Friday, December 25, 2015

25,000 Readers In 10 Countries Since 2003

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Celebrating 13 Years Published, And 25,000 Readers In 10 Countries

You know, some people in this backwater town of 4,000 people where I got stuck when my RV broke down, 3 years ago, don't believe this blog even exists, or that I am a small-time internet journalist.  So be it.  They are ignorant fools, and RWNJs for the most part.  300 people every month still peruse these pages, even though I've not put up a post for years.  Hmmmm.  They all must have healthy imaginations to invent my verbiage!

Anyway, just wanted to drop in, and begin to post a little about what has been happening to me since last I sat down to write here.  I may be interrupted by an eviction from the HUD funded Senior Apts. in which I live, because I have dared to buck the system, as is ever my wont.

My attempts to form a Tenant's Union here have been met with retaliation by representatives of the the soulless multinational corporation that makes billions from warehousing the elderly poor, in sometimes appalling conditions.  I have a FaceBook Page entitled: "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor" that chronicles my current attempt at upholding "Truth, Justice and the American Way" with reports on fascism in rural Amerika.  Follow my struggle, and my dialectic there.

I intend to write more here about my abuse in these environs in the near future, and will try to more succinctly tell this story on these pages.  Mahalo, and Blessed Be, all.  );{>

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