Monday, February 27, 2017

Abuse Of An Elderly Poor Person

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So, I am being evicted as retaliation for reasons first stated to HUD over a year ago and further explained by all the posts in this Page. I first complained to HUD on 12/22/15. They say my only recourse is to complain to the abusive Corporation that has been persecuting me for years. Can you say "Catch 22"? Sure, I knew you could.

Anybody who has read the 2 years of documentation of my persecution, believes it shameful that my my new home may resemble one in the picture posted with this piece on the FB page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor", please communicate your outrage to the person below:

Patricia A. McCarroll, Property Supervisor
Biltmore Properties, Inc.
2330 W. Mission Lane, Suite 10
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Telephone: (602) 997 - 0013

In the HUD handout: "Resident Rights & Responsibilities", IT CLEARLY STATES residents have: "The right to organize as residents without obstruction, harassment or retaliation from property owners or management." !!! Yet I complained 2 YEARS AGO to Senior HUD officials in LA about being "obstructed, harassed & retaliated against" for attempting to form a Tenant's Union without ANYTHING being done about it. HUD was and is obligated to protect me from retaliation and has failed to do so. WHY? Now I am 2 days from being homeless, after being served with 'intent to evict' papers AND HUD HAS STILL DONE NOTHING! Why not? As I've said, I first complained to HUD on 12/22/15, in communications with Tanya Schulze at Now I'm being evicted!

If you had read the carefully documented evidence of retaliation  and discrimination on my Facebook Page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor" as I requested from its beginnings two 1/2 years ago, you would know about my struggle to have this 'warehouse for the poor' properly maintained, so it will come as no surprise that my 'Disorderly Conduct' arrest and during the Super Bowl and subsequent eviction notice occurred less than a couple days after my discussions with the new maintenance guy (the 7th in 2 years) about the rat and bat feces (and the black mold) in the attic that has seeped into the sprayed ceilings along the joists in my Apt. He admitted that he had been in the attic and it was EXACTLY as I described it.

I guess the cost of remediation was a greater liability to corporate management than the possibility of a tenant's lawsuit, seeing as HUD has NEVER had the motivation to do much about such situations anywhere in the US (and especially in THIS town where the Police and Judiciary not only do nothing to protect 'whistleblowers' like me, but actively pursue campaigns of defamation and illegal retaliation against activists who try to get things fixed)! All this diligently documented by me, to no avail.

No private lawyer or Government Agency to whom I have applied in the US Southwest has EVER expressed an interest in going to bat for us abused old folk, threatened with such appalling neglect from the corporation that takes in $300,000.00/yr for supposedly "maintaining" this festering warren here in the poorest County in the State of Arizona. Thus I am defamed with slander and libel, false allegations and false arrest with NO recourse to legal remediation. You'd think some lawyer somewhere would have the chutzpah to go after the 'deep pocket' of a multi-million dollar, multinational corporation, but evidently those lawyers familiar with this boondocks judicial purview know full well how the deck is stacked against private litigants. "So it goes."

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