mutual fields. The peril of a clash is aggravated by a more or less predominant sense of combativeness, posed by every human being. To resist this inherent fighting tendency the best way is to dispel ignorance of the doings of others by a systematic spread of general knowledge. With this object in view, it is most important to aid exchange of thought and intercourse.” ― Nikola Tesla

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"Project Rainbow" was the code name given to the Montauk Project, which was a continuation of some of the research developments of Nikola Tesla ( ) and included the attempts to camouflage a naval vessel, The USS Eldredge, using electromagnetism, with supposedly disastrous results. Those results have become the mythos that is the "Philadelphia Experiment"

"There are those who believe that the Montauk Project was an extension or continuation of the controversial Philadelphia Experiment, which supposedly took place in 1943—also known as Project Rainbow. According to some, sometime in the 1950s, surviving researchers from Project Rainbow began to discuss the project with an eye to continuing the research into technical aspects of manipulating the electromagnetic bottle that had been used to make the USS Eldridge invisible, and the reasons and possible military applications of the psychological effects of a magnetic field."


Details by:

David Hamet:

Andrew Hochheimer (most extensive links/references online):

I have found a document just last night, in the CIA declassified archives, that could be construed to cast doubt on the US Gov. denials of involvement in 'cloaking' device experiments:

Project Rainbow was still going strong in '57. Note that according to the doc: " . . . significant progress has been achieved through this Project in the development of radar camouflage." Note also the word 'project' is capitalized, even though the doc. specifically refers to the "Rainbow Program", and that there is supposedly "significant progress" even though the first "Rainbow" equipped, "Dirty Bird" had crashed, killing the pilot, in mid-April, only 3 weeks before the CIA doc was written. Why the undaunted optimism? Note also in the link below that the first Rainbow Project "Dirty Bird" was
equipped and delivered in July of 1957. There is another memo, dated 7/29/'57 (after the first successful "Dirty Bird" deployment and missions) where the "electronic countermeasures" are touted to be virtual "invisiblity".

No cogent or even fanciful explanation has ever been provided to identify these "electronic countermeasures", which our most modern warplanes still do not use, and which would have been beyond our technical capabilities to produce in the '50s.

U2 Historical Timeline:

Project Rainbow's efforts to mask the radar image of the U2 not only proved ineffective, but actually made the aircraft more vulnerable by adding extra weight that reduced its maximum altitude. Because Soviet radar operators continued to find and track U-2s equipped with anti-radar systems, the CIA canceled Project RAINBOW in May, 1958"

- from

So, we now know that the "anti-radar" mechanism was heavy. Also, the Russians could "see" around it, yet there were NO Russian takedowns of any missions. All crashes AFTER mounting the "A-R" were on our soil, so the story seems a little fanciful, you know?

Meanwhile, another area of Gov. interest had been evolving: Behavior Modification. This area of interest is also part of the Montauk Story:

"Unsurprisingly, the extensive wartime German experiments with various hallucinogenic drugs at the Dachau concentration camp, directed by one Dr. Hubertus Strughold, later honored as "the father of aviation medicine," aroused great interest in the USA especially after an October 1945 Navy technical mission to Dachau reported in detail on Strughold’s work. So great, in fact, that when the OSS and its successor, the CIA, imported 800 German scientists of various specialties under the auspices of the infamous "Project Paperclip" during 1945-55, it made sure to include Dr. Strughold.

Dr. Strughold’s barbaric "medical experiments," for which his subordinates were tried and convicted as war criminals at Nuremburg, were nothing more than a series of bizarre and unspeakably brutal tortures."

- from

This was the beginning of 3 decades of 'crimes against humanity' committed by the DOD and the CIA, with Presidential approval, against unwitting service men and women, US citizens and many innocent foreign nationals. To this day, no-one has been charged with ANYTHING for the wholesale poisoning and torture of many thousands of blameless human beings. Stansfield Turner and Richard Helms attempted to destroy all the records of these heinous acts, to escape prosecution, but many were
hidden, and more were withheld from destruction by those elements in the Intel community that hadn't succumbed to the blandishments of the thousands of Nazi War Criminals hidden within the US Gov.

"An obscure District of Columbia corporation called Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Systems Consultants Inc. (SCI), operated a number of classified intelligence, government and Pentagon contracts, specializing in, amongst other things: "problem solving in the areas of intelligence electronic warfare, sensor technology and applications.
MRU's "capability and experience" is divided into four fields. These include "biophysics -- Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields," "Research in Magneto-fluid Dynamics," "Planetary Electro-Hydro-Dynamics" and "Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms." The latter focuses on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography. Also under research were "Biocybernetics, Psychodynamic Experiments in Telepathy," "Errors in Human Perception," "Biologically Generated Fields," "Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious Mind" (believed to refer to experiments in telepathic mind control), "Behavioural Neuropsychiatry," "Analysis and Measurement of Human Subjective States" and "Human Unconscious Behavioural Patterns."

- from

The incident which has forever bound these two disparate black-ops was the accidental opening of a trans-manifold rift in the fabric of the 'Many Worlds'. If you have followed my attempts to create a 4 Dimensional axial model for the identification of location within many similar universes ("A Primer For 'Sliders'") then remembering the supposed disposition of some of the victims of the Philadelphia Experiment (sunken through bulkheads, melted into decks and stairways - pretty far out on the "Truth" axis, eh) will demonstrate how far through any analogous timelines the rift extended. Reading the David Hamet descriptions the rift is described as "This vortex was about 5 miles in diameter and could teleport you as far as 100 light years away, to and from any time in the past or future." Evidently little did they suspect the damage this rift was causing.

Here are the documents that will delineate what the Company did, where and how. Somewhere in these redacted pages lies the exact nature of the Montauk Subproject and more. Some of this stuff you folk will be among the first civilians to view. Some of this, thought lost or destroyed, will scare the guilty still alive but the copies are too widespread to suppress by now, by design. Let me know if anyone comes up with anything. Remember the Company's penchant for changing placenames, and the fact there is usually a hint or a hunch that will figure it out. They weren't cryptographers, they were bullies. The meaning is usually seen from between the lines:

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Other Interesting Writers Posted at

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- Jondalf

Follow The Link: Then Read And Weep For Our Stolen Freedoms

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Visitations: Mind Control. Nine articles. See especially "History of Mind Control" by Harry V. Martin and David Caul. (The links are hard to read, but they work.)

Links To Things They Wish You To Forget (Some Redacted)

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The current state of governmental behavior modification research, at least in my own experience in the past 10 years, involves the use of various designer analogs of methamphetamine sulphate, created by "confidential informant"-"cooks", or covert government agents, usually in small, easily isolated semi-urban areas like Golden, Colorado where the combination of long term repressive 'dirty' officials and cops, and acceptance of the abrogation of 4th amendment freedoms by 'compromised' (ie: blackmailed, or coerced) individual citizens can facilitate the incursion of black-ops teams and individuals.

Here are some links that delineate the state of affairs up till now:

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