Sunday, January 15, 2017

Links To Links They Wanted Forgotten

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I realize I have not kept up on this blog, but like James Joyce said: "There's enough to keep the scholars busy for 20 years."  I was asked a question this week on Reddit about Some MKUltra SubProjects (There were 454 that I know of, personally). I realized it was about time to pull some stuff from hiding, so here it is. There's much more, and hardcopy I have cached in 3 different States over the years. I will be bringing it all out soon, or, in the event of my demise, old pals I have not been in touch with for decades will do it for me!

So, I was West Coast MKUltra, and didn't get much info on East Coast SubProjects. Above you will find 2 links to compilations of links on MKUltra I have saved over the years, and a must read book PDF "In Search Of The Manchurian Candidate", which was both seminal in the field and caused the FOIA discovery/release of 10s of thousands of MKUltra hardcopy thought to have been destroyed, which are now stored in the National Archives.

Keep me apprised of your progress in locating info on SC daycare abuse in the '70s, please. I still haven't read every piece of hardcopy available, so alternate perspectives are welcome. You might also try the CIA Reading Room, but they tended to redact &/or destroy the embarrassing stuff.

Goodluck, and Mahalo! -);{>

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