Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Bit About The Author (for new readers/spaced old friends)

For those who are just joining my narrative, a bit about me: I am an urban Shaman, an Oracle, and a 40 student of the I Ching &Tarot, a Practicing Astrologer (maybe I'll get it right some day if I keep practicing);{> a student of the Michael Teachings, also a medium, a conscious channel, a student of the Golden Dawn, and a solitary Wiccan Mage. I also studied Native American shamanism with Charles Edward Carrion Crow for 10 years. About a year ago I was somehow designated 'Guru' (Vajrayana Tantra, Rajah Asana, Devata Sadhana) by a panel of Beings who really should know better, including the Living Eck Masters. My unrelenting critique of the Christian religion (and Religions in general) probably stems from my recollection of being variously tortured and executed by the Christian Church in 17 past lives for "unrepentant" Gnosticism and Paganism, as well as for being a member of the 'Illuminati', I believe. I am also a writer/poet/singer/songwriter/MIDI composer/guitarist/bodhuran student. I have 11 CDs of original and my old band's music (on MySpace as Jondalf Thrasher and/or The Chumpmonks, and on ReverbNation as Jondalf Thrasher/The Chumpmonks)and I've been a autodidactic student and critic of the guitar and guitarists for at least 50 years, maybe even since the man who raised me (my granddad - a professional Dixieland/Western Swing guitarist for decades) started teaching me to play at age 7 in 1958. The only guitarist to whom I could ever compare him was Django Reinhardt. Of course his growing up in Southern Indiana in the teens and 20s with Hoagy Carmichael for a 1st cousin didn't hurt his acumen either. lol He played music 'by ear' only, could hear a song once and play it through, first time. His ear was SO good he was actually employed by BMI as an "undercover music detective". He would go places like Roller Rinks and Dance Clubs to make sure that an ASCAP licensed venue was not playing BMI music (before the two merged). Suffice it to say he set a "high bar" standard for my own years of musical production and appreciation. Details of lifelong abuse and experimentation upon me by the American Government, my literary research of it and expositional response to it are elaborated upon by hereinbefore included Blog posts and comprise a major part of my narrative and will continue till ALL the skeletons (of heinous and unbridled experimentation upon American citizens by 'Operation Paperclip' imported Nazi war criminals administering and working in and for our Government) are exhumed. Many evidentiary links supporting my assertions and explanations are to be found of my Yahoo Group Site: MKULTRAONES. Namaste'.

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