Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Anomalies R Me (First post of my retirement)

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In 1969, when the American Government gave me one of the last of the 400 doses of Sandoz "Yellow Wedges" liberated from Nazi Germany at the end of WWII, it was just another in a series of experiments performed upon me by the Amerikan Nazi NSA (No Such Agency) since my birth in 1951. Little did the "powers that be" running the MKUltra Program realize that their work on me was being orchestrated by other than Government forces, forces that to this day the existence of which they deny, and pertinent to which, all concrete evidence is obfuscated. A few in the 'clandestine services' intuited the truth about me and how I was somehow 'more' than just an 'unwitting asset ', but they were ignored . . . until it was too late for "the Machine's" plans for me. And, of course, my "Spirit Guides" had quite another agenda. Even after all my years of diligent study, I'm not saying that even I have discerned all the parameters of the plan. Cherubim are pretty much inscrutable, even to their chosen protégés. Unrestrained as they are by the myopia of chronology and single timeline immersion, they spin their multidimensional webs, and even someone such as I, with some of their abilities, finds it difficult to divine their purposes. So it goes. Still, the narrative must continue, if for nothing else then for the purpose of getting my future selves up to speed faster than the 40-odd years it has taken me. So be it. I will try to post updates at least weekly from here on out. Namaste' all. (BTW: I find this AMAZING !!! One of my 38 "Alts" without my conscious knowledge or recollection, posted my entire Blog on this site: http://impressivesort.wordpress.com/author/impressivesort/ Go figure)

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