Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 2)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup, part ll

So, found out at the initial hearing for "Disorderly Conduct" that the 'Letter Of The Law' means nothing here in Springerville, AZ. Judges ignore statutory requirements in favor of false statements from delusional Plaintiffs. I guess the idea is: if a plaintiff "feels" threatened, even if that feeling is delusional, that's all that matters. Whether or not the threat is actual, or corresponds to the definition in a Statute seems of no consequence to the Judiciary here in Round Valley.

One of my 31,000 worldwide blog readers, a barrister in the UK, described part of my problem as "Physiqueism"! I am 6'4" and weigh 230 lbs. To a 5'5" 150lb delusional senile dementia sufferer, my very physical being is threatening. Obviously a logical fallacy legally, but one that has evidently become ingrained as a function of what clearly seems Judicial Dereliction here in rural AZ.

The acceptance of false testimony from delusional old people as fact here is absolutely antithetical to the concept of American 'jurisprudence'. The fact that arrests are made, charges filed and sentences handed down based upon fantasies and subjective conceptualizations, regardless of the facts is SO wrongheaded it needs to be addressed by better minds than mine. I am endeavoring to find some.

But, back to our story: I'm in the common TV room watching the Super Bowl with two other residents. No one else is there. We're joking and watching and then we start talking about "Deflategate" & I say: "Yeah, Trump & Brady belong to the same branch of the Liar's Club." One guy laughs uproariously. The other is silent. Then I turn to the guy who was silent and I say: "But you listen to Fox radio 24/7 so you wouldn't know that."

The silent guy who is apparently offended is the same guy who has used the "N" word, in reference to Obama, dozens of times in the past 2 years in conversations with me. The same guy who said Obama was from Kenya and a "monkey" repeatedly. He gets up and leaves. Comes back a few minutes later like nothing happened. A few minutes go by as we watch the game and suddenly a SPD Officer strides into the room, tells me I'm under arrest for "Disorderly Conduct" and hauls me away, in my t-shirt, slippers and thin indoor pants (remember that).

Today in court, I found out there were listed 3 'victims' to my 'crime'. There were only 3 of us in the room for the 10 minutes I got to watch the game! I obviously didn't complain to Police about myself! Curiouser and curiouser. This is the state of 1st Amendment Rights in a HUD funded facility in a town made up of white racist religious conservatives in Fascist rural Amerika. Rights for white GOP lovers and no one else. Seriously twisted stuff folks. Waiting for the Police Report. Will include a screenshot of the AZ "Disorderly Conduct" Statute In my Twitter and Facebook posts.

Next post: I react vociferously with righteous indignation and outrage to my false arrest on the 34 mile drive to the County Jail, after somehow head-butting the Police car's roof on my way into the back seat . . .

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